Ok, let’s be honest – being married isn’t wedded bliss 24/7.   Everyone knows that.  It has it’s challenges, just like getting along with any other person does (my kids!).  But I am happy to report we are celebrating 25 years together!!  Hooray to that!!  Being married to your best friend really does make it easier though 🙂  (Didn’t anyone tell Alan we were supposed to be wearing *non* running related clothes for this photo shoot??  haha!!)


Alan and I met when we were in college.  We were taking (wait for it…) a computer class!  However, computers were just the subject I picked to major in, where Alan had actual skills in computers and owned one.  Remember, this was in 1990 – not everyone owned a computer!  We were in a programming class, and Alan used to wait until the night before it was due to work on his projects.  I had to slave away for days to finish my project, at the college computer lab.  I should have realized back then that he was a night owl!  We were also in several other classes together.  Group projects brought us close together!  Oh, and the Thursday night trips to the local college bars.  Did I mention the drinking age for Ohio was 19 yrs old back then?  Good times.  Geez, talking about this makes it seem like the stone age!!  We did have the internet… but it was all text based.  OMG.

[insert picture here of girl with bangs and baggy sweatshirt, and boy with Billy Idol hair… because I’m too lazy to dig up a picture from my old photo albums!!!]

We dated for about a year, and then got engaged.  We waited until he got his first real job out of college to plan our wedding though, so it was about 2 years later.  Not long really!  Our wedding day was a beautiful sunny September 12th, 1992.



We went to Mexico for our honeymoon!  (this should not be a shocker for any long time blog readers either!  haha)

In honor of 25 years, I decided it was time to bust out my wedding dress!  It was all sealed up in a fancy box to protect it.  Guess what – not only did it still look great (outside of the wrinkles), it still fit just fine!!



I think my kids thought I was crazy, but it was so fun just to put my dress back on.  I know the style looks dated perhaps, but I challenge any woman to try and not feel like a princess wearing a wedding dress!


We had to recreate a few pictures.  Time has stood still, am I right??



Then we snuck off for a romantic dinner and a fancy restaurant.  So pretty!!

IMG_3325 IMG_3320

Carrying on their “glass flowers” decor theme in the restaurant, they gave us an anniversary gift…. what a cool keepsake!


And no anniversary would be complete without some beautiful flowers.  These are from Alan…  25 roses 🙂


I took a few to work so I could enjoy them all day.  Excuse my messy space… it’s temporary.  We are moving our office soon.  And look, a Y2K bug!  Geez, I really need to update my office decor.IMG_3333

My Mom & Dad stopped by and surprised us with this bouquet.


Well there you have it.  25 years!  Time sure flies.  I’m truly thankful for the great marriage and family that I have.  Love ya Alan!!  Here’s to another 25 more years, and more!


Q:  Do you go to “fancy” restaurants very often?

Nope!  Lots of fun when we do have an occasion to celebrate.

Q:  Do you know what the Y2K bug is about??

(just checking to see if anyone remembers that ancient computer stuff!)

Q:  College graduates – do you still hang out with your college friends?

12 thoughts on “Wedded Bliss Wednesday – 25 years!!”
  1. Congrats to 25 years! Hell of an accomplishment in today’s world. My parents will be celebrating 40 next year, and I’ll be at 11. Not too shabby either. Nikki never got her dress cleaned and sealed, but it is still in the bag hanging from her closet door.

    We seem to only go to fancy restaurants while on vacation any more it seems, and that’s ok. We do like to try new and different restaurants though! In fact, I think I am going to the middle east market today to grab some delicious lunch soup and ingredients for some home meals.

    Y2K….ahhh the good old days. And yet, we are still dealing with some of it in medical equipment almost 20 years later. Dates….still one of the worst data sets to deal with in programming…am i right?

    Didn’t have “friends” in college much. Since senior year of high school I worked full time and went to school full time. I did the majority of my classes online (yes I know, that fancy thing that arrive early 2000’s) and worked.

    1. Now I’m glad I spent the $$ to get the dress preserved. It worked as advertised!!
      I working in the banking industry so Y2K was a HUGE deal. It was pretty anti-climactic when nothing actually happened at the switch over, but I guess that was the point, right? It meant I did my job well (I was the Y2K project leader). I was secretly hoping something would crash though. haha!!
      Congrats on 11 years!!

  2. Best 25 years ever! Will we have to recreate that photo in another 25 years? Because it might be hard holding you AND my walker at the same time. ha

  3. Y2K bug??? WOW been a long time since I thought of one of those. lol Thanks for the memories!

    Most of all, thanks for a great story of you and your husband. So awesome to hear positive stories of those that have worked hard and have a long, solid relationship going decades later. And a quarter of a century is a long time!

    Also, gotta say congrats on fitting into your wedding dress! Not many can. lol
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