I’m interrupting my Epic Road Trip recap to pop in with a Training Tuesday.  Why?  Because I feel like I actually did a substancial amount of working out, even though I’m not training for any race in particular right now!  More like I’m training for Life, Pizza and Margaritas by the Pool. 😉   I did a lot this week…. thanks for joining me, even if you just scroll through the pictures!

My week stats:

  • Run: 25.3 miles
  • Bike: 37.4 miles
  • Swim!: 200 m (and lots of splashing around)

Monday – Run 5 miles.  Excited that this turned out to be a slightly progressive run.  The hot weather hadn’t hit quite yet, and it was great morning running weather!


Tuesday –   Morning ride – 13.1 miles.  Beautiful sunrise ride.


Evening run 3.6 miles– Moms/She Runs This Town group run.  Can you guess our theme?  Why yes, Red White and Blue 🙂  We looked pretty awesome and we had a great turnout!  Lookie – that’s my new Run Toledo Ambassador race singlet.  LOVE it!


Wednesday – Rest day!!  No running, but in the evening I volunteered at my first triathlon – Quarry Ridge. It is also a duathlon event.   I helped in the transition area…


And also packet pickup.IMG_9841

I think I’ve seen it all…. can you believe he raced this bike?  How cool!!


It was quite interesting and educational to watch the swim portion.  Hmmmm, maybe?  The cool thing about this triathlon location is that they released swimmers individually into the water.  That takes away some of that fear of getting your googles kicked off by your neighbor!!


Thursday – Track night!! 4.5 miles  I was a sub for Dave’s PR5K training program.  I ran with the 27:00 pace group.  That’s the group I was supposed to coach last year before I got bumped up to the 25:00 group.  I was actually quite nervous about keeping up a fast enough pace for this, and practiced it last week.  As it turned out, the pace wasn’t as fast as I expected and we had no problem getting the workout done even though it was around 85 degrees (on a black track!).  Workout was 1200m x 2, 600m x 2 and 400m x 2 – with both warm up and cool down.  We had a professional photographer there that night.  Here I am!  PS, if you want to be seen, get some bada$$ Goodr glasses and wear neon pink!


Here’s Coach Chris going over the night’s workout.


Was I even paying attention??  LOL!


I think our shirts are pretty cool too –



Friday – Run 9 miles – Cedar Point Shores (Cedar Point water park) was on our agenda today, so I wanted to get my run done early.  I managed to get 6.5 miles before taking Sydney to XC practice.


While at XC practice, I took Zach out on the trails for another 2.5 mile run.  I’ve been trying to get him out there running because he needs to get his XC practice too!  And, we also played on the playground.  FUN!


Saturday – Ride I got out early and went for a bike ride.  15 miles done!  Perfect morning, and hot and sweaty.

After that, I went for a walk while Sydney was at XC practice.  I started a new audio book – Agatha Christie’s “And then there were none”.  Good walk, good book!


We also had some free passes to use today for SkyZone Trampoline park.  I didn’t want those to go to waste, so we all jumped for 30 mins.  Woohoo!  Always a great time!


I actually made this shot (finally!!).


Sunday – Ride, Run & Swim!  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do this morning, because it was really really hot out, and I didn’t want to be away from the house long (my daughter had friends sleeping over), so I decided to go for a ride.  I remembered I had a tank top that would be perfect for biking.   I decided to bike for a half hour – and ended up biking 9 miles.


When I stopped back home I discovered that everyone was still sleeping, so I decided to go for a little run.  I even stayed in my cycling shorts and tank top and ran around the neighborhood.  I made it 2.5 miles before I melted to death and called it DONE.


Finally, when I got home I invited my son to come out and swim laps with me.  It was the perfect morning for swimming (and the girls were STILL sleeping!).  I figured out that it took 10 lengths of my pool to equal 100m.  I swam 200m.  Phew, exhausting!  I really don’t swim for fitness, so that was plenty for me.


I guess this week just shows that when I’m not on a training plan, I do ALL the things, and have no reason to not workout.  That’s a good, and bad thing!  I am happy to be incorporating all of the biking into my week.


Q:  Do you like Mystery books?

They are my favorite!

Q:  Have you ever done an “open water swim”?

Q:  Have you been hitting the treadmill to avoid the summer heat, or just getting up early??

7 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – July 3rd”
  1. Dang you were busy! You look happy and healthy so keep doing all the things. 🙂 I have never done an open water swim. And I have KIND of been getting my runs done early… like between 9:30 and 10:30 but even then it has been so hot during this heat wave that I come in for an a/c break after about 4 or 5 miles! It’s only 7:43 right now so there’s no reason I can’t get out there by 8:30 today!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Vermont Part Three: Friends, Stowe, and the Long Drive Home!My Profile

    1. Oh my, 9:30 has been pretty hot around here too! I’ve been getting up around 6am every day, on my days off work too, just because I love that time of the morning. So peaceful and full of hope. Then reality starts right back up. haha!!

    1. I was pretty surprised to see how many miles I ran over the past week! I wouldn’t say I’m cured, but I’m back on the right track for now. Fingers crossed I eventually get all the way back!!

  2. Funny that you are reading that book because I just watched the last episode of the BBC program on PBS the other night. I guess the title kind of gives away the ending but it was still good to watch. I mostly read biographies of actors and rock stars. Just finished Elizabeth Taylor and reading Katherine Hepburn now. I can barely swim well enough to keep from drowning so any type of competition involving swimming is not for me. I have friends who have had shoulders dislocated and noses broken during Ironman swims. I know you are a big treadmill fan but I will do almost anything to avoid it if possible. I will run on the treadmill in the winter when it is below 0* and/or snowing heavily but during the summer, I just suck it up and run. Slower pace and more water stops.

    1. That is funny about And Then There Were None – when I went to download the audiobook I saw the BBC version, but I didn’t get that one! What? They all die?? 🙂 Don’t spoil it.
      Hope you have a great holiday!

  3. That was indeed a good/impressing week of training!! Love that your kids are involved in your training lifestyle. Hopefully I’ll have active kids in the future too:)

    If all triathlons had that same dynamics for the swimming section I’d feel more motivated to do a triathlon one day. Love Running (of course) and love biking, but swimming is not my specialty. And swimming in a competition around so many people would definitely stress me out a whole lot.

    Right now I’m doing some runs on the treadmill. Specially when I don’t wake up early, because Miami’s heat is seriously unbearable at this time of the year.
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…Tips to Run in the Summer.My Profile

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