Time for another Training Tuesday!  Technically I guess I just finished the first week of my Columbus half marathon training.  It wasn’t really structured though, but I did have some high points for sure!

Here’s what went down last week:

  • Miles run:  21
  • Miles biked:  52
  • No swimming!!  (I’m taking a break after the triathlon!)

Monday – 8 miles run.  Following the Sylvania triathlon, I wasn’t sore, so I got back to the running.  My plan said “5 miles with negative splits”, so I started at 9:47, and ran 9:25, 8:48, 8:47, 8:40.  Goal achieved!  It was super humid too.  I love running around in the morning, because I don’t care if my clothes match (but my earbuds do).  haha!  #sportsbrasquad



Metroparks Monday run… in the evening we went to the Dave’s Running Metroparks Monday!  Ran 3 sweaty miles with the family.  On the way home a big storm rolled in.  The clouds looked freaky!



Tuesday – Rest day!

Wednesday – 4 miles run.  The last run of the season with the Daybreak Diva’s group 🙁  It is starting to get darker much earlier now.  I’m missing that early sunlight!!  It was a bit depressing.  But what cheered my up was winning a gift certificate to the spa!  Dang, nice raffle prize.  I’m glad I went 🙂


Thursday – 27.11 miles ride.  Since I had two hours to kill while waiting for cross country practice, I decided it was a great time for a bike ride!  I rode all the way to the end of the bike trail.


Friday – 22 miles ride.  Another XC practice, more bike riding!  This time I went to the other end of the bike trail.  Now I’ve covered it all.


Saturday – 3.1 miles run.  Race day!!  I had a fun race – the Runaway Bride 5K.  I’ll have a recap of this later this week, but here’s a shot of me, some friends, and the bride!!


Sunday –   6 miles total.   Race day again!  Jeep 4 Miler was this morning.  I ran with Zach.  We had quite the morning together!!  Race recap coming very soon.  I ran another 2 miles when I got home, because I wanted to see my weekly mileage over 20 miles.  I know, my bad.


Q: Is your summer running routine ending soon? 

That early morning bus stop will force me back on my treadmill.  It’s bittersweet… I do have a TON of TV to watch!

Q:  I know I have some teachers out there… when does school start where you live?

Q: If you won a gift certificate for the spa, what service would you use it on?

Debating between a massage or a manicure!


5 thoughts on “Training Tues – 8/14/18”
  1. I have several running friends who are school teachers and most are already going into their classrooms to prepare for students but I don’t think school officially starts until next week. We are celebrating the end of THEIR summer by going to the Cubs game this afternoon. I will be back to running by myself during the week which is tough when the motivation is low. I do have to say I am looking forward to some cooler weather. It has been hot and dry for most of the summer. I was out in Portland two weeks ago for the Mt. Hood Half and temps were in the 90s! Record setting heat for that part of the country.

      1. Actually, it was pretty cool for the half. We started just as the sun was coming up. Elevation was up around 2000′ and we had shade for all but the last couple of miles. Oddly enough, the full and the half only shared the same course for the last two miles. The half was a beautiful course with a gentle downhill until the last 2 miles which were a steady incline but by that time, a change felt good.

  2. Wow what a week! Is the goal of Runaway Bride to catch the bride!? 🙂 I am not a spa girl but I do need my eyebrows and lip waxed for back to school, so I think I would do that! I am actually debating on weather to get my nails done. I bite my nails, so I would need to get fake nails on top of mine. Sounds like a real rigamarrow, though.

    Teachers in my district go back Mon-Wed for professional development days and then the students come on Thursday. Yes, my summer routine is winding down! I’m debating on whether to take on more private piano students this fall. I only have 6 right now. It’s such good money that I feel guilty only having a couple… Gotta pay off that mortgage!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Sunday Funday?My Profile

    1. The bride was our “rabbit” mostly, because he was so fast! I do love to get my fingernails done but when I take the polish off my nails are usually wrecked 🙁
      Wow, 6 sounds like a lot of students. How many would be your “max”, or at least a large comfortable number?

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