training tuesday3

  • Miles run: 18.6
  • Training for:  Glass City half marathon, 4/22/18

This week had some ups and downs, in a very short period of time!

Monday –  30 mins / 2.6 miles Wasn’t going to run, but then saw I had “30 mins XT or easy run”.  That’s all? I can do that! So I hit the treadmill – a little walking warm up, and some slow running.

Tuesday – 4 miles, 9:00 avg pace.  After a slightly stressful Monday evening (shopping with my daughter!!), I decided I needed to get my speedwork done in the morning, even though there was a group run planned.  I am THRILLED to report I was able to do a 3 miles pace run without much discomfort. 2.5 miles at 8:49 and 1 mile at 8:35. Progress!


I ended up not going to a group run in the evening that I was going to attend due to bad day at work.  I wasn’t really up for being social and running in the rain!

Wednesday – Rest day!

Thursday – 12 miles, long run, 9:27 avg pace.  I waited until the rain cleared to get outside and run.  The whole run was a little drizzly, but actually not too bad.


However, this run was really a challenge for me. One of those runs that I had to stop and just get my sh*t together so I could finish.  If a friend would have been driving past me around mile 8, I would have hitched a ride home! The pain level was a bit more for my hamstrings and by the end of the night I was icing them.  During the day the pain wasn’t too bad – so I’m not considering this a total loss. Some runs will be this way!


I had to laugh when I saw this on my watch though….  What the heck??!


And here is that circulation issue I mentioned last week.  Luckily it wasn’t too painful this time around even though it looks creepy!


That pretty much sums up my week.  It’s a vacation week for the kids, so it’s family time.  Training took a back seat 🙂


Q:  Did you travel anywhere for Easter/spring break?

Q:  Do you prefer Jelly Beans or Reeses Pieces?

Q:  Are you a fan of Cadbury Eggs?

I Love them!  Although they are a bit gross looking 😉

4 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – 4/3/18 Glass City half”
  1. Your Garmin tells your recovery time? I never knew Garmins did that! Interesting. 🙂 My fingers have done that circulation thing before. VERY rarely though so I don’t think I have Reynauds or whatever it is called. It was so weird the first time it happened though.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Spring Break Highlights!My Profile

    1. The recovery time is interesting but not very educational for me. I don’t know the science behind it so I’m not sure how to use it! Based on HR, but mine always runs high.
      The weird thing on the circulation is that it only happens after running. Never when I’m out skiing, but then again, I have much warmer skiing gloves!!

  2. Hahahha since I got back to running every single day my Garmin tells me to take 2-3 recovery days. It always makes me laugh.

    I’m sorry that your hamstrings were hurting so bad that one day. I have days like that too where my calves still get really tight and it’s so frustrating. Are you still going to PT? I’ve been thinking I should make go once a month or something to get my calves massaged!
    Kristina recently posted…A Cheesy StoryMy Profile

    1. I am still going to PT. I have a home program of exercises that I follow so my office visits aren’t that often. I do seem to bounce back from the soreness faster, so that’s a positive I think. Just a slow road to recovery! It’s exciting that your recovery is moving forward. Long time coming!

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