Last week I mentioned that my daughter was self-isolating due to potential COVID-19, and my husband was also not feeling good, so he was self-isolating too.  This week kind of just blew up at the start. Not exactly the way I had planned spending my week off work, but at least it was productive. Despite the rough start of the week, it ended on a good note and I got 30 miles of running in.

Mon – 5 miles, running.  Since my upcoming coaching job will be at paces I don’t normally run, I decided to practice some pacing on my run.  Each mile was 30 seconds faster.  I didn’t quite get to my slowest pace but I think I did a pretty good job!  I really need to do more runs in that slower range to get ready for coaching.

After my run I decided to move a planter into the garage.  Hey guess what?  I strained my back 😩 This sucks so bad!!  And wouldn’t you know it, I received a test pair of Brooks shoes to try out!!  OMG.  I have tested this new model two other times, back in 2019.  I love the new look of these shoes and I’m so bummed I can’t run in them yet!!

Tues – 2 miles, walking. My back is super stiff and really uncomfortable getting up or sitting down, but once I get walking I’m good.  I took two walks just to keep moving. Feeling depressed about my back 🙁

Weds – 3.1 miles.  My walk this morning turned into a slow jog by mile 2.  I tested to see if my back was bothered by a slow jog.  It was not!  Yippie!  Movement seems to be a really good thing for my back. I’m sure I was quite a sight though because I was dressed for a walk.  Running in the rain in a puffer jacket and hat looked pretty odd I’m sure!

Thurs – 3.1 miles.  Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s the 10th year of running our family Turkey Trot.  Luckily we were all feeling decent enough to run.  My daughter’s fever has ended. Since we were still awaiting the COVID-19 test results for my daughter, we kept our distance from her.

By the time evening rolled around, the test results were in and they were negative. Yeah!  On a side note, the test was a self swab, and they told me it has a 70-85 percent accuracy.   So, not sure how accurate that result is, but I’m thankful she is feeling all better and we will still be avoiding people.  We missed having my parents over, but I want to keep them safe.

It was a bit sad not seeing my daughter for the past week (besides delivering room service to her!). Kinda like what next year will be when she is off at college. 🙁

Fri – 8 miles. I wasn’t planning on running so far, but I was happy my back wasn’t complaining, and I was also having a bit of Facebook drama again.  In celebration of a good run, and to bribe my kids to do housework later (haha!) I treated them to a Starbucks drink.  All freebies of course.  3 more down, 40 more freebies to go!

That night we took a walk downtown to see the lights. So pretty!

On a side note – I got to run in my test Brooks shoes and I’m in love with them.  I noticed my daughter’s new(ish) Brooks shoes had a few tears in the collar.  She’s only had them for two months.  I emailed Brooks about it, and a replacement pair is on the way!  I’m very impressed by their customer service.

Sat – 6.2 miles.  With sun out, the freezing temperature felt really good.  It was a perfect day for a run.  Each day my back is feeling so much better.

Sun – 3.5 miles.  I thought I’d enjoy one of the last “warmer” days on the extended forecast.  We raked leaves and finally hung out the Christmas lights and outdoor decorations.  Maybe going out on the mountain bike trails too! Enjoy the day, because it’s back to work tomorrow!

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Q: Did you do any Black Friday shopping? Physical stores or online?

26 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – a weird week”
  1. I’m glad your daughter is feeling better! I haven’t heard of the self-swab with the low accuracy. But either way at least she is better and it seems like the rest of your family made out ok too!
    Sorry about your back! I got the chance to be a Brooks tester a few years ago. It was fun to try out new shoes!

    1. I know, that seemed pretty low in terms of accuracy! But that’s what she told me. I was concerned the swap wouldn’t go in far enough, but the clinic person was telling her to put it in farther, and then when it was OK. Who knows.
      The shoes I am trying out have really improved in looks. I would not have purchased the previous version because I thought they were ugly. Comfortable, but ugly. This version is really nice looking. I’ll buy a pair for sure! They said Spring of 2022 though. I’ve been waiting forever!

  2. Fingers crossed that everyone stay healthy and feeling good! If not Covid though, I wonder what she had? It seems like other viruses should be minimized with all the precautions…Anyways, glad you could still celebrate and also glad your back is feeling better. Love the sunny pic from your Saturday run in the new Brooks!

    1. I really wonder – her symptoms checked off a lot of them on the COVID list. My husband has been coughing a lot still (up until today), but he has not had a temperature.

  3. Hooray and whew that it wasn’t the COVID. Let’s just call the results accurate since she’s feeling better and the rest of you are OK. What a bummer that you had to wait to run in your new shoes. I was really tempted by the sale on Brooks Launch but I really don’t need new shoes right now, even at that price so I held off. Sigh.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Turkey TrotMy Profile

    1. I did see some good deals on the Launch. That’s what my daughter wears! The pair I am testing say “Cushion” on the inside. So maybe closer to the Ghost in terms of design? I think that is their cushion shoe.

  4. Ugh that sucks about your back strain earlier in the week. I’m glad that it felt better later on in the week so that you could run and test out those Brooks sneakers!

    That’s great that your daughter’s test was negative and that she is feeling better.

  5. I’m a huge fan of Brooks. I tried the Adrenaline in the fall of 2015 and was sold immediately on them. I also was recommended the Ravenna (very similar to the Adrenaline, but more for speed and slightly less supportive)…and I may have ordered some on Black Friday (they were on sale for a killer price) 😉 Glad the C-19 test came back negative for your daughter!!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Thankful, Grateful…and oh so BlessedMy Profile

    1. I’m not sure what model Brooks shoes I would normally run in. I’ve never bought them before, but this pair would definitely sway me to add a pair to my collection! Too bad I can’t get in as a Saucony tester 🙂

  6. Sorry about your back, but it sounds like it’s healing up nicely — as is your daughter, thankfully. My brother had the same thing happen, sort of, his son came home from college & quarantined for 2 weeks but finished right before Thanksgiving, so that went well.

    I definitely fall prey to shopping at this time of year, although I mostly work from a list (unless something too good to pass up falls into my lap). Definitely online. Even in a normal year, I have no desire to step in a mall at this time of year!

    Although trying to figure out sizes online — that can be so tough!

    1. The quarantine was a good way to keep everyone home together 🙂 This is the first year I had no desire to go out Black Friday shopping. Not really because of Covid, but I just can’t think of anything I need! We even bought a newspaper to look at the ads. Nothing piqued my interest. Well, except for the Athleta sale which was online. I may have helped my husband buy my xmas gift. LOL!!

  7. So glad that your daughter is feeling better. Better to be safe than sorry for sure. I do think the self swabs are not as accurate. I am a huge Brooks fan and currently run in the Glycerins which I love. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and have a great week

    1. Hmmm, Glycerins are also “cushion”. It’s interesting that Brooks does not provide any information about the shoe (heel toe drop, stability, cushion, etc). The shoe just arrives, so I really don’t know what line it’s from. I didn’t even realize they had self swab tests until I called for an appointment!

  8. Good news about the negative test results. My family was not as lucky.

    Looking forward to this being over and nejj in FB able to see family and friends normally.

    At least we have our running to keep us sane.

    1. So sorry about COVID in the family. Luckily the sickness was really just a big inconvenience at our house, for which I am thankful. Hopefully the vaccine will come soon and help us all out!

  9. Glad everyone including you is feeling better now, and I do love your daughter’s window seat and am jealous of that! A good week running considering the back strain!

  10. I’m so glad your daughter was negative and is feeling better, and I’m sorry about your back! That stinks!

    Love all your downtown lights. We are going to start venturing out to see ours in drive-through type scenarios. We need the holiday spirit.

    1. Our downtown buildings are usually decorated with a lot more lights. I’m not sure if we were just too early for that, or what. I hope they are still going to put them up. Our neighborhood lights are out in full force too thanks to the good weather recently and everyone’s need for some holiday cheer.

  11. That is great news about your daughter! So happy about it and that she is feeling better.

    I am sorry to hear about your back but glad you are feeling better. Take care of yourself. A back pain or injury is not fun at all.

    1. Back pain is awful! Nothing like a twinge in your back to make you feel really, really old!! I still don’t know if she just had a flu or what. That high temperature was odd.

  12. So glad your daughter is feeling better! It seems like Covid is closing in on everyone lately. Yikes. I feel you on moving the planter. I tried to do the same thing in spring but made the hubby put it back in this fall. They are heavy suckers. Thank heavens you didn’t do something serious to your back. You’re so funny with those freebies. I just used some that were expiring soon. My Starbucks habit has been a casualty of the pandemic.

    1. The free Starbucks drinks have been interesting. I think I enjoyed them more when they were a rare treat instead of a weekly thing! It made them more special, you know? I still consider them a reward for a good workout, so try to tie them into something with a good sweat.

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