My cat should be getting a lump of coal for Christmas this year.  She is the epitome of NAUGHTINESS.  She can’t control her mischievous nature and spends a good half hour each morning terrorizing our Christmas tree!


So far she has ruined 2 glass ornaments.  The season has just started too!!  She ruined several others last year.  Luckily they are only the shiny bulb kinds (aka, “fillers”)  and not the “important” ones.

As you might have notice, we have to start our decorations half way up the tree because the cat just knocks the low lying fruit from the tree.  I think the large space on the one side is from Luna bending the branch.


It’s bad enough that she knocks stuff out of the tree, she also messes up the tree skirt, pulls the needles off the tree, and one time she was even rotating the tree around on it’s base because she was pulling on something.

Just watch this….

And this!!!…..

All of our presents must be plain and simple because bows just won’t last.  They make a tasty treat for Luna.  Why can’t Luna be nice like Zoe??


She also likes to terrorize this beautiful house.  She can’t stand to leave the horse drawn carriage alone and knocks it down if it’s turned on.  Ugh.


She has also attacked my beautiful reindeer, and broke it’s leg.  It used to sit down on the seat in front of the fireplace, until the attack occurred. 


I did a wonderful repair job, no?  Just like new 🙂


Very surprising – the two things that Luna hasn’t attacked yet is my new little cork mouse.


Not sure why, because my Thanksgiving turkeys disappeared off my dining room table in a matter of days.   They were found laying all over the floor, luckily uninjured.


My other cork craft, this tree, has also remained unharmed.   Yeah to that!



Q:  Are you a dog/cat/fish owner?

Two cats at our house – Luna, aka “quit ruining everything”, and Zoe, who likes to spend her day in our dark closet minding her own business.  Until she sees Luna, then she smacks Luna.

Q:  Do you have any pets that are up to no good with your holiday decorations??

Q:  Have you ever had your Christmas tree fall over??

Not yet…..

8 thoughts on “My cat is ruining Christmas!!”
  1. This is hilarious! In the video, your tree looks possessed. Could you be sending Luna mixed messages… I mean maybe she sees the video camera out and feels like she must perform for you? 🙂 So, bad news… We haven’t had a Christmas tree in our house for years. The cats used to not mess with it, but one year they just changed their mind and were like, “eff you and your Christmas tree!” and started attacking it, climbing it, and breaking shit. The tree in my apartment fell down once and I feel like I should blog about it because it’s a story I tell my students every year. “Gather ’round the piano children, and let Ms. Michael tell you the story of how Jelly knocked down the Christmas tree….”

    We have to be careful with ribbons and bows too because Christmas will eat them. Christmas will eat fake greenery. When he is desperate, he will eat cardboard from the scratch pad. He is our garbage kitty and he is a HUNGRY boy.
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    1. Zoe always steals the cotton makeup remover soaked pads from my garbage can. Cats have the strangest preferences for things they like to eat!
      You should tell the tree story! Sounds like a good one.

    1. I guess the glass ball ornaments have the most appeal, so that’s why they are targeted. Maybe next year I should skip those and maybe the attacks will go down!

  2. Hahahhaa the poor reindeer with the broken leg. I think you did a great job fixing it! 🙂

    The videos are adorable, too hard to be mad at Luna for long when she’s so cute! When I was growing up my cats were mischievous and went after Christmas decorations. My mom used to put up a nativity set and used real straw for the “floor” and the cats could not handle themselves around it – it ended up everywhere! After one of our cats went after the figurine baby Jesus my mom took the nativity set down and said it would now live on in our hearts lol!
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    1. I can just imagine – straw would be everywhere if that were at our house too!! One good thing though, Luna seems to be more tired from her antics and has been waking me up less during the night!

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