As you may already know, for the past 2 years I have been a race ambassador for the Glass City Marathon.  I’ve had fun opportunities holding that position and enjoyed working with the running community.  And of course, supporting the race I love!  This year Run Toledo, the race management company for Glass City has expanded their ambassador program, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve been selected to be part of the inaugural team!


Run Toledo manages a large number of races that you’ve already heard me talk about on my blog.  Races I love, and I’ve run recently, such as:  Glass City, Shamrockin’ Shuffle, OH/MI 8K, MacQueen’s Run for your Life, Boy Scouts half marathon, and Miracle on Main St.  (links are my race recaps…)



Run Toledo also has duathlons, and triathlons.  When I can finally do some cycling again, I will be competing in one of those too.  Mark my words!!  (… and I now own swimming googles you know!)


The Run Toledo Ambassador team is made up of a diverse group of runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts.  We have our first meeting next week and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.  #iRunToledo


Q:  Have you ever competed in a duathlon?  

Duathlons seem like a great way to get a taste of a multi sport race.  I’ve been told they are very first-timer friendly, which is what I would need!!



4 thoughts on “2017 Run Toledo Ambassador!”
  1. Congrats Lisa! The team of ambassadors is looking great!

    I’d love to dip my feet into the duathlon/triathlons next yet, but I need a bike, and affording a decent one and all the other things that come with it is a different story! Maybe I’ll hit the lottery 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to meet everyone!
      I know what you mean – took me a long time to get a bike, but it’s money well spent! “Investment in your health”, tell your wife that 🙂

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