I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this here before, but I’ll assure you, I’m not trying to sell you anything.


In fact, I’m trying to save you money!  Have you heard of Ebates before?  It’s a “cash back” service that pays you a varying amount of rebate when you use their site to shop first.

As an example – you’re ordering from Old Navy or Kohls.  Go to Ebates first, find the store you are looking for.  Click on the button to go to that store’s website.  Ebates will then pay you the percent rebate based on the amount you spent on that visit.

Simple, right?

I can tell you truthfully and honestly, you WILL GET PAID.  Here’s how much I have earned since I started using Ebates in 2008.  Several times a year (quarterly I think), you will get your money from Ebates deposited into your Paypal account or a check if you’d prefer.


So. Simple.

If you join, please use my link and we can both benefit from it!  You will get $10!

Here’s my link:  EBATES LINK

I hope out find it as easy, and worth it as I did.  Every little bit helps, right?  Oh, and sometimes they run “double” specials on the percent rebates.  On Cyber Monday I bought a ski bag that we needed and the percent rebate was 20%.  Yep, we got $20 back on that purchase of $100.  Simple money people.  Not a scam.

Hope it helps you!  I know I still have some online ordering to do for Christmas! (and wrapping.  Lots of wrapping)


Q:  Have you ever used Ebates before?

You need to try it.  Free money is awesome.

4 thoughts on “Do you use Ebates?”
    1. For Amazon they have different categories of products that you can get rebates for. Like right now it’s Clothing, Jewelry, Furniture, and others. I think it changes occassionally. Also, you can get rebates for purchases on Ebay too, but that also has different categories. Always worth a try when you order, just in case! I think sometimes they offer a little bit more money if you decide to take the payment in a gift card from a store they support, so if you like the store choices, it’s more free money.

      1. Ohhh you can use this for Amazon? Very nice! I recently downloaded the RetailMeNot app and if you turn on location settings it’s awesome because as soon as you walk into a store or past a store a notification will come up if there is a sale, coupon, etc that you can use. I love it!
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        1. I have used RetailMeNot in the past too. I have two other services that I try and use (CouponCabin and Ibbota), but I haven’t earned enough to get my check yet. I guess I need to focus on those so I can finally cash out!

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