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Glass City half marathon training is underway now.  I give this week of training a solid “thumbs up”.

Miles run: 17.5 miles

Monday – 30 min XT, walking on TM!

Tuesday – 8 miles, Long Run 9:52 pace TM    I switched up my long run to Tues this week because of Track night on Thurs.  This was actually a decent run.  I might even call it a good run!  I was not feeling tight or sore.  Was that because I had an XT day on Monday, or because I did a Slump Nerve Glide exercise before I ran (as instructed by Alisha, PT extraordinaire).  Either way, I give it a Woot!! AND, I got to watch Pitch Perfect 2 while I ran.  How did I miss these movies before?  They are just my mix of funny, singing and general silliness.


Weds – Rest day!

Thurs – 4 miles, track night.  I subbed again this week, but with different pace group.  This week was the 2:07 (half)/4:14 (full) group.  The workout was 5 x 1000m, with 1 min rest between reps.  The intervals were around 9:25 pace.


It was a good workout!  My GPS doesn’t work inside so I wrote down what our splits were supposed to be based on time.


My friend Rich is the coach of this group, and is a Run Toledo Ambassador.  You can read his blog here.


Fri – 4 miles, 9:52 pace on TM.  I saw the temp was 2 degrees outside, so I opted for my treadmill on this run.  This was actually a really good run!  No really any soreness, which was a bit unexpected actually.  Yippie!  And do you notice anything different in this picture?  Our treadmill has a new, super clean belt!  (more details on that later)


Sat – XT day, skiing!!  My Garmin said I skied around 20 miles on the slopes.  Not sure how accurate that is, but it was a great day with fluffy powder.


Sun – XT day, skiing again!!  We skied for the first half of the day, and almost 13 miles according to Garmin.  Still not so sure on the stats, but it was a cold day.  One of those rare days when I said “Ok, I’m ready to go home” due to cold fingers and toes!  My data reported that my top speed was 26.6 mph on a downhill.  Now that I can believe.  That is quite slow compared to the rest of my family (but fast enough for me!!).



Q:  If you are a fan of Pitch Perfect, do you have any other movie suggestions for me?

Q:  Do you wear a foot pod with your GPS watch?

I don’t own one, and never really knew what they did.  They sound intriguing.  Maybe this will go on my birthday wish list 🙂

Q:  If you are a skiier, do you enjoy going fast?

I’ve had too many wipeouts to be that brave anymore!

17 thoughts on “Training Tues – GCM half recap, 2/6/18”
  1. Did you travel and stay overnight somewhere to ski or are there slopes near you? We have a place about 20 min away called Ski Roundtop where everyone goes. I love seeing it all lit up at night from far away! I used to ski… HS… but not anymore. I did like going fast but also being in control.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile

    1. We do have 2 ski “resorts” within an hour of us, but they are dinky and the snow is very iffy. We drive 4 1/2 hours to Petoskey MI for this skiing. There are 3 resorts there which we love. They are decent sized. Nothing compared to a trip out west, but good for a weekend trip! However, when the snow flies, the trip home seems to drag on forever with the slippery roads. I’m just glad Alan has a big truck and he drives!

  2. It is currently -3* here in the Chicago burbs and we got about 5″ of snow last night so I am definitely headed to the gym and doing 5 miles on the treadmill. My right hamstring is barking at me so I took yesterday off. Feels better today so I will just see how this goes. My friends who live in Denver constantly badger me about coming out there to learn how to ski, but I am not blessed with a good sense of balance or athletic ability. I fall over just doing cross country skiing! Not too many places to ski around Chicago unless you go north into Wisconsin. I had a foot pod for an older version Garmin but the new ones have that feature built in so the foot pod is obsolete now.

  3. I’ve never been skiing. We’d have to drive way far for that (or fly) and I’d probably want to just stay in the ski lodge by the fire the entire time. I suppose you can go water skiing pretty easily here but I’ve never done that either.

    Glad you had a good long run, even if you had to treadmill it! I love watching movies on the treadmill and honestly don’t mind running on it for short periods of time.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: Jan 29-Feb 4My Profile

    1. It would have been an easy sell for me to stay in the lodge a bit on Sunday. It felt soooo cold! I’m glad we have decent skiing pretty close. It’s nothing like Colorado or Utah, but better than nothing!

  4. Don’t you have a Garmin 235? The accelerometer feature is built into the watch. Just go into settings and turn off GPS. The watch will guesstimate your pace and miles based on calibration from your outdoor runs. Mine is not as accurate as GPS but close.

      1. I know we already chatted about it, but you will be disappointed in the distance and pace estimation based on the watch alone on indoor mode. Most people typically adjust stride length more than cadence when we speed up and slow down, and the internal sensors on your watch can only use cadence to estimate distance. A well-calibrated footpod can use stride length and cadence to get you a better estimated pace/distance number when you don’t use GPS (indoor track or treadmill)

        1. I’m sure I have a longer stride when I run faster. Luckily I’m just a sub coach, and will rely on the times we hit the splits for the paces. My watch always picks up other people’s footpods at the track, so I know people are using them!

  5. Yay! another week of training rocking it!

    I think it’s very cool that your first run of the week was a long run! The fact that my long run is my last run of the week has its pros and cons. The main disadvantage is that I feel more tired/worn out than I think I should. So who knows, I might switch it up like this in the future.

    Can you believe I’ve never skied in my life? Maybe someday I’ll do it:)
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…Tuesday Morning Coffee Chat.My Profile

    1. I’ve been skiing since high school, and I introduced skiing to my husband. I won’t say I “taught him” how to ski, because I just let him learn as he went down the beginner hill!! (And he still married me!). Our kids have been up on skis since they were toddlers. We feel it’s important to kids involved in all of the sports and things we love to do so we can enjoy them all together now!

  6. I tried lessons on the kitty hill when my son was young and i was terrified of skiing! I felt like I had no control, so I would take him and sit inside and wait lol It is incredible exercise for sure, I am sure that is great for your running.
    I like Anna Kendrick, she is pretty adorable.
    I really enjoyed the Christmas movie Daddy’s home.
    Great week Lisa!

    1. I do really want to see Daddy’s Home 2. The first one was hilarious!
      Skiing is pretty scary the first few times (or maybe 5 times??), but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty great. I let the pros teach my kids. That way they couldn’t complain and actually paid attention! It was a good choice 🙂

  7. Good Job Lisa! I’ve skied both Boyne’s and Nubs a number of times in the past. it’s great cross training.

    Thank you so much for filing in last Thursday for Track Night. It’s hard to manage a large group on the track and your experience as a Coach was much appreciated.

    Have a good training week!!!
    Richard Brown recently posted…Exciting TimesMy Profile

  8. TWO DEGREES?!?!?! I can’t even begin to imagine that. I’m glad you ran inside! To me that sounds like the kind of weather in which you could freeze to death just walking to the end of your driveway!

    Did you watch the TV show Glee back in the day? The show has a lot of similarities with Pitch Perfect. If you liked the movies you’d probably like the show. I didn’t watch the last couple of seasons but I liked the first few seasons a lot!
    Kristina recently posted…Is Today the Day I’ll Run Again?My Profile

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