This week’s stats, as of Sunday – 15 weeks until Berlin Marathon, 8 weeks post injury… and still no running!  These numbers are not looking great.  But I’m still hopeful and keeping busy.  My attempt to try running this week was a fail, so I kept busy with lots of walking and of course cycling.  I biked 100 miles again this week, which was actually surprising because I had a full week of work.  I typically work 3 days a week, but I had to work 5 days and it was quite an adjustment!  I did enjoy the sunny hot weather, and used our pool.  Biking is enjoyable when it’s hot, so no complaints from me!  I hope all the Dads out there had a great Father’s Day.  We need to celebrate all that they do! I did miss my Dad a lot this year.  Still hard to believe he is gone.  

Mon – With 16 weeks (well, now 15 weeks) until the Berlin Marathon I decided that it’s time to start my PT exercises.  I didn’t see a physical therapist, but got some exercises from my sports doctor. My Dr said it’s probably my semimembranosus (that’s a new word for me!) so I have eccentric hamstring exercises to build up my strength. The exercises do not work on the muscle/tendon that is causing me pain directly but rather work on the upper hamstring area.  I only did a one or two sets of most of the exercises to ease into it, and YIKES, my hammies and glutes were feeling it immediately after the workout.  I didn’t expect that!   I followed up with 1.5 mile treadmill walk.

Tues – ½ mile RUNNING!  Yep, a run!  It’s been a “couple of weeks” since my Dr appointment, and he said to try running again.  Today was the day.  The weather was 50 (a tad chilly for jogging, but beautiful for running) and it was sunny.  I jogged very conservatively and decided that a half mile was a good enough test.  It didn’t really hurt, but it felt tight like there was a knot in the area.  I think it is progress!  Did I fear I would trip and rip that muscle right off my leg?  Yes I did, so there’s that.  But overall this is progress.  The course limit for Berlin is 6:15.  So if I run faster than 13:45 I could get in under 6 hours.  That sounds like a plan for now!  Today’s pace was 12:27, and I did not feel any DOMS from yesterday’s PT exercises.

2.25 mile lunch walk with Mom at the park.   

Ladies Ride Night!  I biked to and from the event (12.5 miles), with the group (17 miles) for a total of almost 30 miles.  

Weds –  Treadmill walk, 2 miles.  TV time and PT exercises.  In the evening I met up with some She Runs This Town friends, but thankfully this was a Walk & Wine night!  No running was done, but we did walk 2.5 miles before we enjoyed some delish food and drinks.  

Thurs – Treadmill walk in the morning, and PT exercises again. I got my bird back from the glass studio. I love how it turned out!! Mine is the first picture with the “party colors”. My daughter picked blue and purple. I think they both turned out great.

Fri – 1 mile RUNNING, 2 miles walking.  I was feeling quite positive that running would be good today.  I felt barely anything as I got out of bed.  But, when I ran my muscle was still tight and after I finished one mile my leg was complaining.  Just for fun I will try run/walk next time to see if that makes a difference, although I doubt it will. Time to wait a few more days until it’s feeling all better again!

Another 2 mile walk with Mom at lunch time.  13 mile bike ride with my husband after work.  TGIF!

Sat – 30 miles biking.  I needed to get out and do a long ride since I’m not running, so I headed out into the country for this one. Highlight of this ride was that I averaged 16.1 mph!  I’m very happy with that accomplishment since this was a solo ride.  Much easier to get those numbers when I’m riding in a group.

2.25 miles walking.  It was such beautiful weather I couldn’t resist another walk in the evening.

Sun – Happy Father’s Day!! 16 miles biking – we had a fun Father’s Day celebration, suggested by my husband.  We biked to a diner and enjoyed a delicious breakfast.  Round trip was 16 miles.  This was my daughter’s longest ride so far and a hilly route, so kudos to her.  Although she did claim her legs were going to fall off as we went up the hills. We had a steak dinner and played board games in the evening. Quite a wonderful family day!

And what’s a person to do when their weekly cycling miles are 89?… well, go for another ride until you hit 100 of course!  I rode another 13 miles in the afternoon, which felt like I was riding on the sun due to the 90 degree temps.  Phew!  Weekly total = 102 miles.

That’s a wrap on another busy week. I look forward to working an extra short week due to Juneteenth! Here is how Sam and Luna are getting along lately. It’s progress!!

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Q: Will you get the day off work for Juneteenth?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – too busy!”
  1. Sorry to read you are still having lots of hamstring issues. Can you do Prolo therapy or anything like that? It is great that you can bike so much to keep up your fitness. Hope you have a good week

    1. I’ve never had any shots for my injuries, Cortisone included. For whatever reason that is never mentioned by my Dr! I might need to start some research on that though if things don’t improve. Although I cringe thinking about getting a shot there 😬

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your hamstring — even if it’s a different issue than I had, those exercises sound familiar. My PT did suggest run/walk intervals to moderate the load, so it might be worth a try.

    It’s great that you were able to do all that cycling. I only manage to get on my bike on weekends.

    1. I will definitely try the run /walk intervals on my next attempt! I know it gets said a lot, but for real, my only goal for Berlin is to get to the finish line so I’m up for any sort of forward motion! And a long slow tour of Berlin wouldn’t be bad at all.

  3. Hey, we had similar biking miles! I agree that biking in the heat is pretty bearable (in the rain, not so much LOL). I hope the cranky leg will start to feel better as the running returns. Those glass birds are beautiful! Well done!

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