What’s on your summer bucket list?

Every year we jot down some places to visit and things to do in the summer.  We’ve got two big trips planned, which will take up 3 weeks of our vacation. That doesn’t leave us with a lot of weeks left really, because school sports start official training the first week in August!  Unofficial cross country training will be going on all summer, and we’re hoping to get the kids on a schedule they will enjoy and it gives them a solid base for XC season. I’m thinking family runs in the park every Thursday morning.  School starts back up mid August. So you pretty much have June and July.


You can bet we will be cramming in all sorts of fun and adventure during those weeks though!  Have camper, will travel. Have Cedar Point season passes, will drive to Sandusky many times!

Camping is a tricky one because a lot of campground reservations fill up quickly.  It’s great to have a reservation system… until the spots fill up 6 months in advance and you miss out 🙁  


Beyond a few camping trips and Cedar Point trips, we have a short list of things to do.  Some of the favorites from years past are showing up again:

  • Visit SkyZone, trampoline park
  • Go biking in the parks (we have several to choose from!)
  • Play mini golf
  • Go to Mohican Adventures (fun, fun, fun!!!)
  • Go canoeing (kayaking?)  on the Maumee river

Some new ideas –

  • Go to Chicago for a few days (my family doesn’t even know I want to do this one.   Surprise!)
  • Go to Cuyahoga Falls
  • Go to an indoor rock climbing park

Or maybe just veg out around my pool for many weekends, catching up on magazines and drinking margaritas.  No reservations needed 🙂 As for my weekdays, wake up super early and get a run, or bike ride, in. I LOVE running around 5:45am in the summer when the sun is just coming up.  Yes, I’m crazy. Oh, and the Dave’s Running group, Daybreak Diva’s will be happening again. We both really enjoyed that group last year. So my midweek break will be an early run with Sydney, followed by a donut stop.  Life is good!


How about you?….

Q:  What day trips to you have planned for the summer?

Q:  Any big trips on your summer agenda?

Q:  Do you have a favorite thing to do in Chicago?  

I have never been there in the summer.  I really want to visit the pier!


9 thoughts on “Summer Bucket list – 2018 edition”
  1. I have been in Denver for the past two weeks. I ran the BolderBoulder 10K on Memorial Day. Fun race with 50,000 runners. Running the Revel in the Rockies Half this weekend. Out to Portland in July to run the Mt. Hood Half, to Estes Park for the Rocky Mountain Half in August, and finish the summer with the Jackson Hole Half on Labor Day weekend. Living in the Chicago suburbs, I rarely go into the city except for concerts or Blackhawk games. I have a friend who leads river tours of Chicago by kayak. Might try that this summer.

      1. 51* and overcast at the start. Sun came out toward the end and warmed it up but low humidity made it a great day for running. Race finishes in the University of Colorado stadium so you can relax in the stands and watch everyone else finish. They start the elites last so we get to watch them finish. Running at 5600 feet above sea level is tough.

  2. I love following your family summer adventures. 🙂 You guys really do make good use of your time off. Our big trips are Vermont and Cape Cod. We will be doing one night in NYC and one night in the Fingerlakes as well. I’m going to write a summer bucket list post too! And a ‘to do’ list. I have to get some shit done.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…5 Things I Won’t Miss About This School YearMy Profile

    1. Can’t wait to see your list! I still haven’t made it to NYC. However, in terms of getting stuff done, we worked our butts off on the yard early in the season this year. It was exhausting, but I’m glad we did. Our lawn was pretty out of control a few years ago.
      Happy “school is out”!!

        1. We had to drive through the outskirts of Chicago pulling our camper. That was bad enough. I could just imagine accidentally ending up in a big city. Yikes!

  3. Those donuts look good! Did you know it is national donut day? I hope you got one today. Chocolate with sprinkles are about the only donuts I really like personally.

    I love that you guys have so many adventures planned for summer. I feel like since I’m not a teacher, I don’t have summers off (or really any more time off than usual), and I don’t have kids, that I don’t do much of a bucket list. I should probably do one because there are a lot of things I want to do around here! Even if it’s not all outdoor activities, I want to make it to the beach at least a few times, go on someone’s boat, and visit a few new-to-me coffee shops :).
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Chronicles of Cross Training: May 21-27My Profile

    1. We’ve gotten into the “travel during breaks” part of our kid’s lives now. When they were younger it was not an issue to travel at non-peak times, which was so nice. But now, gotta follow the school schedule [and pay more money]. I have a friend who owns a boat, but we haven’t been on it in a long time. Get that list made – summer will be over before you know it!

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