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Am I going vegan?  Am I giving up dairy?  Giving up sugar?? Giving up running???  Well heck no, I’m getting a new MP3 player!


No seriously, the death of my faithful MP3 player has been a pretty serious matter here in my head. Why don’t I just run without music?  I don’t like to!  I don’t like to hear myself panting heavy when I run, because that makes me feel like I’m working too hard, which makes me nervous, which makes me breath even heavier!  Blech!

I’m also a solo runner quite often, so I enjoy the entertainment.  Not to mention how my tunes help me pick up the pace!

But back to my sad Shuffle story.  I got my first iPod Shuffle years ago.  Back when I first started running. I went to the park one day, and left my iPod on my car hood.  I drove off.  That was the last time I saw my Shuffle #1. Very, very sad 🙁

IPod Shuffle #2!  My loving husband actually had this one engraved.  This definitely encouraged me to keep better track of it.  It says “Run Like A Mother”. The Another Mother Runner tribe (website, podcasts, books) have been a big part of my running motivation, so this was the perfect encryption.  He’s so good at picking out thoughtful gifts!


For the past year I’ve been having issues with my iPod – although I was convinced it was my headphones.  Like back in April at the start line of the Glass City marathon. I leaned over to tie my shoes and the headphones started hissing, then the sound would fade in and out.  Oh great, just what I needed before a big race! This situation happened several other times during the past year too.

I kept trying new headphones.  Marking the old ones with X’s, and moving on to another pair, just in case the old headphones really weren’t quite dead.  It wasn’t until I got a brand new pair and found out they had the same problem! Yep, then I realized it was my iPod.

I had one more final issue as I was packing for Columbus half on Saturday.  Luckily, Alan offered his iPod, and I loaded it up with my songs. Hooray for reliable music!


At first I started thinking about that new Garmin Forerunner 645 which stores music.  Problem is, I would need wireless headphones. Probably don’t need to spend all of the money when I can just replace my iPod.

Then I was going to just replace the iPod with another Shuffle, but they don’t make them anymore 🙁  No problem, I’d get one off Ebay. I figured I could pick one up for $20. They are old news after all. Issue was, the used ones were all selling for $35-$40!  That seemed like a lot for someone’s old player which could have the same issues as mine! I think it was only $50 new.

After a lot of research I found the SanDisk Sport Clip Plus.  There’s not a lot of MP3 players that are comparable to the iPod Shuffle, because you know, people just use their phones for music, but my phone doesn’t have any space for that!

The SanDisk is small, water resistant, and even has Bluetooth!  Watch out, I’m getting high tech… you might see me sporting a pair of wireless headphones one of these days.  It could happen! And, I got a refurbished SanDisk for only $39. Practically new.


Fingers crossed that the SanDisk all that I hoped it would be.  No, I haven’t even seen one in person. I just ordered it from Amazon.  Product review coming soon!! I will miss my iPod. We’ve had some good times together.  But I will NOT miss iTunes. I hate iTunes!!!!!!!


Q:  Do you use wireless headphones?

Truth be told, I have been quite curious about the Aftershokz headphones.  They work with bone conductivity. (they just got them in stock over at Dave’s Running store too… I’m going to have to try them out!!)

Q:  Do you have an MP3 player?

Q:  Do you pay for music streaming on your phone, or use a free service?

I’m curious what everyone uses!

17 thoughts on “I’m making a life change!!”
  1. I have a pair of Air Pods and a pair of Plantronics Bluetooth headphones. I like the Plantronics because they allow ambient noise but still have good sound. I use my Apple Watch 2 for music but I have to say I have been very disappointed in the mileage accuracy of the Apple Watch. Compared to my Garmin 235, the Apple Watch is off by as much as .25 mile after a 6-8 mile run. The further you run, the worse it gets. Great connectivity. Lousy accuracy. Unfortunately, I have read that the Garmin 645 Music does not work well with Apple Air Pods so I just use the Apple Watch sparingly. I am currently getting Apple Music from Verizon for free but haven’t decided if I will keep it when the free deal expires.

    1. I have a feeling I would lose the Apple Air Pods if I owned them. They are so small! But they are one of the few shapes that I find very comfortable for my ears, so that I would like! I had Spotify Premium free for the summer, but I never used it. I have read good reviews of the Plantronics headphones too.

  2. My BF and I SWEAR by our little Sandisk players. I load podcasts and books on mine as well as the hundreds of songs it holds. It’s been great. I also have the Aftershocks headphones and love those as well!

    1. That is great to hear!! It was actually a hard decision after having an iPod for so long. You just get used to the familiar and don’t want to change 🙂 Mine will arrive on Saturday. I can’t wait!

  3. I looked at the Aftershockz when I bought new wireless headphones a couple months ago but ended up going with Jaybirds instead. I was worried I wouldn’t like how hard the Aftershockz look. My ears are really sensitive and sometimes even the rubber from regular headphones starts to bother them when I run long. I know the Aftershockz sit outside of the ear but I think they still touch that one part of the ear that sticks out (idk what you call it haha) so I decided against them. I’ve heard good things though!

    Hope you like your new MP3 player! I just stream music, podcasts and audio books from my phone. I think it’s worth the extra money to pay for more phone space to have everything consolidated onto one device. I wouldn’t want to carry a bunch of things. Heck we got a smart lock for the house so I don’t even have to carry my keys when I run! lol

    1. Good idea on the door lock! My phone is actually my work phone, and when they gave us new phones, they bought models with minimal storage (32 gb!!), so my phone is all filled up with pictures 🙁
      Interesting thoughts on the Aftershokz. I’ve never seen them in person. I’ll have to check that out!

  4. No dairy, no sugar – I thought you were doing my life changes!! LOL

    Yep, can’t run without tunes, an audiobook, or podcast! Glad the Sandisk can hold your podcasts, I know you love those!!

    I have cheap bluetooth headphones I got at TJMAXX. They have a ton of them without spending big bucks.

    1. Always with the TJMaxx deals! I go shopping (wandering) so rarely, I never find the deals. If they don’t have it online at Old Navy, I don’t need it. Haha!
      Considering I just ate Poptarts for breakfast right now, washed down with iced coffee, you can bet sugar free is not an choice for me! 😉

  5. Hah! I run with a 2nd generation iPod touch that I have had for like 10 years 🙂 I can’t seem to get rid of it even though I have a hard time finding an armband compatible with it. I keep thinking of upgrading to a newer one with bluetooth but can’t seem to bite the bullet. Hope you have good luck with your new player.

  6. OMG I USED THE SANDISK SPORT FOR YEARS!!! It has always been around $30-$40. For awhile I loved it because it would last for like 1-2 years, which was totally acceptable for something so cheap. However… bad news… Mine started to bite the dust like every 3-4 months. No bueno. I hope your’s doesn’t. Save the receipt! Otherwise, I absolutely LOVED it. I just wished it would have lasted.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Something I never do: Run on the AT after work!My Profile

    1. Let’s hope I’m getting a newer model than the one you had? I did wonder about the life expectancy on it, but when I saw it was water resistant I thought that might help it last longer. Alan has actually ruined several iPod Shuffles due to sweating, but they had a protection plan from Target and he just got new ones. I will definitely hang on to my receipt. Maybe I should have got the protection plan. Doh!

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