Wednesday night was my first duathlon.  My first multi sport event!  I mean other than run / walking.  haha!!  It was a Sprint Duathlon – RUN 2.5K, BIKE 13.5 miles, RUN 5K.


I think I mentioned before that I was nervous about this race – being out of my element.  I wasn’t sure how everything “worked”.  Here’s the best part – everyone at the race was so helpful!!  They explained where I put my numbers, how to rack my bike (guess what, you just hang your bike from it’s seat.   How cool is that??)


I also learned all of the other rules that I needed to know, and felt very confident by the time the start gun went off.  OK, it was actually Rich, race director, counting down from 3 and an airhorn.  Same difference! Pretty park, right?  This pic just says it all – I’m so excited to be racing!!  🙂


I did have a bit of freak out moment when I arrived at the race and Alan said, “do you have a GU?”  What??  I hadn’t even thought of that.  I usually don’t eat much of anything before I run, especially in the evening, to avoid stomach issues – but with the heat I thought I might be in trouble.  I grabbed a cookie from the post race refreshments and apologized for stealing the food.  oops.  I think I would have been fine without anything though.


Thanks for the free race pictures Run Toledo!  Goodr glasses for the win 🙂


I think I made a mistake of just lining up in the back.  It’s certainly not an all out sprint to get the first run done, but it was congested and very few people were behind me.  This matters because…?  Well, when we got on the bikes, people were passing me!  Yes, I was getting spanked in the cycling portion of this race.    This picture from the transition is where I almost fell off my bike getting on to it.  Smooth!!  After looking at this picture I know why I was so awkward.  I was getting on my bike from the wrong side (not the side I normally do).


I certainly wasn’t the slowest person on the bike, but I did get passed early on, and I thought I was doing pretty good!  So I had to up my game and push harder.  I did end up passing maybe 10 people on the bike eventually.  I don’t have any cages for my pedals, or clips.  I’ve been told they make a huge difference, and I sure saw that!  I did end up having a fun “leapfrog” back and forth with one guy for most of the course.  I did get the final pass in while he took a drink of water.  We both laughed about that!

Transition time!  Time for the final 5K run!

Funny thing, while I was biking I thought about the upcoming run.  My thoughts were “oh great, this is turning something I love (running) into something I’m dreading!”  Gotta say, I do LOVE riding my bike and I was not looking forward to running afterwards.  Luckily, the run turned out good!  I don’t even remember having “jello” legs starting out.  There weren’t a lot people when I started my run, because they had already started running.

I did have a bit of an advantage in the running part because I was running faster than the people near me.  I think I passed 5 people.  Which then left me out on the trails by myself!  Even though I knew I was going the right way I was still starting to wonder if I was lost!  No problem, I eventually caught up with another person and soon heard the excitement at the finish line.


My finish time was 1:33.  I’m quite happy with that time!  I had a vague thought that 1:30 would be a good finish time, but didn’t think I’d be that fast.  I think with some clips, and more cycling, I can get 1:30 next time.  Yep, NEXT time.  I’ll du it again.  🙂


I love that we got full information about the events and transitions!  And look, 2nd in my age group.  Not bad at all!


Thanks to Alan for cheering me on during the race – and helping out.  He helped out at the BBQ, and was grilling burgers, hot dogs, chicken and brats.  Yum! 


Here’s a Friday funny for you too… I went to be with slightly wet hair.  This is what I woke up to the next day.  Looks like I partied a bit too hard.  ha!


If you’d like to try out a duathlon, or are a seasoned pro, check out the upcoming Run Toledo events.  They have both duathlons and triathlons.

Have a great weekend.  Hope it’s a long one!!


Q:  Do you have any Memorial Day plans?

Q:  Do you generally have messy hair in the morning?

If I flat iron my hair, I can actually just roll out of bed and go a lot of mornings.  It’s nice having boring long hair!!

6 thoughts on “Dooby Two recap – adding Duathlon to my resume”
  1. Lisa,
    Another stellar race recap. Glad you enjoyed yourself and had a fun time. As you said in your review, these races are intended to be educational in nature and really here to encourage athletes to try Multi-sport racing. Look forward to seeing you in Whitehouse for the season final.
    Rich Brown recently posted…Marathon #3 – 2018 Glass City MarathonMy Profile

    1. Thanks Rich, this was a well run race. Except for the mosquitos. Can you do anything about that? 🙂 A very good race series to get people involved in the sport, or continue in it with not a ton of training.

    1. I know – I was all out of sorts and just focusing on getting on my bike as I hit the “mount line” (which sounded a lot like “mountain lion” every time I heard it!). Goofy of me! Glad I didn’t fall over. Now that would have been embarrassing!!

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