Blog post:  AKA, The day I broke my legs
With great ambition I wrote on my weekend to-do list “do kettlebell workout”.  I saw some great looking workouts on Kristina’s blog.  Kristina gives me inspiration to stick with weightlifting and strength training.  She’s dedicated!
I got a kettlebell for Christmas, so I was looking forward to doing something with it.  Actually, I got a 20 lb kettle bell… but, it seemed too heavy so I took it back and found a set of three of them for cheaper.  ALDI for the win!  Kettle bells at ALDI?  Yep.  A set with 15 lbs, 10 lbs, and a tiny 5 lb.  I decided the 15 lb was one I was going to use.  As a side note, the guy at Dick’s Sporting Goods thought it was pretty funny that I was returning a weight because it was “too heavy”.  LOL!!
These kettlebells actually have sand in them. Odd, but it works. Couldn’t beat the price!
My daughter and son both joined me doing this workout.  Zachary had it easy because he got the lightweight 5 lb kettle bell.  Sydney got 10 lbs.  It was supposed to be a 3 round workout, but I only made it through 2 rounds.   I was feeling the burn after the first set!  Then I found out that Carly was using a 30 lb kettle bell in the video, and that made me feel pretty weak.  Yes, I could do another set!!  We were swinging those kettlebells like a boss.
Synchronized swinging at it’s best!
Ugh. Wish this was a core workout. Not digging this look.


 Upon finishing the workout, my legs felt like noodles.  Oh man, that was tough!  I haven’t done any leg strength training because of my ever sore hamstrings and glutes.  I’d really like to get back at it when my training starts.

I wasn’t really sure which muscles were going to be hurting me the next day, but on Monday when I rolled out of bed it was clear.  My quads.  Definitely my quads.  And my inner thighs! (ps, I know NO medical terms for muscles!) In fact, it was the upper part of them, where my legs hook to my hips.  That’s a pretty good medical description, right?  I’m sure those muscles have a name, but let’s just go with my description.  To give you an idea, do you know what legs feel like the day after a marathon?  If not, here are things that were a painful task:  bending over.  walking up stairs.  sitting down in a chair.  sitting down on the toilet.  getting out of a chair.  getting off the toilet.  You get my point.  Holy crap, I did not expect that!

I tried to get up and walk around on a regular basis at work because during the day my legs were stiffening up again.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my legs were sore for 3 days after that workout.  Legit.  I’m sorry legs, I really do like you and I’d like you to perform properly again tomorrow, OK?  Sorry I broke you 🙁

To recap what I’ve learned, it is clear that I need to work on my leg strength more, and I should not make fitness videos or tutorials.  And I should wear a shirt when taking fitness pictures.  😉


Q:  Have you tried any new workouts lately?  Did they cripple you for days??

Q:  Do you have any favorite sources for workouts (videos, DVDs, blogs)?

Q:  What do you like to do to recover from a tough workout?

Apparently it is evident from my pictures that I like to lay around and eat chocolate.  

8 thoughts on “Kettlebells… friend or foe?”
  1. Hahahah I know that body part that you’re describing! So this is going to sound crazy, but I have found that walking up and down a flight of stairs helps me feel less sore in that area. Like, the first 2-3times I go up and down the stairs it hurts like heck and I go super slowly, but then something happens and it all loosens up! You just have to get through the torturous first 2-3 times!
    Kristina Running recently posted…Blog Update + First Workout!My Profile

    1. Holy crap – I had no idea it was going to cause that kind of pain. Maybe I should have traded my son for the 5 pounder! baby steps. My legs hurt so much when I ran on Monday, but yes, it did loosen them up and was necessary!

  2. Wow! That was a killing workout!

    I always skip leg workouts because I want to have them fresh for my runs. However, yesterday I decided to do some weighted squads and stationary lunges at the gym using the smallest dumbbells. It didn’t burn my legs as much as I thought it would, which was good because I needed them fresh for my tempo run this morning.

    To me, the best thing to do for recovering is walking. It seems ironic but I feel like the more I keep my body in motion, the faster my aches and muscle fatigue will go away.

    I hope you can recover fast from that workout:)
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…How Running Makes You A Better Person.My Profile

    1. I haven’t done squats in a long time since they seem to give me extra glute/hamstring pain. I’ll have to save my kettlebell workout for when I don’t want to walk straight for 3 days. haha!

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