Happy Friday everyone!! Some random, running related stuff here today. Remember that 2015 Boston jacket I got from Ebay a while ago?  I’m still loving it, and wear it a lot. The other day another item came up in my Ebay search.  This cool short sleeve shirt!


Here’s the thing about running Boston (or any other big race), you could come home broke from buying race memorabilia.  I don’t think that is a surprise to anyone. I didn’t really buy anything from the expo the year I ran, so I’m always on the lookout for stuff.

I recently bought a similar shirt for Syndey, except it was made by Saucony and not Adidas.  I really liked the style of it, so I bought the Boston shirt. In fact, I had a little price haggling with the seller because it was listed as “Or Best Offer”, so that was fun.

It arrived in just a few days, because it was shipping from Pennsylvania.  So exciting!!

I immediately ripped the package open and tried it on.  Pretty purplish blue!!


And then I thought… “hmmm, this feels a little rough.  That was not what I was expecting. Maybe the shirt will feel softer if I washed it.”.

Then I noticed, ewwww, it’s poking at my arm.

And THEN I thought “Oh My Freaking God, this shirt is itching me!!!” and ripped it off.  

Sure enough, the shirt is 39% WOOL!!.  WTF?! UGGGGH. I simply cannot wear wool shirts.  It makes me really itchy and uncomfortable!!

What a bummer.  The Ebay listing never mentioned the contents of the shirt, and I assumed it was just a basic “athletic material”, so I am returning it.  There is no way I can wear this shirt and I would have never bought it if I knew it had wool in it.

I would have never expected a “performance” shirt to have wool in it.  One surprising thing though – I can wear Smartwool socks, and I love them.  But shirts or sweaters? Noooo way.

To wrap this up, here’s a fun picture of my cat investigating my work tote.  She’s a great fit!  Hope you have a great weekend!



Q:  Does Wool give you any kind of itchy reaction?

Q:  Do you have any performance wool running clothes?  How about socks?

Q: Do you ever sell items on Ebay?

Yes!  I sure do.


7 thoughts on “The weird thing I bought on Ebay.”
  1. Ewwwww I can’t imagine wearing something wool for an athletic endeavor! The shirt looks cute but if you can’t wear it what’s the point? I don’t think I own anything wool, not even socks. I do have alpaca socks and I lovvvvve them.

  2. The Smartwool socks don’t even feel like wool to the touch, which is why I like them. Oh, and my skiing socks are smartwool too. I have heard that wool athletic shirts can be very soft – of course that was on a podcast who had the wool product as their sponsor 🙂

    1. I guess you want to be warm in toasty in your short sleeve shirt?? yeah, I’m just not getting why they would use wool in this product.

    1. I’m glad to hear it’s not just me with an aversion to wool tops! I was very happy with the return policy – I didn’t lose any money at all, even with shipping. Yeah Ebay!

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