2 more weeks until the Columbus half marathon. Miles run = 34.5, biked = 39.5, kayaked = 3.75! I’m not quite in taper mode yet and had some very challenging workouts this week. The weather was went from warm to very wonderful. I made an effort to do my stretches and PT exercises every night, and I did them most days. I plan on being more consist this week because despite how mind numbing boring PT exercises are, they help!

Sunday – We picked a big bag of apples and took a bunch of pictures.  This is my favorite shot of the family.  

Mon – 4 easy miles.  What, only 4 miles?  It seemed odd to be running so few miles, but it was fine because the weather was bumming me out a bit.  Dark and windy.  A bit spooky!

Tues – 6.5 miles, speedwork.  It was tough to get out of bed this morning.  I considered just sleeping in, but then reminded myself how accomplished I would feel and I got up.  I’m so glad I did too because not only did I see a shooting star when I got outside, I nailed my paces for my speedwork.  Yay!!

14 miles biking.  Last Ladie’s Ride of the season.  We enjoyed the great weather and had pizza and drinks at the bike shop afterwards.  There was a sale rack and I scored some great deals too.  I scoffed at these bike shorts when they were $59.  But on clearance for $16?  Yes please!! Can’t pass that up!

Weds – Cross training day – cycling!  25 miles with the Windsday group on our last ride of the season.  We had a speedy group and averaged 18.6 mph.  It’s surprising how dark it is now by the time we finished our ride.

Thurs – 8 miles, with 6 miles of 4 min on/ 1 min off fartleks.  Holy crap, this was one of the hardest runs I have done in a long time.  I have issues with fartleks.  When I don’t have defined paces I tend to overdo it.  I was spent by the time I finished!!  Then my body ached for the rest of the day.  I felt like I had raced hard! But I did feel like doing a jump shot. Loooooooong time since I’ve done one of those after a run.

Also, it was 48 degrees but I was stripping off my clothes on this run like it was the 4th of July. Dang, hard work makes you hot!!

Fri – 5 easy miles.  Feeling better today thankfully!  I ran along the river, which I haven’t done in a very long time.  Pretty sunrise!

Back to the river at lunch time… my husband and I went kayaking and ended up going much farther than expected! We went around an island and it took us 1 ½ hours to go 3.75 miles.  Phew!  I had sore hands after that!

Then we spent the evening at Cedar Point for Halloweekends again.  We still didn’t get to see any of the spooky zones (haunted houses and outdoor scare zones) but we did get to see the “scarers” heading out to their jobs.  That’s always a cool parade through the park!

Sat – 11 miles long run.  I went to the river path again.  I forget how beautiful it is here!  The trail was busy with runners, walkers and cyclists.  My plan was 9:30 for the first half of the run, 9:15 for the next miles and end with a “strong finish” (2 miles of race pace).  Nailed it!

My daughter’s roommates were all gone this weekend so she came home from college for the weekend.  Their loss is my gain!  We went to the pumpkin patch and watched Cruella.  It made me very happy!!

Foster update: Petunia has continually gained weight this week!  She’s over a pound now 🙂  She’s very energetic and not afraid to explore the house.  She can’t make it up the stairs yet or climb on to a couch, but I’m sure that will happen soon enough!

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Q: Anyone see Jungle Cruise yet?

It’s the other Disney movie I wanted to see. I think anything with Dwayne Johnson in it pretty much is a winner!

20 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – doing the work!”
  1. Great job on your workouts this week! I love Fartleks, LOL — no pressure to meet a pace and I just love anything fast/slow where I can catch my breath. But I don’t run nearly as many miles as you!

    I also love running by water. Any type of water! I’ve been a bit time crunched lately so haven’t managed it. 🙁

    1. Fartleks… oh no!! I think I always skip this workout during the training plan or something. Well, I do end up skipping several of the speed workouts in the last week of training. I feel like they have a greater risk of hurting me than helping me!

  2. Great photos and family time! And well done Petunia! I keep hoping our little Willa will make it to 4kg which is what they say an adult cat should be – bless her, she’s weeny and I think always will be, as she and her big (literally) bro are 2 and a half now!

    1. For the first two weeks we only had moist cat food. Now we have dry kitten kibble and it was a game changer. She likes to graze and really is putting on the weight! Yay her!!

  3. Movies? What are those? I think Bohemian Rhapsody & Star is Born might be the last two movies I saw in a theater…and both of those were within a week or so of each other LOL My Wednesday bike rides (to the lake) are getting cooler because the sun is so low in the sky. We start at 5:15 and are done an hour later, but the daylight is really shrinking!

  4. Oh hi Petunia (big hug!!!). Sounds like you had a great week. I love how your daughter wants to come home and spend all this time with you guys!
    Your river path is beautiful. You definitely had some great runs this week. I hear you on the PT- it’s so, so boring. When I was doing PT for my hip I had so many exercises- it took forever. They are effective though.

    1. I will admit, I thought something was wrong when my daughter said she was coming home for the weekend! I was pleasantly surprised that she just didn’t want to be alone on campus. Seems like her time on campus with roommates and time at home are both enjoyable for her, which makes me happy!

  5. Oh Petunia is so cute! I love her! I also love that you went apple picking I’ve always wanted to do that! Maybe now that I live somewhat up north I’ll get to 🙂

    I’ve seen Jungle Cruise twice and I love it! I thought it was such a cute movie and a great rendition. I’d never really been into the ride but now I’m definitely more interested. Next time I head down to Disney I’ll have to make it a point to check it out.

    1. Good to hear a positive review for Jungle Cruise! I do need to go see it. It’s funny because there are so many things I take for granted to everyone has available to them – like apple orchards and amusement parks! I hope you are able to visit an orchard. Great place to take pictures and get overprice apples! haha

  6. We haven’t seen any movies yet. We came close to seeing Cruella, but weren’t ready to be in a theater yet. Then along came delta ….

    You had a great week of fun activities! We had cool weather last week, but the heat and humidity is back. 😛

    1. With the lack of people in the theater I am concerned they will be closing! I’m glad they are finally releasing new movies and Redbox is getting new stuff.

  7. You got some fun activity pics this week!

    I wish we had apple picking here, but it’s just not a thing. We have to drive about six hours to get to the orchards. Boo.

    I can’t believe it will be two weeks!!! You’re going to do great.

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