Another day, another 2 hour school delay for the kids.  Those lucky kids!!  Since the school delay caused a change in plans, no gym day for me today.  But hey, you always have 8 mins for abs, right?  When I need a quick workout this is the one I always do.  Not only is it fun to watch because of the big hair and white shoes, but it really is a hard, quick workout.  My abs are always in some [good] pain when I get done with this.   If you’ve never done this one – do it now!!

Today was a rest day, so no running for me.  But I did enter my miles in my log and took a look at my log.  My training is coming along nicely, which I think shows on the graph.  It should be a good mix off all of the different types of runs.  This week my long run will hit the top of the chart.  Woo!!!


For lunch I had this awesome salad.  The dressing was three cheese ranch.  So good!!

2015-02-04 13.42.25

It started snowing again in the middle of the afternoon and by 4:50 my boss told everyone to go home because the roads were pretty slippery.  Sure enough, at the first intersection I reached, it was a red light and my brakes were worthless.  I was the first one to the light and my car slid almost into the middle of the intersection!  I’m glad there was no one in front of me, but the cars making a left turn just started coming towards me.  I was really afraid I was going to get hit!!  Luckily I did finally stop and no collision happened.  WHEW!

This was my view when I got into my neighborhood.  At this rate I’m thinking it will be another 2 hour school delay tomorrow, if not a closure!

2015-02-04 17.05.53

Here’s my random thought of the day – if I could only choose one, would it be running or skiing??  I think it would be skiing for me.  It’s a great sport I can do with the whole family.  Love the snow, love the adventure, the apres ski fun, and the travel!  Unfortunately I could only ski during the winter,  so I guess I would be bummed out during the summer 🙂

Q:  How about you, running or another sport?


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