This week’s stats as of Sunday  – 14 weeks until Berlin Marathon, 9 weeks post injury… and AGAIN still not running!  Well, ok, there were 4 “runs”, but they just solidified the fact that my leg still hurts and is not cooperating.  I had great hopes, but sadly they were not enough to get me through it.  This week has been ungodly hot and I spent the majority of it sitting outside at my Mom’s garage sale.  If nothing else, I drank 500 gallons of water and probably sweated off 3 pounds, so there’s a silver lining I guess!

Here’s what went down..

Mon – 2 mile treadmill walk.  TV time! A crazy thing happened at my Mom’s house last night. A “downburst” hit her backyard and took down two large trees. Luckily there was no damage to her house or barn/shed. She was so lucky! Dad was watching out for her.

Tues – Today was a well rounded fitness day!  Running, biking, swimming, weights!  I started the week with high hopes.  I ran .6 of a mile. A little joggy jog around the block to see how the leg was feeling.  I think this went pretty good, despite still feeling tightness and slight pain.

I did a quick change in my transition center (the garage!) and finished up my morning with a 12 mile ride.  Summer riding mornings are nice.

For my lunch hour I swam laps in my pool.  I do not consider myself a “swimmer” so 20 mins of laps was just fine for me.  I need to do this more often – a good workout although it’s super boring. My attempt to keep my hair dry with a swim cap was a fail.

My daughter asked if I wanted to go to the gym… at 8pm.  Well sure, let’s do it! 

Weds – 1 mile run.  Juneteenth, a day off!! Since I still had tightness in my tendon I had the brilliant idea that I should stretch it out before I started.  What, stretching??  A novel idea.  It did help! Pushing the limit a little more this morning, but felt it was best to cut it at 1 mile. This was the highlight of my week because we went to the water park!  A perfect way to spend a hot summer day. This was also a little celebration for me because I had tests this morning and got an “all clear” from my 6 month follow up to my breast biopsy. Woohoo!

Thurs – 3 mile run!  That’s right, I decided to try running for a few miles.  But once you’ve gone two miles, maybe it could be three, right?  I was determined to get that 5K distance, so I did.  Afterwards my leg certainly didn’t have that runner’s high – it was feeling all beat up and sore.  Whomp, whomp. (don’t judge me on my outfit… I never got sweaty with that .6 mile run yesterday!)

Garage sale time!! This was more for my Mom, but I did take a carload of stuff there to sell.

Afternoon – 15 mile ride.  It felt like riding on the surface of the sun, but hey, that beats running in the heat!  The exercise was good after a long day of hanging out at the garage sale.

Fri – 13 mile ride.  I’ve been limited on my morning ride time this week due to the garage sale situation, but I did get to ride for almost an hour, which was nice.  

Sat – 1 mile run, 1.5 mile walk.  Not sure why I even tried this run because I didn’t feel like it was going to go well, but  I figured it was worth testing out the waters again.  Still a bit tender to start, seemed mostly ok during the run and even a bit more tender after the run.  Finished up with a walk.  Sigh.  

After another ridiculously hot day at the garage sale I went for a 35 mile ride (because who doesn’t like biking when it’s 90 degrees out??). Luckily the shaded path was nice to block the sun and wind for the majority of the ride. It was slow on the way out, but the way back really flew! Also, I got a new bike jersey, so that always cheers me up. There were a few trees down on the trail from the recent storms.

What else cheers me up? Ice cream of course. It hit the spot on this hot day. You can tell it’s been an extra hot week because I have made no effort to do anything to my hair! 😆

Sun –  The weather might be a little cooler, but windy, so who knows. I know it won’t be running! 😉

So overall it was just a frustrating week.  I do have an appointment to see a physical therapist on Wednesday.  I am very interested in seeing what he has to say!   I will end this post on a good note… we got our official adoption pic from last week. Look at Sam’s face! LOL!!! In his defense, he did just get neutered. Maybe he was mad about that.

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Q: Have you been beating the heat in your area?

19 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – still not yet!”
  1. Yikes on the trees in you Mom’s yard — so glad they weren’t near any structures,

    Sorry you’re still not able to run (much). It’s great that you can do so much biking. I do like your new jersey!

  2. That is scary about the tree falling near your mom’s house! I am sorry to read you are still having pain while running. Keeping in shape with cycling is good and nice when it is so hot. I also forgot how different it was to swim. 20 min is hard and funny how swimming shape is not the same as running or cycling shape.

  3. Move over- I’m joining you on the bench. I also had high hopes for the week, but my calf had other ideas. I’m also super frustrated because I can’t figure out what’s actually WRONG with it (that makes it hard to treat!). Well, we’ve both got other options to stay in shape, but there’s nothing like running. Plus you’ve got a race coming up. I’ll be interested to hear what the PT says. Maybe you’re closer to running than you think- it could be that you’re 90% healed and just need that extra little bit.
    OMG SAM!!!!! I love him so much. That’s what I need- a new kitten to cheer me up!

    1. My little Sammy is a cutie for sure… and a bit of a handful! 😆 I’m so sorry to hear you are having issues. We just don’t have time for this crap!

  4. I hope your PT appointment on Wednesday goes well and you can get some answers about what’s going on and get on the road to recovery (and training) soon.

    Your mom was very lucky indeed that the tree missed all of the structures on her property.

    1. My Mom’s neighborhood has been hit with storms a few days this week now. So crazy! There is a very large oak tree in her yard and that one would have for sure done some big damage if that went down.
      Fingers crossed I get some good info at PT!

  5. I’d probably come close to drowning if I attempted a 20-minute swim. I think I’m in pretty decent “overall” athletic shape, but I know how tough swimming is! It’s a full-body sport! Sorry to hear the leg Id still being so grumpy…I hope that improves for you.

    1. Swimming is tough! I suppose it might be easier if I had some lessons. Hopefully I’ll get some guidance on what might help me recovery and strengthen at my PT appointment.

  6. I’m so sorry that you are still struggling with injury. I’m curious to hear what your PT says. Fingers crossed it’s an easy fix. If I know you, you’ll be lining up at Berlin and crushing it!

    Sam looks like he has a cute little personality!

  7. Sad to hear the news about your leg. Hope PT helps.

    It has been really hot here too.

    Sam is cute. Congrats.

    1. Of course it has to be super hot when we are stuck in the garage. Ugh! It was a successful sale for my Mom so that was good. And we got to talk to a lot of the neighbors, so that was fun. But the sweaty heat… no thanks!

  8. I am so sorry you’re still dealing with your leg – do you think Berlin is out completely? I am glad you’re going to see a PT again to see if that helps. I feel so lucky that I haven’t had to deal with injuries at all (yet). It sounds so very frustrating.
    Ice cream always cheers me up too 🙂 and your new kitten! So cute!
    San recently posted…2024 Weekly Run Down 25/52 – Deload weekMy Profile

    1. Berlin is still a go. Unless I can’t manage a 14:00 min mile somehow. I will be walking it if necessary! I think 8 weeks before the race will be my personal deadline to make a decision. Either way, I’m still making the trip and will cheer on my husband.

  9. Oh my goodness, kitty’s face is hilarious! Warm here and my knee decided to go weird on Thursday though seems OK now. But now I don’t trust it.

  10. Omg Sam could not be cuter! Sorry you’re still dealing with injury. It’s so frustrating. We have some large trees down in our neighborhood as well. The storms have been scary lately. Swimming is a great way to beat the heat. Good on you for doing some laps. I like your natural hair!

  11. I don’t want to talk about the heat. That being said, I love your curls.
    And , not to be dramatic, but I would do anything for Sam. He’s the freaking cutest thing.
    I’m so sorry there’s not much running. I hate that for you. I can’t imagine how hard that is for you right now.
    Your mom’s trees! Yikes! I don’t think I’ve been through a downburst, and I’m fine keeping it that way.

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