Week 3 of marathon training is done! I had to keep asking myself what day it was because my schedule was really out of whack! It was a good week though… 33 miles of running, and 2 miles of walking. I started physical therapy this week for my high hamstring issues and I’m hopeful recovery is in the works.

Mon – 5 miles running.  I had the day off work and had a big list of things to do.  My day didn’t quite go the way I planned because I slept in much longer than I expected!  I still wanted to get my run in before my first PT visit, so I was in a rush.  (sure, most people would just run fewer miles, or do it later, but not me!)  Then, there was a mixup with the insurance and I paid $150 instead of my $40 copay.  I was flustered to say the least.  PT went well, but the visit left me very achy.  Hooray for Ibuprofen!

One good surprise about PT was that there’s an app for that!  My therapist set up my workout in the app and it’s a great reminder on what I need to do.

Tues – 5 miles, track night!  Tonight’s fartlek workout went by MUCH faster than last week.  It was timed: 2 min “on” x 2 sets, 3 min x 4, 2 min x 2 with 1 min rest each time.  We were done in a flash!  Most paces were 9:05ish with the last one at 8:44.  That seemed correct so maybe my watch was pretty accurate indoors without my footpod. Can you identify my neon shoes in this picture?

The other pro about indoor track (beside the fact that it’s warm vs being outside in the dark!) is the director plays some tunes.  I love it when he hits one of my favorite songs and tonight was an oldie from AC/DC.  yes!!!

Weds – 2 miles walking, weights, PT exercises.  I’m not sure if it was the workout, or the PT exercises, but I was feeling a bit sore in the late evening.  Our shoulders got a good workout, so that was the pose 🙂

Thurs – 7 miles running.  7 miles with 4 at race pace… which is a pace I still don’t know!  But in the effort of “giving it a good try” I’ve picked 9:00 as my goal race pace.  And yes, this could be just a crazy goal, but it’s something.  Running on a snowy path (with some ice) was not the best choice for this run, but I gave it a good effort and completed my run as written.  Woot on that!  My goal was to see the sunrise, and I checked that box off also! I had to work today and luckily my boss said I could come in later so I could get this workout done. I really appreciated that!

Fri – 6 miles running + gym.  My scheduled 5 mile run turned into 6 miles when I ran into some friends and chatted with them.  This run actually felt really good!  I started out when our neighborhood roads are a bit busy, and the sun was just up, so I clipped one of these new lights on my hat and made sure the cars noticed me!

Best thing this week… I went to the salon!! I have been a slacker and waited 19 weeks to get my hair highlighted. It was looooooong overdue! I feel pretty again 🙂

We had an “old school gaming” night. The kids were really impressed with the graphics on these Atari games LOL!

Sat – 10 miles long run.  What does it take to get you up in the dark when it’s 14 degrees out?  Yep, your running friends!  We had a great turnout for our long run today.  The full marathoners ran 10 and the half did 6 miles.  We even saw some deer on the path (which is unusual to see them here). This was my first really cold run in a long time and I even wore a fleece vest on top of my jacket. With the sun it was quite comfortable though thanks to the lack of wind. My goal pace was 10:15 and I NAILED it! I was challenged to view the route on my watch and keep the right pace at the same time, but in the end it all worked out.

Back to Starbucks this week! This one was a Visa card freebie too. Yay!

In the afternoon we finally ventured out to the movies again.  Our theatre has been open for awhile but there really wasn’t anything new.  We decided to see WW84 (Wonder Woman).  It was a good movie, and there were 7 other people in the theater including us.

Sun – 40 mins elliptical and whole lot of cross training in the form of housework 🙂 Turns out the bathrooms are not going to clean themselves.

Fun pic – We bottled some wine this week. The wine was made from a kit but it does involve taking measurements – kind of like a fun science project!

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Q: Are movie theaters open where you live? Have you been to one in the past year?

Q: Did you have a gaming system growing up? Atari or Nintendo maybe?

My family had an Atari. Good times!

36 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – GCM training week 3”
  1. Nothing is open at all here, we are in a huge lockdown again. No hairdressers and it is 11 months since I got a haircut – thank goodness, a pretty good one it turned out! Lovely runs and photos, esp the sunrise one

    1. 11 mos is a long time! My daughter cuts my hair, and my hair is so fine that it’s just a tiny smidge of growth. I wish I had the problem of needing a hair cut! 🙂 I don’t care for my hair when it’s dark, and especially in these long days of gloominess I need some bright highlights! Bummer everything is locked down again for you. I really, really hope we get some progress with these vaccines!

    1. Yes, these are different moves than I have ever done before. The stretching seems to last forever, and the other moves are challenging – in a good way! My hair has gotten very thin in the last few years. I just keep trimming it and trimming it a small bit, but it doesn’t get very long. I suppose I’ll end up with a short hair cut in the near future!

  2. That is great that your PT has everything on an app for you. Your hair looks great. I don’t think movies are open here but I am not ready to go if they are. I will do the hair salon bc they are super strict and no eating or drinking etc. Strong week of workouts for you!

    1. We did wear masks during the movie when we weren’t eating or drinking even though we were spaced far enough from others. We had to select seats when we bought the tickets and they were seating every other row. Apps make everything more entertaining. Even PT exercises! 🙂

  3. Omg lol on the Atari! Such a blast from the past. Great week of training for you. Way to nail those paces in the cold and ice. Movie theaters most definitely are not open here yet. That’s very cool you’ve got an app for your PT.

    1. That Atari controller that my husband got for Christmas is arcade quality so it feels really good playing the games. We had quite a laugh about how basic some of the games and graphics were!

  4. Your hair looks great! What a great week of running and other fun! Love the deer sightings on the long run. 9 min/mile is just under 4 hours right? You got this! Looking forward to hearing about a REAL marathon 🙂

    1. Ok, maybe I need to pick a slower race pace… it’s been a few years since I got close to 4 hours! I’m really not going for a goal though so I’m not going to stress it too much. I’m not sure if I’ll be pacing anyone from my group or not at this point. It’s not required by some of the coaches do it. I’ve got a while to make that decision.

  5. I love that you get your PT workouts on an app! Sounds like that’s already going well.

    You had a big turnout for the long run & congrats on nailing your pace! And picking your race pace, too. 🙂

    I was just thinking maybe we should rent WW84 and now, we have not been to the movies in over a year, I think. It’s been about a year since my Dad passed, and there was so much going back & forth & staying at my mom’s back then. I think the last movie we saw in a theater was Ford vs. Ferrari — around Christmas 2019!

    1. I worry about our small mall and movie theater surviving so I wanted to support them. Wonder Woman would not have been my first choice of selections but it ended up being a good movie. Fun to see a movie again and enjoy some popcorn. One funny comment from my family – “I forgot how loud the movies are!” 😂

  6. I had my hair done this week, too (my roots are much happier now). I finally had a sunrise experience yesterday…I seldom see the rising sun because I’m in the shower LOL Great job with all those miles!

    1. My hair is downright depressing with a lot of dark roots (and a couple of annoying grey hair poking out too!). I always call when I feel like going in (not schedule in advance) so I had to wait quite awhile to get in. My bad! The sunrise location was FOMO from a friend who posted a sunrise picture on FB the day before. It then became my goal to go see it too!

  7. That’s a large morning run crew! Nice that you hit your paces. I love that your PT gave you an app. I’m all about that–I’ve been doing the Headspace meditations, and the graphics are awesome. Makes me want to go back for more. Plus, zen is good.

    We haven’t been to the theater in over a year, sigh… I’ve had both doses of the vaccine, so I’m ready to go places but I have no one to go with! Soon!

    1. It’s slim pickings when it comes to movie choices right now. All of the new trailers we saw were very generic with “coming next year” or “next summer”. Maybe they were from spring of 2020?

  8. What a busy and jam packed week for you! Glad that PT is going well for you and it’s so cool that you have the exercises on an app!

    Your hair looks great! I’m waaaayyyy overdue for haircut as the last time I went was in July – yikes, lol.

    1. My appointment was so late because I just didn’t call in time. I should just schedule ahead but then I have to reschedule it anyways so I just wait until the last minute. But technically I’m saving money by waiting so long, right? 🙂

  9. OMG on Atari! I remember when that was the coolest thing. We’re not going to the movies anytime soon, but I want to see WW84 because the shopping mall scenes were filmed near me! Your hair looks great – I’m getting a trim this week!

    1. That mall is near you? So fun!! I did love seeing all of the cheesy 80’s references in the movies. It’s funny because no one would notice that my hair has been highlighted, but I think that’s the sign of a good job that it just looks good and you can’t figure out what changed!

  10. Ah, those hamstring exercises look familiar- I had high hamstring tendinopathy several years ago and the thing that helped me was getting ART from a sports chiropractor. Not sure what you’ve tried so far, but those exercises are good ones.
    I think it’s funny that you got a COLD Starbucks drink!!! Doesn’t it make your insides cold in that chilly weather???
    Good luck with your training this week!
    Jenny recently posted…Weekly Rundown- Warming UpMy Profile

    1. You had HHT and have lived to run another day?? Well that is great news! Way back when this injury stuff first started I thought I had piriformis issues, and I might have – and I did see seek out a PT who did ART. I guess he did that? That was 5 years ago and I do remember him doing some different adjustments on me. I haven’t seen him lately. I’ll have to ask my current PT about that!
      Funny thing – I did have a thermos with warm water in my car too for when I got too chilled by my iced coffee. LOL!!

  11. It has been over a year since I’ve been to a movie theatre. How was that movie? I heard mixed reviews about it. Another great week of running for you! That is a great app for the PT exercises. How ofter will you see the therapist?

    1. Given that I’m not really into the Marvel character stories or anything like that, I do love a good action/adventure movie so I thought it was good! I’m not sure I’d see it again, but it was great to be eating popcorn and watching a movie! The plot was interesting and the 80’s references were pretty funny.
      I will see the PT again next week. I told her I was a very dedicated “at home” worker so she gave me a plan to independently work on.

  12. indoor track sounds cool!! and that long run with friends!! I dream of these things!!

    nothing is open here – we are totally shut down (well we can’t get takeout and delivery food, groceries and online ordering for other things) and even have a curfew now which has unfortunately exploded into riots, violence and arrests 🙁 🙁 🙁 It sucks. By the time I get my hair done I’ll look like an old witch.

    1. yikes! Scary times we live in these days. Indoor track is a great thing in the winter. Only downside is that it get really warm and it’s 200m so lots of going round and round to get the mileage done!

  13. Love the old school video games 😉

    A couple of movie theatres opened here but then I think they had to close again. I think we’re probably going to live on streaming services for a while. We watched WW84 Saturday night.

    It’s great that your PT is going well!

    1. Movie theaters really are hit hard these days. They have done a good job modifying to keep everyone safe though. I was happy to see that we weren’t the only people at the show.

  14. Love your hair and hooray for a great track workout!

    I think the theaters are open, but I’m not interested in going. Several of them have converted to a drive-in version, and you can also rent out the whole theater for groups of like 10 or 15. I might be willing to do that. We ended up streaming WW84 at home. Not quite the same.

    1. Our theater has the full rental option too. I’ve seen a few friends that have done that! It’s funny because we thought the movie was super loud (my kids said that!). That’s a sure sign it’s been a long time since we’ve been to the movies.

    1. How fun that your friend was an extra in the movie! I wonder if she was one of the goddesses in the opening scene 🙂 Pong had just come out when I was a young kid. That was a BIG deal!

  15. How fun to make your own wine! I think my girlfriends and I are going to try that next month- we are doing a camping trip because it’s about as remote as we can get and still enjoy each others company haha and there are wineries we plan to visit!

    I have only been to the movies like 2 times in the past year…after they reopened we went to see a few movies, but it was very socially distanced and we wore masks the whole time. I felt relatively safe. It’s not something we do as frequently as we did pre-pandemic though…I haven’t been in over 2 months now.
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Spartan Super Training Week 5: 1/17-1/23My Profile

    1. Camping and wineries sound like a great idea! The wine takes a little longer than a month to make. This variety was a bit stronger than our last variety. I did notice that!!

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