Here’s the aftermath of Mohican Trail marathon for me…

  1.  A big blister under my big toenail.  Not a blood blister, just regular clear fluid.  I smacked my toe one too many times on the rocks!  I keep draining it, but still not sure if I’ll be losing it or not.  I tried poking a hole through it with hot paperclip, but nothing really drained and the pressure is still there.  So boo to that!!!
  2. A raging case of POISON IVY RASH.  Oh yes, my arch enemy the poison ivy.  To keep it to a minimum graphic description, I’ll just describe it as “large and oozing”.  Remember I said “I’ll take my chances” about wearing the compression sleeves?  Turned out that might not have even mattered because the rash is across my lower back, and up my side.  No spots on my legs at all!!  I have no idea why I get the rash in odd places like that.  I NEVER exposed those parts of my body to the wilderness.  Heck, I didn’t even GO to the bathroom once in that entire marathon!

In case you missed it, you can see my full race recap here!

Before the race we went to pre-race Q & A meeting.  It was really geared for the “important” 50 & 100 mile runners instead of the marathon runners, but it’s a fun gathering, and it’s a must that I arrived there early to get a race shirt that fit correctly.

IMG_1139 IMG_1137

…and did I mention there was free beer from Great Lakes Brewery??  Why yes, I will have 2 or 3!


Here’s a fun story about that night before the race… we went to visit our friends in the neighboring campground.  When it was time to go home, we tried a path in the woods between the two campgrounds.  The challenging part was that we had rode our bikes, and it was pitch dark out.  Luckily I had my iPhone as our guiding light.   As I was walking my bike through the hilly single track path, I turned around to catch a glimpse of Alan flying down the trail on his bike, missing the turn, and landing head over feet in the bushes!!  Luckily the worst that happened was a scraped knee.  Apparently all of those free beers made him think riding his bike was a good idea 🙂


During the race we found a few special things in the trees – some gnomes!  Alan could not resist touching them.  My favorite is the dinosaur eating the gnome.


Guess what – Mohican still gives out “normal” size race medals!  Medals are getting so big and blingy these days, and although that is cool, some good old fashion “regular” size ones are pretty great too.  I didn’t even realize that we were going to get medals because I had never seen anyone finish other than the 100 milers – who got belt buckles!


And the night after the race – I had vivid dreams of continuously running through the woods on the trails!  I felt like I hadn’t slept at all because I couldn’t get that image out of my mind!  You’d think I would have been much more tired after the race.

On the way home from the camping weekend, Alan and I treated ourselves to some huge ice cream cones.  I rarely say things like this – but those were actually too much ice cream!!  But they were good.


All in all, it was a very fun “adult” weekend.  My parents were supposed to be camping with us, to watch the kids, but my Dad had another knee surgery so the kids didn’t come with us.  My Dad is recovering from this surgery pretty good so far, although he has to wear a brace and can’t bend his knee for 6 weeks!  That’s a long time to be doing nothing in the summer.


Q:  Have you ever had to wear a brace, or cast?

Worn a boot for a stress fracture, but have never broken anything else.

Q:  Are you allergic to poison ivy?

I catch it every time the wind blows the wrong way!!

Q:  How’s your toenail count this summer – are you sporting all of them??

12 thoughts on “Some more Mohican Trail marathon talk!”
  1. I have never been in a cast (yet), but I have been in the boot twice for stress fractures and broke my shoulder while training for Boston in 2015. I was born in Georgia where poison ivy is everywhere and I do recall every now and then getting a mild case but mother would smear some kind of pink lotion (Calamine?) on it and it would clear up. I have all my toenails but they look terrible from damage inflicted over the years. I keep telling myself I should just go get them removed and start over, but it doesn’t sound like fun.

    1. I was pretty bummed out that poking a hole with a hot paperclip did not relieve the pressure under my toenail. I mean, it took me long enough to get brave enough to do it, and then it was anti climatic! I do have a Dr check up on Friday, so I’ll get some insight from him hopefully.

  2. I used to work for Great Lakes Brewery as a brand ambassador in the Toledo/Sandusky area…talk about a terrible job 😉 Free beer and swag…it was horrible! Probably why my wife called it a “jobby” (job/hobby). Worst extra income ever!

    Not running related but broke my left arm by the wrist as a kid, had to wear a cast then brace for quite some time. My right ankle is also…special…so I should be wearing a brace for it but I prefer tape more often than not.

    I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO TOUCH POISON IVY TO GET IT! I avoid trail runs probably more for this reason than anything else. I’m so allergic to it, I don’t even like thinking about it…

    After the Muddy Mini I lost half my big right toe nail. Not black nail or anything, just started separating so I just it off and peroxided it.

    1. I had the Holy Moses White Ale. Delish!!! Yep, sounds like we are both “avoid leaves of three”. What a freaking mess. I swear I didn’t even scratch the rashes I had but yet they turned into huge oozing spots. Ugh. At least I think they are in the final drying phase now.

  3. Oh my gosh I am sooooo sorry you are dealing with poison ivy. I don’t get it often, but I do get it whenever I am exposed to it and it sucks. Are you going to the doctor for it? I am so miserable when I have poison ivy. 🙁 Although I had poison oak once and it was probably worse.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile

    1. I am going to my Dr for a check up on Friday, so I’ll see what he says. I think it will be mostly over the itchy stuff by then though. I have upped my game though – we no longer use just plain calamine lotion for it! We spend the money on the more potent creams!!

    1. I was a bit disappointed about the nail poke. It took a lot of nerve for me to try it, and then nothing really came out 🙁 I hope it either heals up or falls off soon because it’s limiting my shoe selections for wearing at work!!

  4. Did you mention how when the red hot paperclip went in that you cussed and threw it on the ground? haha

    1. My toenail finally turned to a dark shade, but it looks like it’s hanging in there. So, I just painted it, and who knows what it will look like! 🙂 beauty first. haha

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