Did you have a good Christmas??  I know, it seems like it was WEEKS ago, but it was only a few days ago!  Funny how they play Christmas music for weeks (months maybe??) before Christmas, but then stop playing it the day after Christmas!  We keep our decorations up until the first week of January (or maybe a little later!) because 1) the house looks so pretty all decorated 2) we are lazy.  But honestly, it is a great feeling to get everything put away, all sugary treats consumed, and back on track to organization and clean(er) eating habits!!  (and back to a routine… I work much better on routine!)

I was so happy that we had a white Christmas here in Ohio.  It was beautiful!  The kids didn’t get up until 7:10, and then they had to drag us out of bed to open presents.


This year was the first time in ages that we didn’t have everything unwrapped until *after* the sun came up!  But it was also the first year Santa did not have cookies and milk waiting for him on Christmas Eve, so there’s the downside to that.

Did you see on Instagram the super cute pancakes I made for the kids?  They have become a tradition on Christmas morning.


I got some nice running stuff that will come in handy.  Here’s a few things I got:

Balega running socks!  I love these Grit and Grace edition that they come out with every year.  They give me motivation at all of my races, and I now have a blue pair to go with my Run Toledo Ambassador singlet!  Balega donates $1 for every sock sold to breast cancer research, so you gotta feel good about that purchase!


Hand weights (and some GU chews).   Funny story – for the 2nd year in a row now, I have overestimated my strength and told Alan the wrong weight size.  I had to take the 20 lbs back, and got these “more appropriately sized for me” 15 lbs instead.  Bahaha!!


Goodr glasses!  These sunglasses are all the rage around here.  Not only do they look great, they also come in all sorts of colors and lenses.  These are the “Mick and Keith’s Midnight Ramble” model.  Did I mention they are also super affordable?  Trust me, I am not an expensive sunglasses kind of person because I always end up breaking them or losing them!


My daughter made me the most beautiful necklace ever – and a tray to hold it on!  I just love the gifts she makes for us.


And remember that Christmas ornament, “You Should Read My Blog”??  Well, Alan scored big time on that one.  He arranged for a friend who was in the area of the store (2 hours away!) to get it for me.  Opening up that was a big surprise for sure!!  What a sweetheart!


Unfortunately my Dad’s knee was acting up so he didn’t feel comfortable making the trek over to our house for dinner on Christmas, but no worries, we packed up the food and brought dinner to my parents house instead!  It all worked out 🙂





Q:  How was your Christmas?  Did you get any surprise gifts, or running gear?

Q:  Did you make ham or turkey for Christmas dinner?

We made a delicious turkey breast.  So much easier than roasting a whole bird!

Q: Are you a responsible sunglasses wearer??

I always end up losing mine on vacation.


7 thoughts on “Christmas recap”
  1. I’m so happy you got the blog ornament! Actually looks like you had a great Christmas and got a ton of neat stuff. I am going to buy some kettlebells with my Christmas money so that I can do some at home workouts when I’m too busy to make it to the gym (and on my breaks at work, working from home). Those pancakes look so delicious and creative and make me hungry too.

    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Like you, our decorations are still up- and staying up until NEXT weekend.
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Chronicles of Cross Training: Dec. 18-24My Profile

    1. I had high hopes for my kettlebells last Christmas, but after one workout left me sore for days, I gave up on them 😂😂 Maybe 2018 is the year to rekindle that relationship! Ha!!

  2. Omg, so much to say! First, I am glad you had a lovely Christmas. Paul and I wear also surprised that the Christmas music on the radio station was GONE. I thought for sure they would play it through New Years. We still have our decorations up but they are coming down soon because I just organized our storage room and now we have room to do the switch. I do love having the lights up, but honestly, we can keep the indoor twinkle lights up through the winter, right? And my white icicle lights outside… they could maybe stay up too! But yes, the house does look more clean when it is all put away.

    I think you should’ve kept the 20lbers AND got the 15s. Then you can grow into the 20s! I love fun sunglasses but like you, I do NOT spend a ton of money on them. $5-$10 max. I don’t want to be in charge of expensive things. The necklace and tray Sydney made is beautiful! I love homemade gifts.

    Ever since I was little, the tradition for Christmas was shrimp and chinese food! No ham or turkey here!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekly Workouts!My Profile

    1. Maybe I can work my way into the 20lbs for my April birthday 🙂 We have a new storage space, so organizing our Xmas stuff is going to be a much-needed project for us soon!

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