First, I’m excited to report that I’ve survived another year of having a garage sale!  Less stuff in my garage this year, but we did sell the big things, so I’ll call it a win.


Since May is getting close to being over, it’s time to revisit my May Goals. What, the month is almost over? I feel like I will blink and May will be over because school will be done on May 26th, then it’s Memorial Day weekend, and then my daughter’s birthday, and then it’s June!

So how am I doing on my May goals? I am happy to report I achieved several of my goals this weekend! I’m just going to hop ahead to the 4th goal on my list…

4) Place in my age group at the May 20th 5K.
Progress: YEAH!!! I did it!

Saturday I ran in the Girls on the Run 5K. It was odd because it’s been a while since I’ve shown up at a race all by myself with no plans to meet anyone. I did know a few people, but I really didn’t talk to anyone. It was a bit lonely actually 🙁 The temperatures were in the 50’s, but it felt a bit chilly to me so I opted to wear a thin long sleeve shirt and capris. A half a mile into the race I decided I really should have worn a tank top!! But it was a bit windy, and a 5K is over fast, so it wasn’t too bad.


It was a great turn out. It was really inspirational to see all of the girls getting ready to reach their goal of running a 5K! I made sure I lined up at the front of the race corral. Every time I saw someone in front of me with a large decoration in their hair, or a string bag, I made sure I got in front of them. Let’s be honest – chances are, I would be passing them eventually.


Within the first 100 meters of the race I made the decision that I was just going to run the race “however I felt”. I felt like I was kind of sluggish so I was just going to do the best I could. In fact, I decided to not even look at my watch for the race (other than when my miles beeped). So when my first mile clicked off at 7:55, I was happy to see the 7 in front!

The next mile was a bit of ups and downs, and all sorts of little turns around the campus (the race was at the University of Toledo campus). Mile 2 = 8:19

For the next mile I was breathing pretty darn hard, and even looked at the lady next to me to see if she had headphones on. Phew, she did. She didn’t have to endure my awful sounding panting! We headed for a stretch into the wind. Mile 3 = 8:10

The fun part was the race finishing on the University’s track. I figured this would be the time I would get stomped on by a ton of people right on my heels, but I was afraid to look back and managed a sprint of 6:58 for the remaining .1 miles.

Finish time, 25:05 Woohoo!! That was good enough for 1st in my age group, and a gift certificate to Dave’s. I was thinking I had Female Master’s at first, but when I saw the results I realized there was a lady FAR in front of me who finished in 22:10 Wow! I’m super happy with the results of this race becuase it was within 30 seconds of my PR without ever looking at my watch. Yeah! That gives me a good sense of not losing much speed despite the lack of specific training lately.


Aaaaaaand… the celebration Starbucks trip.  Yum!


Here are the two odd things about Saturday…
1) I decided to weigh myself that morning. I haven’t weighed myself in a while just because I’ve been feeling quite bloaty and haven’t really be training much. I was *shocked* when I saw I was actually 5 pounds lighter than my training weight! 5 pounds!! I had to step on the scale twice just to confirm. I was not excited to hear that. My first thought was that I had lost a ton of muscle mass. Yikes. Oddly enough, by Sunday morning my weight was up 5 pounds again back to my “normal” weight. ODD!

2) According to my heart rate on my Garmin, my race was only in Zone 3 for almost the whole thing. My max HR was 169 for the race. On a “normal” run I’ll hit 170 regularly and even get up to 195 when I’m working hard. Usually I’m off the charts for 5K races and my HR. Super ODD!
Other Goals:
1) Fix my sore hamstring/glute issues
Progress: Stopping the “strengthening” PT exercises has helped a ton! I know that doesn’t fix anything, but it makes me not be anxious or worried about running because it was going to be uncomforable. I am supposed to have an ultrasound on Friday, but I might just postpone that event until I’m really feeling the issue again.

2) Train for my trail marathon.
Progress: I’m doing it! I’ll tell you about the trail run later this week.

3) Focus on quality training, not speed.
Progress: I think this is going well. I’m actually just running when “I feel like it”, no training plan in place.

5) Chill out on my training.
Progress: “Doing whatever” is similar to “chilling out”, right? If so, nailing it!


Q: Do you ever have large fluctuations in your weight?
Q: Do you monitor your heart rate while exercising?
Q: Do you wear shorts for running when it’s 50 degrees outside?

10 thoughts on “Goals realized, GOTR, and odd measurements”
  1. I gained a few (okay MORE than a few) pounds last year so I have been trying to get back down to training weight since January and weighing myself every day. I have noticed that my weight can drop 3 pounds one day and then back the next. I try not to get too excited about the low weight or too depressed about the high weight and just look at the weekly average. I have managed to permanently lose 8 pounds but still have another 5 to go. I just went to the cardiologist last Friday and had a nuclear stress test done. I have never used heart rate for training but he said he would give me my training zones when he finishes the report along with my VO2 max. Definitely shorts in 50* weather! Usually shorts down to 40* and maybe into the 30s if the sun is shining and no wind.

    1. So far I’ve been pretty lucky where my weight pretty much stays in the same small range. 5 pounds was a big difference! Just a weird day I guess.
      Yes, 50 degrees for shorts. I was just being a sissy that morning I think!

  2. Good job! I ran with my granddaughter in the Ann Arbor GOTR on Sunday. Huge showing, over 4,000 girls I heard. I ran with her little pack, 37 minutes! Lol. But had a blast! Like you said, so awesome to see so many young people actively embracing running.

    My weight has been very consistent. The issue was trying to cut down my calorie intake after GCM. Going from 30+ miles a week to 10 or so, I was taking in too much, so I just went back to running, it was easier than stopping eating! Lol

    Funny you ask, 50 degrees is my cutoff. 50 and above its shots and short sleeved shirt. I run hot usually.

    As for heart rate, I’m usually in the 140’s with a peak on the 160’s. Last night I ran 800’s at Metro Park Monday averaged 144 and a peak of 156

    1. ha, I totally agree on the eating part. Easier to just run more 🙂
      That long sleeve shirt was a mistake – 50 degrees is definitely short sleeve weather!

  3. During a 5k my heart rate is usually around 185, peaking around 195. So high. A normal training run might average between 160-165. I feel like that’s higher than other people, but it has been like that for years, so I guess it’s probably not changing. 🙂 I would be very disturbed if during a 5k my max was 169. 😐

    My cutoff for pants is 40, so below 40 I’ll wear pants, between 40-45 I’ll wear capris, and above 45 I’ll wear shorts. I have been a little wimpier this year though and am starting with long sleeves a lot more than I usually do. I typically regret it after a mile or so. 🙂

    I am not a fan of weighing myself. Every time I have in the past couple months, I’ve been about 5 pounds heavier than my “normal” weight, but I’ve also been strength training quite a bit, so maybe I gained muscle? I’ve been training a lot, and I’m in great shape (for me), so I try not to worry about it, but it does tend to bother me. 😐

    1. I really hoped that working out the hamstrings would help me out, but it really wasn’t improving in the time frame I had needed. I might try easing back into the exercises because I do think they need strengthening. Maybe just a little at a time is a better plan!

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