Hold on tight – this was a super busy week!  The temperatures got much warmer and I felt the need to do all the sports. So much stuff here! Early in the week I had hives. Hives? Yep. It was annoying.

  • Miles Run: 43.2
  • Miles Biked: 30
  • Swim time: 1 hr, 15 mins

Monday – 5 “easy” miles.  Easy? Hmmm. This run felt tiring, and I was feeling stiff.  So much for Sunday’s rest day to make me feel rested! Granted, it was 71 degrees and humid out, which is warm for morning here in Ohio.  But hey, I got it done. Starting out my Monday on the right foot 🙂  Note me laying in the grass? I got up and felt itchy after that. That’s when the hives appeared!

Tuesday – 7 miles, with intervals.  Not sure how this added up to 7 miles, but it did!  Warm up, cool down, and the middle intervals were 10 x 600m with 30 seconds rest.  Phew, it felt more like 15 seconds rest! My pacing was off and the intervals all came in fast, which I guess is a good problem to have.  When I saw my last interval so close to sub 8:00, I kicked it into gear. It was good workout. Bonus – my cat woke me up at 5:30am so I was all done with my workout before 7am!  yikes. My arm was swollen from the hives and I had a few random large lumps on my legs. Ugh.

Wednesday – 6 miles.  4 miles in the morning with my Daybreak Divas group.  Always a great reason to get out of bed early! The hives are coming and going, all at once. My kittens got a nice treat – salty arms to lick! 🙂

Swimming –  10 mins of laps.  I’m just starting out with my swimming training.  Baby steps!

2 miles evening run.  Met up with some friends at the Toledo Roadrunners club.  We ran a little (just a little because it was 92 degrees out!) and then we enjoyed some beers.  Fun stuff!

Thursday – Tempo Thursday!  8 miles, with miles 3-7 as mile long fartleks.  I do dread fartleks because I never know if I’m hitting the right paces, but this run did turn out pretty good.  I was quite happy with it all. Here’s a poor quality shot of my hives.

Then I went to the gym. Day 1 this week.  Did the full circuit of arms and legs. As for my legs, the hives are lumpy, but also starting to go away.

Then I played tennis with my son for 30 mins.  We are improving! Although the players next to us looked like pros, but we didn’t have to retrieve any balls in their court so it was all good.

I also swam twice today, 15 mins each.  I really want to focus on more lap swimming this summer since I have the resources available to me.  No excuses!

Friday – Rest day.  We went to Cedar Point for some rides, but ended up spending the day at the water park because it was crazy hot.  The water park was perfect.

Saturday – 16 miles, long run. It was sooooooo warm today.  It was 75 when I started at 6:30am! I went just by heart rate again and tried to keep it around 160.  This concept has been a game changer for me because instead of feeling disappointed about running slower, I actually feel like I’m accomplishing something and improving my running even more by building endurance.

My husband got this picture of me around mile 15. I’m so happy to almost be home!!!

I hopped in my pool immediately after my run.  Hooray for my pool to save the day!!

Trip to the gym – day 2 this week.  I was determined to get my two days in this week!

Later in the day I also swam laps for 30 mins.  This is a huge feat for me – my longest swim yet! For my triathlon I’ll be swimming 1.5K. Maybe 40-45 mins? Good news – my hives are almost all gone.

Sunday –  Rest day? It was a rest day on my training plan, but all during my long run on Saturday I saw happy cyclists, so I went for morning ride.  Was going to go for an hour, but ended up going for 2 hrs because it was freaking beautiful outside!! 30 miles of cycling done 🙂

I was even brave and went off my normal route of the multipurpose trail and went on the roads. I’ve just been afraid of riding my bike with cars around, so I stick to the trail.  The roads were perfect because there is barely any traffic at 7am on a Sunday. Win!

Knowing that I need to get training done for my upcoming triathlon, I also did a brick workout and ran 1 mile off the bike.  It’s always such a weird feeling.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This was a long one! Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Do you ever get hives??

I can only guess that laying in the grass sparked something and caused the hives. My daughter has been suffering from random hives for about the last 9 months, so I’m just following her treatment plan of antihistamines and riding it out! Today they are all gone. Woohoo!

Q: Do you swim laps? In a gym pool or at home?

22 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – hives, swims and rides”
  1. Even when the temperature isn’t that high, really high humidity can make my runs feel so sluggish so I can totally relate to your Monday run photo!

    There’s nothing better than hopping in the pool right after a hot and sweaty run. Summer is the only time of year that I don’t mind taking an ice bath after a long run – it’s so refreshing!

  2. That is a whole lotta movement! I envy your pool — could I jump into it via your computer? Seriously, I love to swim.I’m super slow, just like running.

    Most of my friends who do heart rate training hate it (because like me they’re slow to begin with). But I like your take on it.

    Thankfully, I don’t get hives. I did get a few mosquito bites this week though (all that darn rain!).

    1. The only other time I’ve had hives was a reaction to amoxicillin, so this outbreak was quite unusual for me. We do have mosquitos pretty bad (in my opinion!) where we live, so I don’t spend many evenings in our yard. That’s a shame because it could be a really nice place to relax!

  3. My skin is hyper-sensitive, so I’m always careful of what I come in contact with. This time of year, when I’m especially sweaty after a workout, I have to be extremely careful NOT to scratch my skin or I’ll have all kinds of odd-looking welts/hives/eczema stuff breaking out. I think the dampness from the perspiration makes my skin more vulnerable, and scratching it introduces the perspiration (and other surface gunk) into the dermis & hypodermal layers. At least that’s what a dermatologist told me many years ago LOL Maybe there were chemicals on the grass (???) that came in contact with your skin? UGH. Anyways, I feel your pain!

    1. I know – I was wondering if some bugs bit me, but I was only in the grass for just a few seconds. I do break out from doing yardwork, like trimming our tall ornamental grasses and have also had poison ivy many times. I just need to be careful. Being itchy is no fun!!

  4. I see a lot of patients with hives–sometimes we don’t even know what caused them! Did you know exercise can cause an allergic-type reactive like hives? Yikes. I hope they go away.

    What a great week of workouts for you! Those 15 miles are impressive, especially in the heat.

  5. I have pretty sensitive skin as well, but those hives sound painful! Lucky you to have a pool to jump into after runs, that looks AMAZING!

    1. They are just itchy, although when my arm swelled up that was just freaky weird. I hated it! I am definitely a person who scratches at things that itch, so it’s been frustrating. Hopefully it was just a weird thing out of the blue. Fingers crossed!

    1. Pool ownership is a pain at times. Trying to get the chemicals correct is frustrating… but once they get set it seems to be most all enjoyment after that. We always say that if the pool looks good on the 4th of July, we have been successful!!

  6. What a great week…despite the heat and hives. I get hives all.the.time and heat rash after (and sometimes during) my runs. They are SO uncomfortable (as you now know) but I try to take an antihistamine once a day to cut back on it and it definitely helps. Also, no laying in the grass – LOL!!
    I swim just once a week now. I was doing more when focusing on triathlon but now I’m just trying to stay in the game. Mostly I swim laps in the pool at the gym but I also have access to a lake which is both amazing and terrifying!!
    Hope things cool off for you this week…
    Allie recently posted…The Rundown – Back to My Running RootsMy Profile

    1. Oh no, sorry you get hives so frequently! I hope mine was “one and done”. I am sure I will look back at my swimming some day and laugh because I am so clueless. I have no idea how far, or how long I should be swimming, so I’m just winging it!

  7. I so feel you on the heat last week. After such a cool spring it really hit like a ton of bricks. Do you think something on the grass could’ve induced the hives??
    3 years ago I could not swim a single stroke. But after a tri coach worked her magic on me and I reported to Masters swim for a few months, I became a triathlete. It’s probably one of my proudest accomplishments. I totally get the 10 minute lap swims. It feels like eternity to me. haha! Great week for you despite the heat!

    1. Kudos to you on that accomplishment. It’s a big deal! I have heard that it’s a great idea to get a swim coach and it really pays off, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on that yet. I’m just so cheap when it comes to paying for classes and coaches and stuff like that!!

  8. I hope your hives have completely cleared up. I used to get heat induced hives on my legs and it was awful! The problem was that I didn’t know what caused it at the time. I’d go on a long run or cut the grass in the heat and my legs would start itching like crazy. After I’d quite running or mowing the itching would stop until I hopped in the shower. I finally asked my dermatologist about it and he recommended a cool shower while I had a flareup. They’ve pretty much gone away since I no longer do really long runs and I’m not out there running later in the morning in the higher heat.
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Exploring Scenic Arizona and Southern UtahMy Profile

    1. They have gone away. Yeah!! That is a good tip about a cold shower. I’m not sure if the antihistamines helped, but I guess it did lessen the itchy feeling because it wasn’t terrible. It made me so self conscious with those big welts 🙁

  9. Sorry about the hives! I get them if our cat dribbles on me (e.g. if I’m brushing him) although I claim not to be allergic to him (oh, and he loves sweaty arms and ankles, too!). A good week though, brilliant work – well done!

    1. Wouldn’t you know it – as soon as I said the hives were gone, I get a big ‘ole red welt on my leg. Dang it! It would be interesting if my foster kittens were the cause of my issue, but I don’t think so. Time will tell!

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