It’s been awhile since we’ve gone camping.  Remember that awesome road trip back in June??  Ah, great memories.  Luckily the weather started out unseasonably warm on Friday night, but dipped down to some chilly Fall temps as the weekend progressed.  Yeah for Fall!!

The campground was at the park where Zach had a cross country meet!  Sydney has run at the same meet for the past 3 years, but this year they were at a meet an hour away.  Bummer Alan and I had to split up and we didn’t see both of the kids run, but it was bound to happen sometime.
The fun part about this XC meet at the park is the huge hill they have to run up in the first half mile.  This year I decided to watch them run down the hill instead of up.  Up at the top is actually quite crazy.  With all of the spectators it turns into a scream tunnel!

Zach did well on his race.  His foot is feeling better, so that’s a relief.

Sydney did well at her cross country meet too.  The girls took first place!  The boys got 2nd place.  We’ll call that a good day for the high school.

The rest of our weekend was spent bike riding, and taking nature hikes.  My parents were camping too.  My dad was able to do a short walk with us at the nature center.  His knee replacement has been treating him well (no infections this time, thankfully!) but he can’t do a whole lot of walking, and no biking.


We walked around the lake.


Selfie time Mom, smile!!


The sky turned beautiful shades of orange and red while we sat around the campfire.


Ah Fall!!


Even though we were only camping for less than 48 hrs (darn homework and school getting in the way!), it was still a nice little getaway.   We still have at least one more trip with the camper before it goes in storage for the winter.  Looking forward to that trip!


Q:  Does anyone have any fall camping trips planned?

Q:  Do you think it would be harder to run up a big hill, or down?

The boys thought going down it was harder.  They had to be more careful to not roll an ankle!

Q:  Are you a pumpkin spice latte fan??

I’ve only tried the Starbucks PSL in the iced format, and I did not like that!!  I’ll make some pumpkin flavored stuff, but not go overboard.  Right about now some muffins do sound pretty good…


5 thoughts on “Camping XC weekend”
  1. Looks like a fun camping trip! And its nice that you got to see the kids race, even if you had to split up. I bet it would hard running down that big hill on grass. Usually I like running downhill, but I would be worried about that one! I’m actually not really a fan of pumpkin and have never tried a PSL!

    1. It was a really steep hill! I tried running a little bit of it, and it was too crazy for me. In the winter people go sledding on it. Once again, too steep for me!

    1. Our neighborhood association doesn’t allow campers to be stored at the house, but otherwise yes, most people store outside all winter! We lucked out – Alan’s sister has a big barn and we get to store it there. For free. The best!!

      1. I glad it fit when we first stored it last winter – literally about 2-3″ of clearance from the AC unit to the top of the door in the barn!

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