Our local art museum, the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA), has late hours on Friday nights.  They often have bands, entertainment and special exhibits on those nights.  It’s free.  It’s indoors.  We get out of the house…  let’s go!!

We went to TMA to explore the collection and also to see a very special item on display – Plexus No. 35!


To only get one picture of this awesome piece would not do it justice, so here they are!!….

IMG_4118 IMG_4117

This piece was made up of miles and miles of string.  We were there at night, but it does sit underneath a skylight so it gets a beautiful glow during a sunny day.


(picture borrowed from here)

You can see the other Plexus installations on Gabriel Dawe’s website.  I’m thinking maybe we could get one for the sunroom in our house!  It certainly would brighten up any dull day.

Not to take the attention away from the other works of art, there were still our favorites on display too…

Sydney took this picture. Apparently she still wants a horse!
Feeling overwhelmed by your training cycle?? hahaha


And my favorite – the Monet’s!  Claude Monet is my favorite artist and love the impressionism style of art.  We have a print of this painting in our house!

Antibes – by Monet
Water Lilies, also Monet

I really need to spend a few more days exploring TMA at a leisurely pace.  So many great pieces of art, but the most interesting part are the stories and background on the pieces of art and their artists.  They even have audio tours you can listen to as you walk around.  Heck, if you are in town for the Glass City Marathon race weekend, I suggest it as a destination when you want a little bit of walking, but not TOO much before/after your big race!  They have handy little stools and benches all over to rest on 🙂


Q:  Do you visit the art museum often?

Q:  Do you have a favorite artist or style?

Q: Do you consider yourself artistic?  

I don’t really – I can copy things I see on Pinterest, etc, but in terms of creating them on my own, not really.  But I am going to a Paint Night soon, so we’ll see if that sparks something in me!!

… Q: Have you ever been to a Paint Night??



2 thoughts on “Weekend festivities – TMA style”
  1. Wow! Beautiful pieces. Art is one thing I am not that into… I do appreciate it though because I am NOT artistic AT ALL. I can’t “create” if that makes sense. One type of art I do enjoy are pieces that make a STATEMENT about something, if that makes sense?
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