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Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador 2017

Weekly Stats:

  • Training for:  Owens Corning Half marathon @ the Glass City Marathon
  • Days of running: 5
  • Miles run: 37
  • Gym visits: 3


7 miles GA + cycling + tennis! – Happy President’s day!  It was a day off school for the kids, and a day off work for me.  I got my morning run in.  By the time the afternoon rolled around, the kids were doing homework, so I went out for a ride!  It was so great to be on my bike again.  Who knew, bike riding in February!!  After a while, I took the kids over to the tennis courts and tried to play tennis.  That’s a goal for the summer – learn how to play tennis so we can actually get the ball going back and forth!!

It felt great to be cycling again!!
I didn’t actually get to play much tennis. My kids took over!



XT day.  No running, but I did some core work at the gym, and Jasyoga video in the morning.


8 miles, easy – Since it’s a cutback week, there was no speedwork on the schedule today.  Which was good, because it’s my first day of the 5K coaching!  I ran 8 miles in the treadmill easy, watching my heart rate.  Trying to keep it in zone 3, which was hard to do.  It teetered on 3.9 most of the time!  But overall it was better than my usual “all zone 4” runs.

1.6 miles, warm up & speedy – At night we had our first meeting for the Dave’s 5K Training group.  Ran a .5 warm up , and then a speedy 1.1 miles (7:42 avg pace!).  Then I fell asleep on the floor watching TV, and was sore the whole next day.  HAHA!

Getting ready to get out and run.


Rest day!  With some Jasyoga glute activation video.


Long run, 9 miles-  9:16 avg pace – This was a fun run that I’ll tell you more about this week.  I was thinking about keeping my heart rate low, around 150 for this, but sure enough I couldn’t get it that low and gave up on that concept.  It was an awesome day for running – 70 degrees and I wore a tank top!


3 miles, easy pace – Another Dave’s 5K Training meeting.  This ended up being easy miles for me.  Which is good – I don’t need anything hard on Saturday between my Friday & Sunday workouts!

Our 5K group, plus the Marathon In Training group. Lots of people out on a dreary Saturday!


8 miles, LT run w/ 20 mins at race pace, 4 mins rest, 16 mins at race pace – I should have reviewed my workout from last time, because I ran my race pace at 8:20 this time instead of the 8:13 I did last time. I wonder why it felt “OK” and not “super hard”.  Oh well, it was still tiring, and I’d take 8:20 as my half marathon pace!  Believe it or not, I was looking forward to running this one indoors on my treadmill.  I had several shows I wanted to watch!!

The basement finishing project is in full force now. Drywalling will begin in a few weeks!!
You know it’s speedwork day when the orange shorts are worn!


All in all it was a pretty solid week.  I need to figure out if I should adjust my normally scheduled days to fit in the new 5K training days, but given that the pace on those days is pretty easy, my schedule might not need adjusting.  Time will tell!

You can find my other Training Tuesday recaps here!  Linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC again this week.  (there are a lot of fun blogs linked there in case you are looking for something new to read!)


Q:  Do you have a special “speedy color” outfit that you wear for speedwork days.

Yep, I do!!

Q:  Do you play tennis?

Q:  Are you (or have you ever) training by heart rate?

8 thoughts on “Training Tuesday, 2/28/17 – GCM edition!”
    1. Bathroom, workout area, storage, and family/tv room (aka the place I send the kids when they are being loud with their friends!). We’ve lived in our house 13 years. Exciting to finally get the project underway!

    1. Somehow the whole summer slipped away last year I didn’t get to play, so I’m making it a priority this year. I just wish I had some skills! Apparently I need to play more than 3 times a year to be good at it. haha!

  1. My current training plan tells me to train according to percentages of my maximum heart rate. However, I just base my MHR on my fastest 5K and calculate my percentages around that. I gotta say that this might not be the most accurate way to do it and I’m probably training intuitively more than basing myself on the real numbers.

    Loved your week of training!
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…Taking Time Off From Running.My Profile

    1. I think your HR method is very close. I’ve heard that it’s very beneficial to train by HR, but it’s hard to stick with it (at least for me). I think it takes patience than I currently have!

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