This week was all about coaching and cycling!  I took 3 sub coaching jobs for the Dave’s Fall Training program.  2 nights of track, and one long run.  It was a busy week again, but come January, there will be nothing but boring treadmill recaps, so I’m taking advantage of it all now! Miles run = 34, miles cycled = 50.

Monday –  10K on a Monday again!  This week I gave in.  Time to finally bust out the “glow vest”.  Apparently my orange glow caught the interest of a bat because one dive bombed at me 4 times!  Twice as I was going down a cul-de-sac, and twice on the way back!  Too funny!!

We also had a Taco Tuesday on a Monday. It just wasn’t the same!

Tuesday – bootcamp, 2.25 miles running (and extra trip up the steps today!).  I took a headlamp with me this morning.  Soooo dark.

TRACK NIGHT! 5 miles running.  My first sub-coaching gig of the season (4 x 800, 4 x 400 with 1 min rest), and I give myself a 4 out of 5 rating.  At the time I thought I did pretty good on my track pace for 800s and 400s, but when I looked back at it, a few seconds fast on a lap amplifies and instead of being a few seconds off of the 9:00 pace, it would be something like 8:47, which really isn’t that close.  BUT, I was not leading my group, any yet, I could have slowed down a bit.  Will do better next time.

Before, and after coaching 🙂

On the last 400m we were allowed to “finish strong”, so I debated… do I go for it?  I did 🙂 I sprinted my last 400 with a couple of guys from the group and we had a 6:25 pace!  That was fun!!  I surprised myself.

Wednesday –  30 mins elliptical.  Oof.  Yep, track night was hard on this old body.  I opted for some easy active recovery to get my body moving.  Luckily I could also sleep in due, so that helped.

Biking – 26 miles. “Couples Ride Night” ! My friend invited us to a group ride that is new to us. It turned into a couples night because there were several of us with our spouses. We were in the slowest group, which was 17-18 mph. I ended with an overage avg of 18 mph!! WOW! We had a lot of fun. It is so cool to ride in groups like this. I’m hooked 🙂 I learned how to ride in the front of the group (and “pull”) and then I got to also draft in the group of course. Good stuff. (that’s me and Alan in black)

Thursday – 5 miles running, AM.  I figured I wasn’t going to get a lot of miles at track tonight, so I ran in the morning.  The weather was a perfect 59 degrees too, so I couldn’t pass that up!

Track night, PM.  2.75 miles.  Another night at the track.  This time I was filling in for the “open pace/low mileage” group.  This one is a wildcard because they have participants with a 5K time trial of 28 mins, all the way down to 55 mins.  The workout was fartleks, and I ended up running with someone who had a pace of 8:40 during the fast times.  It was a good match.  

Friday – bootcamp, 2 miles running.  Another dark morning of running stairs, and lifting weights!  I was feeling a bit stiff after two track nights!

Tennis – 30 mins of tennis with my son.  We had fun, but we weren’t hitting very well today!

Saturday – 10 miles running, 12 miles trail biking!  It was a busy morning.  I sub-coached for the 9:30-10:00 pace group again.  This time was for a long run.  We ran 8 miles together and the weather was perfect!  Our target pace was within the 10:30-10:15 range, and we came in at 10:15.  Not many people in our group wanted to stay in the 10:30 range (they all went faster!), so I was happy to at least finish two people.  It was a good run.

Since I was at the park, I ran 2 more miles on the trails to make it 10 miles of running.

Shortly after running we headed out to the mountain bike trails.  Here’s my son going over the “skinny”.  Yikes!  And good news – I didn’t fall today 🙂  (*I did not go over the skinny!*)

Sunday – 10 miles biking. I took a ride before our antics of the day began. I got new tires for my road bike this week, and as my husband promised, I swear they made me faster! Average pace = 18 mph again! Woot!

Then we spend the day at Cedar Point. It was a pretty good day, except there were people being “lazy” or “ignorant” about the social distancing in line. I won’t get into it, but I just had to shake my head at that. Not cool.

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Q: Have most people in your area been respectful, wearing masks and distancing, when you are out (shopping, etc)?

Q: Have you been to a track to run lately? Been doing any track workouts at home?

25 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – week 2, ride on, and on track!”
  1. It’s pretty bad here with respect to masks and social distancing and as a result our city is about to go back into lockdown! We haven’t come far out of lockdown ourselves so the only thing it will affect is the coffee I’ve been having inside the coffee shop with my friend a couple of times. A good active week, well done, and it must feel great supporting people with coaching. I’m missing all the volunteering I used to do.
    Liz Dexter recently posted…Book review – Edith Ayrton Zangwill – “The Call” #20BooksOfSummer20 @PersephoneBooksMy Profile

    1. When quarantine happened, I enjoyed the break from all of the additional responsibilities I had. It was a nice break. Given that, I have enjoyed coming back to coaching and running with people. I got a very nice comment from a lady I ran with the whole time on Saturday. She really appreciated me running with her. It’s those things that keeps me going!
      Beyond that, I haven’t gone back to my dog walking volunteer job yet. People are walking the dogs, but I just felt a bit over committed and might not return to that. A bit of a bummer because there were cute, happy doggies, but I still, I need some balance.

    1. I think this event at Cedar Point has been the only issue I’ve really seen. I just don’t understand why people act the way they do sometimes. There was only two rules to follow – distance and wear mask. Simple. If they didn’t like it, don’t go to the park! Ok, done ranting now 🙂
      We see a lot of bats flying around at night here. I think it’s a good thing – they are eating all of the mosquitos!

  2. No skinny for me, thank you!

    OMG about the bats! That’s crazy!

    We live in a very “live free or die” area. There are a lot of people who do not wish to comply with the rules and refuse to be respectful. It’s sad 🙁

    1. Ugh. Sad, and frustrating about the mask policy. If they don’t like it, don’t go to the place.
      I think the 2nd bat fly by was the most surprising. Didn’t he get to check me out the first time I ran past? LOL!

    1. A bat badge would be perfect! It was nice that you could just go to a space and wouldn’t need to wear a mask. I’ll admit, it is pretty tough to be walking around with a mask in 90 degree summer heat! But once you get used to it, it’s mostly OK. But seriously, how hard is it to distance yourself from others? I mean, they give you lines and X’s to stand on! Geez people!

    1. Yes, it is a Noxgear vest, Tracer360! I can’t say enough about how amazing it is. I feel so safe in it! And when the sun comes up, the vest is so small you don’t feel odd for still having it on 😉 I don’t even notice it when I’m wearing it (I mean, not the glow, but the feel of it!) Make sure you look for the sale codes. They offer good deals on them all the time. Between 30-47% off! Money well spent.

    2. … and now, I’m getting bombarded with coupon codes for Noxgear in Facebook. haha! Just go Google them and you’ll get a coupon code I guess! 😉

    1. It was so fun because when I got to the front position I felt like I was actually helping everyone out! It’s such great teamwork. Can you believe that was the “slow” group? The dudes in the front group were avg 22 mph plus! Yikes!

    1. I would not be on the track out there on my own… in the evening… in the heat. Nope! It is definitely more fun with friends! 🙂
      I know – group rides! Why was I so intimidated to go on them in the past??

  3. As I run by the JH I think about seeing if the track is open . . . and then I don’t. School doesn’t start until after Labor Day.

    You definitely had some speedy runs this week! I hear you about the boring winter blogs. They’re coming, I’m sure, so we’ve got to wring out all we can from summer & fall!

    1. It’s fun to bust out some speed now and then. And then pay for it the next day. LOL! I’m not much of a sprinter. It’s the long haul for me these days.

  4. I would not have done the skinny either!! Well done on a very solid week of both running and cycling!
    Here there are heavy fines for not wearing masks so thankfully in all public areas and offices we are masked. And there are stickers in all shops and malls indicating where to stand and that has mostly been observed.
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    1. That skinny is just nuts! I swear it looked a lot higher off the ground when we were on the trail, but still, I’m SURE I would have fallen off of it.
      The majority of the areas in the park were following the rules for distancing, but I think the rides with the operators who were slacking were having issues. Sad someone needs to tell grown ups to stand in the right place!

  5. Our track was finally open for the first time since last spring last week so I went and loved it. This week with the heat, I couldn’t will myself there. People here are VERY good about mask wearing. However at the airport when we went to Atlanta, there were large groups of people not wearing them or wearing them on their chin. There was a woman on our plane who refused to wear one. What is up with that??
    Busy, fun week for you!

    1. Ugh. Mask-holes. The temps here this week are crazy too. Luckily I did not take any sub coaching jobs this week so I won’t be sweating to death at the track!

  6. I cannot get over how dark it is in the summer. I am not ready for that. With my “new” schedule I won’t have to be out running at 5am. I start at 8:30 but there is no commute and don’t “have” to be at school at 7am.

    A bat would freak me out!

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