It was a challenging week.  Not a ton of miles running, but the effort level was a tad too high.  I got my hamstrings in a bit of a mess this week as a result.  Overall, it was just a busy week! Miles run = 29, miles biked = 34.

Mon – 8 miles easy biking.  Took a rest day due to all activity last week, and was too lazy to get out of bed.  LOL!

Tues –  no bootcamp in the AM due to rain.  Booooo!  Missed my workout, and went back to bed after I saw the rain.

PM – Subcoaching, 6 miles!  Hills AND speedwork… two things I know irritate my hamstrings.  So why not combine them??  Yep, that’s what I signed up for on today’s workout.  We did 1 mile repeats with a hill at the end.  I subbed for a group which was evenly paced for me, so this workout was a challenge for me as well.  Due to the small group size, I got to run with just one person!  That was nice and it was a solid workout for both of us – as evidenced by my hair and flushed cheeks after the run.  Phew!! Our miles were 8:48, including the hill.

Weds – 40 mins elliptical in the AM.  A nice recovery workout for the stressed hammies.

PM – Group ride, 26 miles.  Even though the group leader warned us that it was going to be a bit windy coming back in, which it was, I swear we had a faster speed in the wind than with it at our backs!  Solid ride with an avg pace of 18.1 mph!!  Our fastest yet. It was my husband’s birthday, so we got a good workout in before the cake eating started 🙂 Happy Birthday Alan!!

Thurs – AM, 5 miles running.  A sweaty, icky run in the morning.  I thought about quitting after 2 miles, but finished it up and felt better about that.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE… 6 more miles!! A last minute request came through for a sub coaching job back at the hill.  The pace was going to be 11:00 min mile, so I figured that would be a good slower pace for me.  Imagine my surprise when the guy I was running with wanted to “see what he could do” and took off sprinting for the last mile repeat and hill run.  Ooof!  Just my luck. LOL!

Fri – bootcamp, 2 miles running. I wasn’t going to attend bootcamp on Friday anymore, but since our Tuesday group got rained out, I really needed motivation to do some weights this week. My friends always get me moving!  Our park was also decorated for 9/11 and a group of guys were doing a stair climb in remembrance of the 911 attacks.  I think they said they were doing 55 trips up.  And I think 4 trips up is tiring… phew!!

Sat – 10 miles, long run.  Group run!  Another sub-coaching gig. We went to a park most of us hadn’t run in a long time.  There was a pretty lake there.  

Next up, cross country meet!  The meet went well for the girl’s team and they took 1st place.  It wasn’t a good race for my daughter though, which is always a bit of a bummer, but as you know, everyone has races like that!

We went out to dinner to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary.  Alan got me some beautiful roses 🙂  

Sun – Rest day!  My body really needed this.  I will probably go biking today, not sure if it’s road cycling or mountain biking!

We did have some visitors this week. It was a very short stay for some foster kittens. They were super, duper shy kittens. A bit older (almost 5 months) and were being passed up by people adopting younger kittens. The plan was to get them a bit more familiar with people and friendly, but just 8 days after we picked them up, they had been adopted! Adoption is interesting these days from the shelter because I’m not sure how much time the person got to see the kittens – maybe just online pictures? No matter, I’m very happy they found a forever home together and I know they will acclimate eventually. Here’s a rare picture of them when they weren’t hiding under my couch (LOL!!). They discovered the chipmunks that run around our patio!

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Q: Hill repeats…. love ’em or hate ’em?

I officially hate them after this week and hope to not see them again for a long time. LOL!! (just kidding, but I won’t be going back there any time soon!)

Q: Have you been out to any restaurants lately?

I think it’s been mostly business as usual around here for our restaurants. The biggest change are using online menus (look up on your phone) and the lack of people there!

28 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – celebrations, coaching and kitties!”
  1. I hope your hammies simmer down soon! I do like hill repeats, but with all the hills I’ve been running lately, I am SO over hills! Just give me some flat already!

    Happy birthday to your hubs & happy anniversary.

    We have not done in-restaurant dining . . . in forever. Or at least that’s what it feels like. No plans to, either.

    Those kittens are so cute!

    1. The kittens really were cuties – just needed some human interaction. I was so surprised and excited that they got adopted together! It will be interesting to see what happens when the weather gets colder and patio dining is not an option. Several of our favorite restaurants have modified to create a patio space.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your celebration looks fun. We haven’t gone out much at all, but we are supporting local restaurants by ordering in.

    Hill repeats? Hell no. I loathe hills. I’ll run hilly courses to train, tho. But so not a fan.
    Wendy recently posted…Fool in the RainMy Profile

    1. I never thought I’d be biking as fast as I have been. I really love riding with the groups. It feels like being part of a machine when we’re together. I know that sounds weird, but when we’re in a groove, we all move together very well!

  3. Yes to hill repeats!! (Well, back in the good old days when I could do them LOL) I think I spy a funky skull on the hubby’s biking jersey…I’m all about that 😉 Happy Bday to him and congrats on your anniversary! I hope that hammy feels better.

  4. Sounds like a festive week! Happy birthday to Alan and Happy Anniversary to both of you. I’ll only train with hill repeats if I have a hilly race coming up. If not, NOPE! Hills are pretty tough to come by here anyway.
    Cute kitties! Glad to hear they found a forever home.

    1. I’ve been skipping most of the speed workouts from the group training plan that I’m sub coaching for. Looks like I really should have skipped those hills!! One of the ladies I ran with apologized because she had to walk at the top of the hill. I was like “no problem at all, I haven’t run hills in 5 months!” 🙂

  5. I hate hills with a passion, which of course means that I need to do more of them…I’ve gotten better about not whining about them so much, someday maybe I’ll actually start training on them. We’ve only been out to eat a few times, and I really don’t think it’s any riskier than a trip to the grocery store, but honestly we’re much more likely to get takeout. We’re a huge fan of takeout margaritas (that’s some serious lemonade from 2020 lemons).
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Easy Miles and Where I am with the HalfMy Profile

    1. Well, that’s what they say, do more hills… but who knows, why risk it? ha! I’ve seen lots of pictures of margaritas from local places, but we haven’t tried it yet. I think that so cool that they can be packaged up like that!

  6. Happy anniversary!

    I hope your hamstrings feel better soon! Any kind of injury is so frustrating, especially when you’re getting in so many miles.

  7. Oh poor kitties being passed over for little fluffies. We adopted ours at 7 months old and were really happy to have almost grown cats, they are shy but have really blossomed. And happy wedding anniversary!

    1. There are definitely benefits to the older kittens. The little ones are a bit whacky sometimes (mostly all day long!). The other choice of fosters was three 3 week old kittens. With all of the feedings, they needed a bit more care than we could give them! I’m hoping they have some more kittens that we can foster soon.

  8. Aww, those kittens are adorable!! Do you foster kittens on a regular basis? I would like to but Mateo would terrorize them all day long.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Take care of your hamstrings. Don’t want it to get worse.

    On Monday I went out to dinner with a friend. That was my first time eating in a restaurant since March.
    Zenaida Arroyo recently posted…Tuesday Topics: Speedwork in my runningMy Profile

    1. We do try to foster some every year. Those were the first for this year. We have to keep them in a separate room. My cats do not appreciate them! And it’s necessary for health concerns too (like fleas!).

  9. Happy Birthday Alan!! Congrats On Another Milestone You Two!! It Appears You All Received Some West Coast Smoke, Bummer. And To Answer Your Question, Hell No Haven’t Been Out To Eat. No Thanx.

    Enjoy The Weekend And Stay Strong,
    The Padre recently posted…Living VicariouslyMy Profile

    1. We have been seeing a lot more of the west coast smoke as the week progressed. It is making the sun look so odd!! It is interesting to see what COVID precautions and progress has been made around the country. We are definitely in a different level than a lot of places!

  10. Haha, I laughed out loud at the guy in your group who decided he wanted to see what he could do! Happy birthday to hubby and happy anniversary too!

    I hate hill repeats but I love how I feel after doing them!

    Still haven’t been out to any restaurants. I should… it’s been ages now.

    1. It’s just my luck that I get the runners in the group like that. I suppose they know the subs are a little more flexible and push the paces a little 🙂 I worry about the financial state of the little restaurants around here. We don’t go out often, and I know they need the business!

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