Happy Independence Day! Each year we make a bucket list of summer things to do. A lot of them are repeats every year, but they are all a lot of fun. This week we did a few things on the list, and had a really great week. My family often jokes that I schedule too much stuff for them, and maybe I do, but I think we all end having a great time 😉. This week I racked up more miles on my bike (130!) and running (a few days, 18 miles total). Little by little the sports hernia is recovering.

A quick recap of the trip to Ray’s Mountain Bike Indoor park on Sunday evening: so much fun!!  Once again, we had a great time at the bike park.  Too bad this place is a 2 hour drive or we would be there more often.  Unfortunately the place isn’t air conditioned because it’s in a huge old warehouse, so it was hot in there.  Well, not bad when we were moving, but as soon as we stopped the sweat was dripping!  Still, a ton of fun, but we were all wiped out when we left.  

Mon – 3 miles running.  Yep, a 5K for Monday!  It’s my run day again.  I went for another cautious run. This time felt different than my last two test runs, in a good way!  I decided to up the mileage to 3 miles this time. Even though I still felt “something”, the uncomfortableness of it has decreased and I probably could have run for 5 miles!  But, I’m taking it easy, so 3 miles is good enough.  It was a sweatfest.  Combined with the broken AC at our house, made for a messy looking me at work!

Tues – Double day!  AM ride: 16 miles. I was thrilled with this ride because my average pace was 16.8 mph and I wasn’t even pushing it hard (nor was I in a group, in the wind, or riding on hills).  Yeah!

PT appointmentUgh.  My therapist really dug into me and released my muscles. I swear he said “oh, you’re tight here!” about every part of my body.  I was cringing in pain for most of the visit.  As an example, he was digging his elbow into my butt to relax my piriformis.  OUCH!!  Not sure how I survived this visit, but I did get some more stretches and some strengthening exercises as my homework.

PM ride, 14 miles.  Ladie’s Ride Night!  Rain was in the forecast, so not many people showed up.  Due to the small size we just had one group of riders instead of three.  It was leisurely paced, 13.4 mph.  And, someone got a flat so it turned into a tire changing clinic too!  I have never changed a flat so I was glad to see how easy the process was.

Weds – 5 miles, running. YES, 5 miles!  Things felt really improved for my sports hernia. I still feel “something”, but not much.  I’m still not ready to run fast, but at a conversational pace things felt good. It was super humid and I felt out of shape, but it felt oh so wonderful. You know what I mean, right?

Thurs – 40 miles, biking.  I went in late to work today, so I took advantage of the early hours.  I started my ride at 6am, and came back 2 hrs 23 mins later!  I was going to be out for only 2 hours, but when I saw 34 miles on my watch as I neared my neighborhood, I said “screw it, I’m going for 40 miles!”  Hey, my job can wait. Haha!  

I know this is “first world problems”, but I rewarded myself with a Starbucks (of course).  Well, last week they told me they ran out of tall straws and were using paper straws.  Apparently that is still the case and my straw fell into my cup.  Ugh.  I was quite thirsty after that ride and sadly I had to look at my drink as I drove 20 mins to work.  Whomp whomp.  And another thing, where the heck was that “extra drizzle” I ordered??  Disappointment from Starbucks today.

Fri – 6 miles running.  My longest run yet after my injury.  It still feels a little different, and like there is something there, but not pain.  There were a few times I stopped and I thought for sure I would feel pain when I started back up, but nope, nothing. So that’s great news.  Also, this run was a bit faster (unintentionally) because I was wearing my favorite Endorphins.

Next, we had a great Friday planned.  First stop, Put-In-Bay!  It’s a small island in Lake Erie.  Known to be a party place with several fun bars, it’s also a family friendly location during the day.  We rented a golf cart and went all over the island.  Ate pizza, ice cream and explored.  Also, a tough game of mini golf!

After our day of exploring, we headed over to Cedar Point.  We were just in time for dinner and to ride a few rides before their new parade started.  The parade is for their 150th year anniversary, which was postponed from last year.  A really great parade!  I thought it was “Disney” quality!

Sat – 20 miles biking.  I am super happy with this ride.  I kept my watch face set to my pace, and I was able to get 17.6 mph average on this one.  Yay!  I am getting much stronger on the bike with all of these miles.  Or maybe it was my new cycling jersey 😉

Sun – 4 miles running, 40 miles biking. See a theme here? Happy 4th of July!! The run was tough – hot and sweaty, tired legs, and a minor feeling of discomfort. It wouldn’t be the 4th of July if it wasn’t hotter than the sun, right? 😉 It didn’t help that I was trying out my vest again.

Then it was out on the bike for a long ride. 40 miles, 16.3 average mph. The great thing about being a “newer” cyclist – I get lots of segment PRs and accomplishments on Strava every ride. Yay!! (Max speed of 28.5 mph, speedy!)

Finally, big kudos to my husband this week – the air conditioning stopped working. Within one day he took the thing apart, figured out what was wrong, and fixed it for $30!! Hooray for a handy hubby!!!

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Q: If you’ve been to Disney, what is your favorite park?

It’s hard to choose, but I think it’s the Magic Kingdom. I went there several times as a kid and have fond memories of the lights at night 🙂

Q: Did you go see any fireworks or fire off your own?

We are going to a display tonight. And, this year we really went all out – spent $50 at the fireworks store LOL! For me, that’s a big deal!!

28 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – summer bucket list”
  1. We opted out of fireworks this year at my husband’s family cabin as they just go on so late into the evening and I just wanted to relax and sleep earlier than that. So lame, ha!

    yay for getting back to running! I hope the hernia is behind you. Fingers crossed!

  2. Glad you are able to run more and are feeling pretty good! I’ve only been to a few Disney parks. I really like Magic Kingdom and Epcot. My husband and I went by ourselves and drank around the world…that was alot of fun!

    1. Drinking around the world sounds fun! We went to Disney several times with our kids and then we switched over to Universal. Universal had more roller coasters. I do hope to get back to Disney again though. They have fun water parks too!

  3. YAY! So happy you are running again! Just out of curiosity, has anyone told you what the possible cause of that injury was? What do your PT exercises consist of?
    You and your family definitely do a lot of fun things! I’m feeling a little guilty, but next week we’re going on a family vacation- hopefully we can survive the togetherness.
    Happy 4th!

    1. I know you will be shocked, but it’s an overuse injury which has something to do with lacking power in the glutes and hips (isn’t it always??). First I did stretches for the area (hip flexor, butterfly stretches) including my quads and calves. Then he added in strengthening exercises like bridges, clamshells and leg raises). They seem a bit “easy”, but it’s something.
      Hooray for your upcoming vacation!!

      1. Yes, what is it with these weak glutes??? I thought I was doing adequate strength training but I guess not. I agree, the bridges, clamshells and leg raises seem kind of easy (and boring) but I think I was neglecting certain areas while over-strengthening others. Anyway, glad you’re getting better!

  4. Hooray for feeling better! I’m glad to hear it and I sure get it!!!

    We had our own fireworks last night at the lake; the neighbors all put on some shows too. One of them had professional fireworks and it was amazing!

    1. That’s fun! Some neighbors had a small show yesterday. We laughed about our purchase because the people before us bought $1,500 worth of fireworks! I’m sure it will be a good show with that much $$.

  5. Glad to hear the hernia is feeling so much better! Yay for more running, and ALL that biking!!! Gosh, just think how much fun we’d have if we lived near each other 😉 Cedar Point still has not happened for us, though we always meant to get there when we were living in Michigan. ((sigh)) Maybe someday. We’ve been to Disney numerous times, probably Magic Kingdom is my favorite but Epcot definitely has so many neat features as well.

    1. Epcot is pretty cool. A lot of interesting things there. The hernia is feeling improved, but there is still something lurking. I hope it’s just a matter of time and rest.

  6. Glad the hernia is feeling better and you are increasing your mileage.
    About hernia I learned another important lesson: as I told you you I got a surgery to solve the situation but It happened because despite a light pain I ran 15 hilly km! No more big efforts when I have a pain even if light.
    I went to Disney 21 years ago with my family. a beautiful trip!

  7. We DID have some fireworks around here – but it was because of the European Football Championships! Well done on your good work this week. And yes, I remember the elbow vs piriformis thing from when I experienced that in Jan 2018!!

    1. I cringe when my PT even gets close to my legs with “the stick”. It’s horrible!!! I’m really starting to dislike my visits because of those manipulations for sure. 🙁

  8. Yay. Glad to hear that you are back to running and pain free. I remember those Pt appts. The ones that hurt the most helped the most.

    I wish I liked biking more. Your rides look fun.

    I liked Epcot and Universal the best.

    I ran a race yesterday and my town had fireworks in the park which I went to.

    1. Well I sure hope the PT manipulations are benefitting me. So uncomfortable!!! I’m supposed to be using the Stick and Theragun massager on my legs, but NOPE, I just can’t do that!! I guess I’m just a whimp when it comes to the pain involved.

  9. Hooray for a runs that are returning to somewhat normal!

    Sounds like you did so many fun things this week — nice!

    Yesterday was a day for visiting with family with me, and I was pooped by the time we got home. We stopped going to fireworks when we got dogs, anyway.

    1. My running is slowing coming back I guess. Not a whole lot of progress lately. I’ll be on vacation soon and running probably won’t be happening, – so maybe that’s a break that will help out a lot. Fingers crossed!

  10. What a busy week for you – I’m always surprised at how much you’re able to pack into just a week! Also, hooray for feeling better – that’s great!

    I love the idea of a summer bucket list. I’ve never done one before but maybe this summer is a good time to start one 🙂

  11. So… i have friends that were just up at Cedar Point and Put-In-Bay! What a funny coincidence!

    I’ve been kind of dragging my feet on making summer plans because the weather has been awful. However, it might be time.

    Great workouts for you! Nice work!
    Jenn recently posted…week 27: 4th of july holiday weekMy Profile

    1. I saw several friends that were at Put In Bay or Cedar Point at the same time. It was the place to be! It was great weather for it. I hope you are safe there in Florida!

  12. 17.6 mph, holy moly that’s fast! I usually ride through a park with a short gravel trail and have to be so careful riding across it on my road bike that it slows me down a lot – at least that’s the story I’m going with! LOL

    There’s a Thursday night women’s gravel ride that I might join once my shoulder heals. The other women’s evening rides (road) aren’t that close to me…
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…2021 Firecracker 5K Race RecapMy Profile

    1. Our bikes are completely different for sure! Especially the terrain you are riding on! We have group rides around here every night of the week. It’s a fun community that I never even knew existed, but I’m so glad I discovered it!

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