Recently our local metroparks teamed up with fitness and health providers for an Outdoor Expo.  Several groups in the community were spotlighted, like cycling groups, parkour, even the Toledo Roadrunners.  Alan worked the table for the Toledo Roadrunners, but sadly I did not get a picture of him when I visited.  Blogger fail!

There were activities on the water – kayaking and canoeing – and lots of dry activities.  And shows!  The BMX bike stunts were amazing.  They were also riding the halfpipe on scooters and doing tricks and jumps!


First we tried walking on slack lines.  My kids really want one, but we don’t have any trees to put them on.


Later we did see this slack line without trees.  Zach had gear on for another activity.  No helmet needed for the slack lines!


We were waiting to climb trees with ropes!  I was a bit overwhelmed when they gave us our instructions and safety talk.  It was a lot to remember.  But as we started doing it, the instructions made more sense and we did pretty good at it.


We also mastered the rock climbing wall.




Archery is always a favorite of ours.  The bows were a bit hard at first, but I’m sure we would have been a lot better with some practice.


It’s always surprising to see all of the things the park offers.  You just need to look at their information!  A ton of programs and things to do.  I’m so glad to have these resources in my community.  Parks are not just for running 🙂


Q:  Have you ever taken a course on archery?

I’d love to join an archery program.  So many things to do, so little time!

Q:  Have you ever been on a BMX bike?

I haven’t really, but a fun fact is that a few of my friends had half pipes in their yards when I was in high school.  They rode skateboards on them, not bikes.  I could only ride a board back and forth on it, which is a totally beginner move, but that felt like a major accomplishment!  My friends were quite good because they were on it all the time.  

Q:  Have you ever been to an indoor rock climbing center?

Once again, yet another thing I want to go do.  I gotta get this stuff on my calendar!

6 thoughts on “Learning new stuff at the park”
    1. There was a foothold loop that you stepped up from, and then tightened up the slack to keep moving up. You also had to make a safety stop knot as you moved up, just in case. When you reached the top you were able to loosen a rope and control your descent. Pretty simplistic, but yet seemed complicated enough at the same time!

    1. My kids keep begging for a slack rope! It’s just as easy as balancing on a tight rope… so yeah, it was challenging! I think it could be mastered in a short amount of time with practice though.

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