So, I’m guessing you all know we’ve got kittens at our house.  Lots and lots of kittens!


You may wonder what it’s like to have 7 of God’s cutest animals in our house.  Well, it’s quite interesting!!  You may remember we started with 3 foster kittens in the Spring.  No problem, totally manageable!  After they went back we got a single kitten.  What fun to have just one kitten!  After he went back, we saw there was another group of 6 that needed a home for a month.  Sure, why not!  When we stopped at the Humane Society, the litter of 6 were gone… but they had a litter of 7 in need!  Oh sure, what’s one more kitten in the grand scheme of things!  We got 3 black ones, 3 tigers and 1 gray one.

These kittens are heart melting cute.  And they are also all full of tiny little claws!  They scratch and climb up everything in sight!  Our sunroom, where they live, is all covered in blankets.  But that’s really the only way to keep them from scratching things.  Because to a kitten, everything looks like a scratching post!  Including your legs.

2016-10-01 12.40.18

We have kittens in plants.

2016-10-05 17.25.15

We have kittens in boxes.

2016-10-05 17.26.51

We have kittens biting toes (and fingers, and noses!).

2016-10-05 17.25.44
We have kittens biting each other.

2016-10-05 17.31.07

And we also have kittens for scarves.

2016-09-29 17.45.50 2016-10-03 20.46.24

We have a mass exodus each morning when we let them out of their large “cage” which keeps them out of trouble all night.  OMG, it’s the best when they get out in the morning!!

We also have a very hard time getting them all gathered together for a picture 🙂

2016-10-13 08.29.01

It’s funny because it’s very much like having human babies – they sleep for a long time (all together, soooooo cute), they eat a lot, and then they are in a crazy active mode!  Above all, it’s a super rewarding job to be a foster parent to kittens.  It is a bit sad when they go, but it’s also heart warming to know they will soon be with a forever family and that we made a huge difference in their lives.


Q:  Have you ever had a kitten, or puppy?

Q:  What would be your limit of kittens to foster?  1, 3, more??

There was a litter of 11 kittens (!!!) available too.  We had to say No to that craziness! 🙁

7 thoughts on “Kittens!! 7 of them!”
  1. Had a gray Russian cat years ago that was more like a dog than a cat. Ex-wife got custody of the cat so I got a black Lab. Had him for 13 years. He died under the kitchen table while I was out for a run. That was 3 years ago and I just can’t bring myself to get another.

    1. You wouldn’t be jealous at litter cleaning time! Which actually is quite comical- within 5 seconds of cleaning the litter box at least one of them has to jump right back in and get it dirty again! I think it’s an honor to be the first one.

  2. I’m actually surprised that taking care of 7 isn’t much more work than 2-3. I could keep them all, but then we would be “that crazy cat family”.


    I would absolutely love to foster kittens but Cecil doesn’t do well with other cats. He’s super alpha and even when we have my mom’s cat stay with us when she’s on vacation it is an interesting experience for us all! We actually have her cat with us right now and there’s a lot of chasing, fighting and general unhappiness (except when they are sleeping in the tree together haha)!
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