Thought it would be fun to talk about my “training” for my next marathon, the Mohican Trail run, on June 17th.  I use the word training loosely because I’m just kind of winging it!  I’ve never been this far off of a training plan for a race before, so I thought it would be fun to write about it!

This is what has been going on with my running:  I’ve decided to just stop the PT exercises.  I had a group of exercises designed to strengthen my glutes and hamstrings, unfortunately those were just making me extra sore and aggravated.  Since I’ve stopped them, my problems have improved quite a bit!

Monday:  Long bike ride – 19.5 miles during soccer practice.  I need to get a padded seat.  My butt hurts after riding!!  And… I made it to the gym!


Tuesday: Rest day.

Wednesday: 6.5 miles  I decided to go for a run at night to get my hammies all angered for my Dr. appointment tomorrow.  I want a diagnosis!  Of course, my body decided to agree with me and really didn’t feel that bad after my run.  Go figure!!


Thursday: No running.  I did go see the Dr. today and he just told me that he wasn’t sure what was wrong with my hamstrings.  I’m going to go back for an ultrasound though to see if anything looks like high hamstring tendinopathy (which was my self diagnosis).  Sadly (??) I really didn’t even have a lot of pain when I went to see him.  Doh!

Friday:  Double day – (AM) Long run 8 miles trail, (PM) 3 miles fun.

I hit the trails for my long run.  I had 10 miles on the schedule but since I was running at night I ran 8 miles.  There was a bit of mud, but not too bad.  However, my clean pink shoes are now my “trail” shoes!


The park was simply incredible.  Spring has sprung all over with pretty flowers.


Overall my run went quite well.  In the evening I met up with my Moms/She Runs This Town group and ran 3 miles.  Then we had some drinks and dinner and wished Christina the best because she is moving out of town soon.  We will miss you Christina!!

Love these ladies!!
Love these ladies!!

Saturday:  5 miles.  It was a decent run!!  It made me quite happy!  I did a jump!  Heck, it’s been a long time since I did a jump.  Don’t get me wrong, still a bit tight, but improved.


Sunday:  No workout!  It was Mother’s Day and we spent most of it walking around at Cedar Point, so I did get some cross training I guess – which was negated by all of the treats I had 🙂

Total miles = 22.5 running, 19.5 cycling

So there you have it.  My mileage is slowly creeping up.  Trying to solve my “chronic functional injury” mystery.

I’m linking up with Courtney in DC over at EatPrayRunDC this week.  You can see more of my training recaps here!


Q:  Have you been running on any trails lately?

Q:  Do you prefer a margarita or a beer with Mexican food?

I choose a beer, so I could still function the next day 🙂

Q:  How’s the weather near you?

10 thoughts on “Training Tues – Mohican edition”
  1. I am clumsy enough on pavement without attempting running on trails and especially at night. I would trip over my own feet for sure. I definitely go with beer and Mexican food. My stomach does not like tequila and neither does my head the next morning. The weather has gone from chilly to hot in the space of a couple of days. I forgot how much I hate running in the heat, but at least I can get out on the bike without having to wear a jacket.

    1. It is a crazy weather week here. Seems like 3 weeks of spring, and then it’s 80+ degrees! I’m just crossing my fingers for a great day on our garage sale days, Fri & Sat!

  2. For road bikes, padding does not always mean more comfort. Stop in to see Jon or Julie and let them know your issues and they can check fit and seat style to see what is best.

    1. I’m glad you didn’t say glute strength was the fix, or I’m not “activating my glutes”. I would have cried. haha! A new pair of padded shorts was my first step to resolving bike seat issue, but that didn’t fix it, so yes, trip to bike shop needed next! No fun with a sore bun 🙂

  3. Great week of training, Lisa!! It is so common that when you want to show somebody that something is not working well, it suddenly starts working again. It happened to me the other day with my car.

    I’ve been running in my local park which has a lot of trails. I love it!

    Regarding Mexican food I would normally get the beer, because: 1. I’m a beer person and 2. Not a huge fan of margaritas, or tequila in general.
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…Weekend Recap: I Feel Like a Runner Again. Recent Eats.My Profile

    1. I know – it’s like, yes, something is still not right because I can’t run and feel “nothing”. It’s been so long since I felt like that! I just made that up one up (but feel free to use it and make it a “thing” haha!)

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