Remember how I mentioned that my whole family ran the Glass City Marathon as a relay team? We did, along with a speedy neighbor friend of ours, Kristen. One of the cool things about the relay team at Glass City is that you get to cross the finish line as a team! The relay team was a foreign concept to me until this year. I mean, I knew a lot of people around town do it – in fact, there are always one, if not two or three, relay teams from our neighborhood alone! But the big question for me was “does only one person get to cross the finish line?” I mean, everyone wants to get the thrill of stepping across that line with all of the cheers!


So when I found out that we all got to meet together and run across as a group, I was sold. On race day we waited for our final leg to get to mile 26. Sydney was our 5th runner. We all hopped on to the course and made our speedy way to the finish. Well, at least 3 of us were ready to make a speedy finish… my two kids in the front, and the ever strong Kristen were ready to take on that finish line. Alan and I were just kind of limping our way along trying to keep up! (mostly me, because Alan “limps” at a way faster speed than I do!)

We started out as a team together, but soon we fell apart. We told Sydney to slow down so we could cross together, but come on, this is a race – there’s no stopping that girl!



Here’s how we crossed the finish. Two kids hopping over the line first! I had to laugh twice after looking at the picture… take a peek at what the race banner says. That’s unfortunate positioning! 😉


Some guy managed to get in the middle of the team. Not a hard task considering how much I was struggling to keep moving!


Here’s the rest of the team. Big smiles, laughing at the situation.


Not exactly the dream finish line photo that I was envisioning!  At least we did not choose to all hold hands because that would have just tripped up the other runners who were actually finishing their race and didn’t need to dodge us. I certainly can’t blame the kids for running ahead. It was their day to shine and I’m glad they had a good time with it.

Maybe next year we’ll nail that finish line photo!


Q:  Got any good finish line photos?

Q:  Race season is upon us.  Anyone racing this weekend?

Q:  Anyone see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yet?

Just curious.  It looks really good!!

6 thoughts on “GCM Relay Team finish line photos”
    1. We went to see Guardians today, and I made a long list of new movies I want to see. Found a theatre that has the first show of the day for $3.25. Deal!!

  1. LOL @ the race banner! That’s hilarious!

    It’s so funny that you mention it’s the start of race season because race reason is completely over down here… except for the odd 5K or 10K every few weeks being held at like 6am when the weather is mostly tolerable!

    Adam and I saw Guardians 2 last weekend and loved it! I thought this one was so much funnier than the first one!

    1. We just saw Guardians today (rainy day here). We all thought it was pretty funny. I was a little bummed it had a slightly sad ending, but the rest was really good!

  2. I’m new to your blog… so please forgive my excitement! How cool that you got to run a race with the kids!! I’m putting that in my family goals for sure!!

    ja ja!! the finish sign!! I hope there was an option to crop that part off!

    I saw GOTG V2! it was funny ! My family enjoyed it!
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    1. The relay was a lot of fun. I highly recommend it! I was pleasantly surprised at how well the hand offs went, and that we got everyone to the right places on time!!

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