Did you know there is a great way to include your kids in the excitement at the Glass City Marathon weekend?  I mean, besides convincing them to hold some handmade signs while you race by… It’s the Findley Davies Kid’s Marathon!  Don’t worry, they won’t actually be running a marathon, but it will feel like that when they are participating!*

 * based on the excitement level, not the part where they are exhausted and get black toenails and chafing, and say cuss words wondering where the finish line is….

The kids races are on Saturday, April 22nd at noon at the University of Toledo, the site of the race expo.  They will warm up with the University of Toledo football players and can watch the Agility Angels Dogs show before that.  You’re going to be at the expo to pick up your race bib – so don’t miss this race!!  This event is actually three different race distances based on the kids ages.

  • 1/4 mile – suggested for kids ages 2 – 3
  • 1/2 mile – suggested for kids ages 4 – 12
  • 1 mile – suggested for kids ages 4 – 12

This will actually be the first year my kids are not participating in this event.  Waaaaaaaaaaa! My kids are growing up too fast!!  Well, Zachary could still run in it, but my kids have moved up to running the relay at Glass City, so it’s still going to be an awesome weekend!!  Check out the details of the event at this link.  They will get shirts, Teddy Bears (my kids favorite!), medals, and there are fun vendors with giveaways (Chick-fil-A!)

For old times sake, let’s review the year’s my kids did run…

2012 – black ninja style.  AKA, the year Zachary beat Sydney. (I love this picture!  It’s hanging in my bedroom)

2012 IMG_4417

2013 – the year of bright clothes, and the tongue

2013 IMG_7478

2015 – owning the course, no Zachary in sight

2015 IMG_1438

2015 IMG_1440

2015 IMG_1443

2016 – my speedy runners

2016 IMG_2851 2016 IMG_2856 2016 IMG_2857

Wow, did my kids just grow up before your eyes or what???


Q:  Parents, do your kids participate in kid’s runs?

Q:  Does anyone else say cuss words about 3/4 ways into a race, or is that just me?? 

Q:  Be honest, were you rooting for Zach in that 2013 picture?  😉


One thought on “Findley Davies Kid’s Marathon”
  1. Reminds me of the ski pictures over the years. From taking the kids on the bunny hill to where they cruise through double black diamond terrain that terrifies us!

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