After patiently waiting for weeks, our garden is starting to generate some veggies!  So far it’s been a couple small tomatoes (which BTW, hard to feed a family of four on two cherry tomatoes!).  Today though, we got our first zucchini!


As expected, our garden grew  out of control because I planted too many plants in it.  The cucumbers were supposed to grow up a trellis, but I didn’t read that before I bought them, so they are just sprawling all over the sides of the garden and grabbing hold of anything they can get their tendrils on.


The watermelons are tiny, but oh so cute!!  Just like our new kitten 🙂  I hope we get more than one watermelon ripe at the same time so we don’t have to fight over it!


The tomatoes are struggling for sunlight, but there are a lot of them out there!


The zucchini are the big boys of the garden and I choose them because I figured they would produce the most veggies – a sense of accomplishment!  But here’s the thing, I think I’ve only bought one before in my life and now I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them!

I’ll make zucchini bread, that is a given.  We’ll also grill some up on skewers as kabobs.  But beyond that, what should I do with them?  I mean, outside of taking them to work and leaving them on coworkers desks 🙂

One more yard shot… look at this beautiful sunflower that greets me every  morning when I look out my kitchen window!  Perfection.



One question only: Help, please give me some recipes and ideas on what to do with my zucchinis!!

8 thoughts on “Garden update – help me with my zucchini!”
  1. You got a new kitten?!? I need to read more about this!
    Your garden looks so cool! I would LOVE to have a veggie garden one day! Curtis recently made one at his place too!
    When I was living in a yoga community we ate heaps of fresh zucchini from the garden- we baked it in muffins, sliced it up and baked it with other veggies, and spiralised it to go in salad. I really liked it spiralised so I would totally recommend doing that if you have a spiraliser!
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with getting back on the pranayama ponyMy Profile

    1. Oh yes, our little kitty Luna! I need to post another picture of her. She is so sweet. Only problem is that black cats are very hard to photograph! They just look like two eyeballs and a tail 🙂
      Thumbs up on your spiraliser recommendation. I got one last night and we thought the “zoodles” were pretty tasty. Well, except Alan. He is still suspicious of the zucchini. But don’t worry, I’ll convert him!

  2. HI!! Oh my goodness, I am trying to catch up…. GIRL, it has been crazy busy and just simply crazy all together!!!

    Anyway, YAY on the garden success!!!! Looks AWESOME!!!! Listen we always grow Zucchini and Squash… my husband who is a grill master usually will slice them up, add extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and wrap in Reynolds wrap foil and place on the grill… stirring occasionally. IT IS SO YUMMY!!!! Plus, for more ides, pinterest is always my go to!!! :):):)

    Well, have to get ready for work. Will catch up on your other blog postings soon…. finally life is getting a bit less crazy… but still no time to relax as of yet!!! Heck, I haven’t even posted to my own blog lately.

    1. The grilling recipe sounds great! We will have to give that one a try. Yummmmm
      Summer is crazy busy! Mostly because my kids stay up later and that only leaves me about an hour of “free” time to myself to get stuff done. Not enough time!
      I’ll be looking forward to hearing from your blog in the near future 🙂

  3. You are going to make me build another garden box next year aren’t you? Just for the zucchini. Or….they might have an unfortunate encounter with the trimmer while mowing the grass. Wait, I should have said that should I?

    1. Oh yes, I get daily updates on the garden when I get home from work. How many tomatoes are almost ripe, which zucchini should get picked and how big the watermelon are! It’s been quite educational for them.

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