Miles run this week, 40!  I’m training for the Glass City Marathon on April 23rd.  We saw some warmer temps this week (57 degrees!). It’s funny how we think a sunny 42 degree day is spring around here! The parks were busy and everyone was out shopping (parking lots were full!). This week involved some shorter runs, but some speedwork in the long run.

Mon – 3 easy miles, treadmill.

Tues – 7 easy miles, treadmill.  Gym visit on my lunch hour.

Weds – Rest day! 

Thurs – 10 easy miles.  The weather was nice and the snow is melting everywhere.  Feels like 41 degrees and that means here in Ohio we are getting rid of the jackets!  I thought I would need a jacket because it was going to rain, but I totally missed the rain until the last half mile.  Winning!

I went to see 80 for Brady with my Mom. It was a pretty good movie.  I was the youngest one there for the noon show 🙂 

Fri – 3.5 easy miles.  I kind of had a crazy color scheme going on today!  It felt a bit like spring so I wore my floral tights. Actually, it smelled like earthworms every where I went! Ewwww. I guess that’s practically spring. I followed it up with another trip to the gym.

At night we went to the high school basketball game. We had never been, and since the pep band was playing, it was a good excuse to go. Our team won. They are having a great season!

Sat – 16 miles, 10+ miles at race pace.  A little colder this morning, feels like 21 degrees.  I am super happy how this long run turned out!  My target pace for the marathon is around 9:05.  The mid 10 miles of this run was supposed to be race pace, but when I started those miles I was hitting right under 9:00 miles, so I decided to just go with that! It felt good.  When I was about 2 miles from home I saw an animal on the path.  It was a super friendly kitty who wanted to be petted!  What a cutie!  She definitely was not a wild cat.  She was well fed and healthy.  Just out enjoying the sunshine and looking for runners I guess!

Speaking of runners, my route led me right into the oncoming groups of runners from the Dave’s MIT group (which I am a sub coach for).  I got a lot of shoutouts –  “Hi Lisa” – as I ran past everyone.  How fun to see everyone!

Sun – Rest day! Might go rock climbing again today. And we’ll be watching the Super Bowl. Confession: I did have to Google who was playing, but I will be enjoying the commercials and the half time show in between the football playing. haha! Maybe I can catch the Puppy Bowl too. So cute.

We got some conversation hearts for Valentines day. I was both inspired, and confused. Hmmmm. Who writes these things??

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Q: Do you get Valentine’s Day candy?

31 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – a winner!”
  1. You had an amazing week of training! Nice workouts! I bet you were the youngest person at that movie. Was it as bad as it looks? Haven’t had those hearts in a while but those are interesting phrases! I’d stick with the “goals”

    1. The movie wasn’t too bad – but as always it seems like they already showed a lot of the funny parts in the trailer. My mom really enjoyed it because of the actors in it.

  2. Oh gosh, I had forgotten about conversation hearts! I’m not a fan, but I should grab some for the office personnel. Great week of runs and workouts for you! It’s similar in Iowa…the temps pass the 40F-mark, and it feels like early summer, LOL. I have got to get to the Brady movie! IT looks hilarious 😉

    1. The “carbs” conversation heart was the funniest one I saw in the pack. Maybe they asked for some input from runners. 😆
      The plot is a little weak on the movie, but I didn’t go into it expecting much more!

  3. Good job on your long run, Lisa! How fun to have running friends and a kitty cheering you on!

    We didn’t buy any Valentine candy this year. When we do, we get those little red cinnamon candies.

    1. Those cinnamon red hots are intense! I pretty much have no tolerance for hot foods so they are too much for me.
      It was fun to see everyone on my run. Hopefully I’ll get to run with some of them this training cycle too.

  4. Lol on the Googling who is playing. I swear my husband told me and I already forgot. The Super Bowl is really not my thing. Nice job on your long run! And uh, 40 degrees around here you start seeing some people running in shorts and short sleeves. Craziness for me. I will still have my pants, long sleeves, and gloves. I will usually ditch the jacket depending on the wind.

  5. I know who’s playing in the game, but I don’t really care bout it. I don’t like either team. Go puppies!

    Mr PugRunner just brought home a whole bunch of chocolate. For me. Sir. I’m trying to keep the processed food out of the house. I hate getting candy.

    1. Chocolate is my favorite! I don’t like the sweet sticky stuff anymore, but chocolate is a win any day for me. Well, except white chocolate. Not a fan of that!

  6. The Super Bowl is a much bigger deal to me than Valentine’s Day. I did make my daughter some heart-shaped pancakes today, but I’m hoping I can get away with not much else than that!
    Sounds like you had a week with great weather and great runs. Nice job on the long run! That’s a great pace. Maybe the kitty recognized that you’re a cat lover and wanted to come over and say hi.

    1. I made my son pancakes for Valentines Day! I was hoping to make some heart shaped ones but I usually do not make the pancakes (all of my other family members make them!) so I wasn’t sure how thin to make the batter. I went with easy circles instead :). Well I did call to the cat, but it’s kind of rare a cat would come visit and not run away when I see them on the trail! I forgot to mention on the previous run I saw a possum cross the trail. That was a rare sighting too!

  7. I’m not sure I want to see 80 for Brady…it seems kind of cheesy. Maybe when it’s streaming. We actually watched Shotgun Wedding, which was pretty cheesy but it was entertaining! I didn’t mind it at all!

    Great week of training–were those candy hearts in a regular pack or was it for runners? Hilarious!

    1. Shotgun Wedding looks like my kind of movie (and yes, a bit cheesy!). 80 for Brady was predictable and silly, but decently entertaining.
      Those candy hearts were a regular pack from Target. Isn’t that funny!! Carbs?! I mean, I do love them, but who knew. LOL!

  8. Those are some very trendy conversation hearts!

    80 for Brady is getting good reviews as a fun movie. Glad you enjoyed it.

    You got some great runs in this week—congratulations!

    1. I can’t even remember the last time I went to see a movie with my mom prior to 80 for Brady. I should make it a thing. I’m sure my mom enjoyed getting out of the house for something other than doing to a doctor’s appointment!

  9. Carbs? That is both hilarious and also…random (and potentially not a fun conversation topic?!)

    I have zero knowledge of the NFL and only watch the Superbowl because my husband enjoys it (and to see the commercials/halftime show)…even so, I ALWAYS end up on the edge of my seat with heart palpitations. Why? I don’t really care? But something about the hype of the event really gets me riled up and I end up choosing a favourite team (not going to lie: sometimes it’s based on the colour of their jerseys) and it literally starts to feel like it will be the end of the world if my “team” doesn’t win!

    I love that you and your mom went to a movie together! What a fun memory <3

    1. At our house we just said “which team do you want to cheer for?”. I decided to go against the guys choice and picked the Chiefs. So random. Good choice for me!
      I thought it was great seeing all of the EV commercials. When I picked out my EV there were probably half the choices there are now. I’m still very happy with my car though.

  10. Wow convo hearts have come a long way! I guess I haven’t had any in eons and they’ve updated the words. Haha! Sounds like you had some great runs this week! I’m loving this mild weather!

  11. Crazy color schemes are the best
    I want to see 80 for Brady. Glad you had a fun time.
    And yes, totally on “spring”. Last weekend was 46 and fely like spring break

    1. I recommend the movie. It’s a good light, funny movie. I thought it was funny that all shows at our theater were “matinee” priced. They knew their target audience loves a deal!

  12. Yay for warmer weather and melting snow! That’s a very good week of running and especially your Saturday long run. That still feels like a for-the-future dream to me, lol.

    1. After last weeks fail I was very happy to have a good run. Those longer miles are a beast and I still need to get more consistent with them. I’ve got a few more chances to work on it!

  13. Aww, such a sweet kitty!

    We did not watch the Superbowl at all. We rarely do. My husband’s team (MN) is rarely in it, and then if they are, he doesn’t want to jinx them, LOL! And I don’t care. It was a busy day for me yesterday & I was tired anyway.

    Your long run sounds great!

  14. I feel like the Valentine’s Day heart that said CARBS is speaking directly to me, haha.

    Yesterday I watched the Puppy Bowl and the Super Bowl and I most definitely enjoyed the Puppy Bowl more, lol.

  15. aww, what a sweet friendly kitty! Its actually incredibly common for cats to be outdoor cats in London, which is new to me. I would worry so much about them getting hit by a car!

    Way to go on that long run too!

    What do earthworms smell like??

    1. You’re not familiar with that smell when it rains and all of the worms feel the need to crawl across the driveway?? And then they never get across and the birds eat them. Yep, it’s that smell. A bit yucky!! Wet and maybe even smelling like toads 😉

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