This week was kind of a blur. I spent a lot of time out of the house, at the hospital, and just busy doing other things. Workout wise I ran 38 miles and biked 20 miles. There are two more weeks of training left before the Erie Marathon. I really hope the humidity and temperature goes down because this week was another sweaty one!

I mentioned last week that my Dad had a reinfected knee and had to have surgery. The surgery was originally going to be an amputation of his leg, which was a scary thought. The Dr discussed options with my family and my Mom thought it would be better to have a different surgery. They inserted a rod in his leg which goes from his hip to his ankle. He came out of surgery in good shape on Monday. As the week progressed he really had issues mentally, but his vitals were still good. He’s quite confused and has been in the hospital for two weeks now. We are still waiting for him to get better, but he was doing a bit better on Sunday compared to Saturday. I’m keeping positive thoughts about the whole situation.

Mon – 5 miles, with speed bursts (6 x 20 secs, 10 secs rest).  It’s time to bust out the glow vest again!  Whomp whomp.  That means my days of hiding in the basement for my morning runs will be coming soon too!  But until that time, I showed up with my glow on!

The morning was spent with my Mom at the hospital while my Dad was in surgery, but the afternoon was spent moving our daughter in to her college apartment. I think she is going to have a great year!

Tues – 4 miles.  Can you believe I turned off my early alarm and slept in??  I was dead tired this morning and slept in.  Then I had to rush out the door, was late for work… but it’s all good.  I needed my run to get the positive vibes for the day!  

1.1 mile evening run 🙂  Toledo Roadrunners club picnic.  I had planned on running 3 miles at this event, but since the loop was 1.1 miles, my husband and I decided it was good enough to cut this at one loop!  I was feeling achy and beat.  Not good!

Weds – Rest day!  This was a for real rest day.  My only activity was crafting.  We started working on the senior banner for my son.

Thurs – 8 easy miles – but speedy because I wore my Endorphin Speeds again!

My husband and I went on our annual “school’s back in session” trip to Cedar Point. It was a great day to ride the coasters. I think the longest we waited in line was 20 mins. It was just the break I needed this week.

Fri – 4 easy miles. Just a run around the neighborhood before visiting my Dad at the hospital.

Tonight was date night and we headed to Detroit for a concert. So exciting!! It was at the Fox Theatre which was really beautiful. The opening act was The Damned. I only knew two of their songs, but the crowd loved them!

Blondie was the main act and they played all of the favorites. They sounded great!! It was so much fun being at a concert again. We had a fun night! (oh and we didn’t get home until 12:30! 😉 such a late night for me!)

Sat – 16 miles, long run. Oof. I was hoping my last “long run” was going to go better. There are several reasons this could have been a better run – better carb loading on Friday, lower humidity, more sleep, earlier start… but those didn’t happen and I ran out of fuel mentally and physically after 6 miles! But I finished it. The most exciting thing that happened on this run was that I saw a snake. haha! And with that, the hard work is done and it’s taper time!

Sun – 20 miles cycling. I made time to go for a morning bike ride.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Here’s a happy note to end this post on – Gizmo and Gadget are almost ready to find a forever home! They will be leaving us this week. Too bad because they are irresistible!! Such well behaved cuties.

Q: Are you a Blondie fan? How about The Damned?

16 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – winding down”
  1. Don’t know The Damnedbut like Blondie.

    What a busy week. Hope your dad recovers well. Still a lot miles. Don’t know how you get it all done.

  2. That’s a pretty impressive week considering all the stress and busyness with your dad and the daughter’s move-in. I wasn’t much of a Blondie fan “back in the day,” but I’m a huge classic rock fan now. I bet that was an awesome concert (though I have not heard of The Damned, LOL).Thinking of you and your family…hoping all goes well for your father’s recovery.

    1. So do you like Night Ranger? They are playing at the fair this weekend and I am debating on going! I do like them, but it’s a busy week. I might just want to be home instead!

  3. oh wow what a week of ups and downs for you! Sending good vibes to your dad for a positive outcome on his surgery. This humidity sure has been a killer. Hope things cool off a lot before your race. Enjoy your taper week

    1. I just saw the 10 day forecast for Erie… not sure it’s looking a whole lot better yet! Fingers crossed it changes! Thanks, it has been a rough week for my Dad and Mom too.

  4. Wow, that’s a busy week for you! Yes, I can totally believe you overslept on Tuesday- your dad had surgery on Monday AND you moved your daughter into her apartment??? You must have been wiped out (btw your daughter’s apartment looks much more homey than my son’s! I hope he and his roommate have some decor going on by now.)
    Not sure if the situation is similar, but my Dad always used to get confused when he was in the hospital. It was almost like he had temporary dementia, and then he would return to normal when he got home. In his later years he was in ad out of the hospital a LOT, so I got used to this situation. I hope your dad is able to go home soon!
    Gizmo and Gadget!!! I hope they get adopted together. I know I would want both of them!

    1. Luckily the roommates of my daughter like to decorate so the place does look really nice! I really do hope my Dad’s current situation is temporary because it’s really just a shell of what he was like a week ago. So tough to see.

  5. I missed Gadget coming in! Wow, like you don’t have enough on your plate already.

    I am so sorry about your Dad — that is a ton of stress right now. I’ve been there with mental issues in the hospital & it’s scary. As we get older it takes longer for anesthesia to clear, and I’ll bet that’s what’s happening.

    The hay is definitely in the barn for you! I hope you have a beautiful Fall day for your race,

    1. My kittens have been a great source of emotional support with their snuggles 🙂 I do hope they find a home together! Hopefully the meds will clear out and my Dad will be back to normal. It’s very difficult to watch him go through this.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad and I hope he makes a full recovery quickly. It’s so difficult to see a loved one struggling.

    I’ve not heard of The Damned (maybe I’ve heard their songs and don’t realize it), but I do like Blondie. Sounds like a fun date night!

    That banner for your son looks great! Here’s to a great school year for both your son and daughter.
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Weekly RunDown: August 21 – 27 / Pushing to Meet a GoalMy Profile

  7. What? You ran out of steam after being out a concert and getting home after midnight? LOL!

    I love that banner. What a fun tradition.

    I’m glad your dad is feeling better, too.

  8. I missed the kitties arriving, too, they are v cute.

    I’m guessing your dad might be dehydrated or have a water infection. Very common in older people and presents as delirium – we had to have this checked out with father in law and I know others who have struggled with it. Hope he improves.

  9. So sorry about your Dad. Sending positive vibes his way for healing and that the surgery worked.

    I can’t say I blame you for being so tired the next day. The day before with the hospital and dropping your daughter off at college. Emotional draining is tough physically sometimes.

    I am impressed that you ran out of gas at mile 6 and still finished 16 miles. Way to get it done. Happy taper!

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