Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving last week and enjoyed a long holiday week.


Ours Thanksgiving was interesting.  Really good, but kinda like one you’d see in a funny movie!   It started in the way it has for the last 8 years… with a run!  We got home from vacation late Wednesday night, so we weren’t able to get up and join our friends, but we did get our own family Turkey Trot done.  I even made it a 5K, which was met with only some resistance because it was quite chilly out (“Mom, my face is frozen!”).


We all had fun with the motion shots…


Almost got the shot…


Then it was a quick trip to the grocery store before we started preparing our turkey.  Yes, I did put my turkey in the oven a bit later than I expected, but the Reynolds oven bag said it would only take 2 1/2 hours.  My parents were coming over at 3:30pm and I figured the turkey would be done at 3:45.  No problem!  Zach was my helper in turkey prep.


Around 1:30 I was done in the kitchen and Alan took over.  He was making his famous mashed potatoes!  They are famous because they are delicious, and I don’t have to make them! 🙂  As I walked through the kitchen he remarked how he didn’t think there was an issue putting potato peels down the garbage disposal.  I warned him, “I wouldn’t do that.  I’ve clogged up the sink far too many times.  I’ve learned my lesson!  You don’t want that to happen on a holiday!”

Next thing I heard when I got out of the shower… “you were right.”

Oh NO!!  The sink was clogged and Alan was taking apart pipes under the sink and in the basement, using plungers, snakes and anything else he could find to fix the situation.

Around 3:30 no progress was being made, but my parents arrived.  I should have taken a picture of that.  The kitchen was a mess, no water could be used to wash dishes, and Alan was working on the problem.  And guess what?  My turkey wasn’t even near done!  It still had a long way to go.  Even though my turkey had thawed in my fridge for 5 days, there was still ice in the middle so that may also be the cause of the issue.  18 pounds of turkey doesn’t cook that fast!

I had to entertain my parents, mostly to keep my Dad from trying to talk to Alan while he was working.  We watched the parade, and the kids even played some songs on their instruments!

Finally, around 4:30 the clog was cleared.  Hooray!!!!  Alan took a shower, we prepped the side dishes, and around 5pm, the turkey was finally finished cooking.  Ahhhhh!


Glad it was just my parents coming over for dinner because we all understand things like that happening.  Family always understands 🙂  And mostly I’m just glad it wasn’t me who clogged the sink!!IMG_3604


Q:  Did you host Thanksgiving at your house, or go somewhere for dinner?

Q:  Have you ever gone out to dinner at a restaurant for Thanksgiving?

Q:  Does your family ever make noodles for dinner?

My grandma used to make them (homemade!), and my Mom is now in charge of bringing them to dinners…. but she uses Reames noodles!  (Much less work!  it’s our little secret. haha!)

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – “glad it wasn’t me!””
  1. We have never gone out for dinner for Thanksgiving but I totally would. Honestly, unless you have a very large family, or love leftovers for days, it almost seems more economical to go out? Clay’s mom cooks dinner every year for our family and they don’t like to deviate from tradition- except next year she said we’re hosting (no, we weren’t asked and my husband just obliged). Soooo… that means OUR religion and politics, hehehehehe. Also it looks incredibly cold there and I would not want to turkey trot in that cold!

    1. Lucky you on the hosting!! 🙂 I’m happy that no politics were brought up at our dinner. I’m not a turkey fan, and 2 days of leftovers was too much. Luckily Christmas is “ham holiday”, and that’s my favorite!
      It was 28 degrees out, which really isn’t too bad, but it was pretty much the first really cold weather run we’ve had so it was a bit of a shock!

  2. As someone who just recently clogged the garbage disposal myself (the eggshell incident of 2018), I must ask the universe… WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF A GARBAGE DISPOSAL IF YOU CAN’T PUT EGGSHELLS AND POTATO PEELS DOWN THERE? I mean, what CAN you put down there?

    I think we need to start compost piles so we quit clogging the pipes.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Meg Go Run – UPDATES!My Profile

    1. I think the issue at our house is more the pipes – a tricky corner always gets clogged up maybe? But I agree, that stuff should be so small it shouldn’t matter! We are still throwing caution to the wind and putting eggshells in ours 🙂 We live dangerously! (or maybe those are the real culprit… hmmmmm)

  3. I can’t remember reading if you guys garden or not… but eggshells and potato peels are excellent compost material if you do garden and want to start composting to help out your garden. We hosted this year- it was a lot of work but I had leftovers for two whole days so it was worth it.

    1. We do have a garden! I’ll have to look into that. I think it’s a good idea.
      I was pretty happy with the leftovers… other than the turkey. No complaints on the extra pie!! 🙂

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