Getting healthy was the topic of this week.  I am doing all that I can to get my ankle feeling 100% and focusing on hamstring “fix up” too.  Keeping consistent is a big fail for me, but I’m putting some new things in place to help me keep on top of it.  Think sticker chart 🙂 I am also happy we were able to do some of our holiday traditions this week.

Mon – 30 mins Peloton cycling class.  I saw there was a live class at 6am, so I thought that would be fun to see what the live classes look like.  This was probably the most ill matched class for me because it was “Power Zones” and my spin bike is basic and has no output information. But nonetheless it was fun to watch the number of people in the live class (2,431!).  I stopped the class at 30 mins because my bike seat is uncomfortable and also so I could get my PT work done (my new goal is to do at least 5 mins of PT work every day.  5 mins… I’m trying to set myself up for success!)  What was really odd about the class was that it glitched several times and skipped backwards 5 seconds or so.  I knew that because the instructor repeated what she just said.  Thus, I stared at the clock most of the class to see if the time was acting weird when the glitches happened. haha!!

PM strength workout.  This was a fun one – a full body strength class with Metallica music!  Even though I have seen them in concert, I’m not a super huge fan, but Enter Sandman is definitely one of my favorite songs!  The Peloton instructor is apparently a super fan because he talked on, and on, and on about the band during the workout.  If nothing else, the Peloton instructors keep it lively (and oh so chatty!).  

Super bonus for Monday – it’s not secret that I get into “b*tch mode” when I come home from work and the house is a mess (because I’ve been working all day and the rest of my family has been home… just saying), but I came home to the most wonderful surprise ever – the kitchen was clean, dishwasher emptied, laundry put away, floors were vacuumed AND dinner was going to be made.  WOOOOOOOOT!  Thanks Alan, that was really the best ever, especially after my busy day at work 🙂

Tues – 3.6 miles.  This was a run in memory of a very active athlete in our area.  He passed away in Oct and would have been 84 yrs old this week.  I ran 3.6 for his birth year (1936).  He was active in races and events up until the day he died.  In fact, when I saw Tom competing at triathlons a few years ago, I made the decision that if Tom could do it, I could too.  He may have been the last one out of the water, but he did it!  He was an active volunteer and was proud to say his fitness routine consisted of 1,000 situps every day!!  WOW.

We decorated gingerbread houses tonight. Lovely, no? We make the little ones so everyone has their own.

Weds – 40 mins elliptical.  Taking it easy today, but still working up a sweat.  That elliptical was the best quarantine purchase ever!! Day 3 of keeping on track with the PT.  Did a minimum amount of work, and did core workout too. Got a new app and will get those boxes checked off every day!

Evening strength work was arms. Can you tell it’s my favorite area to work on? haha

Thurs – 4 miles.  I did an afternoon run!!  And yep, I disliked it  ha!  But it was 50 degrees, so that’s something! Morning runs are where it’s at 😉

Fri – 10.5 miles, long run.  I had the luck of running into my neighbor friends when they were starting their run, so we went 4 miles together.  I see this pair out often but I never ask to join them.  It was really fun to catch up!  Then I stopped down by the river.  The fog and sun made for some great pictures!  Overall this run went well.  My ankle is feeling better and I haven’t run in my Brooks test shoes all week.  Not sure if that’s the issue or not.  I’m honestly more worried about my hamstrings.  But still getting my PT done!

The weather was perfect for a trip to Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo.  Even with the restrictions on attendance, the place was packed.  Everyone was out!  Luckily you don’t need to get close to anyone.

Sat – 25 mins elliptical, stretches and PT.  The afternoon was spent making cookies and frosting them.  My daughter and I also attempted making some “fancy” frosted cookies.  I have learned that this technique takes lots of practice and patience.  With our limited practice, the results were not very artistic, but I loved the look of the shiny cookies.

Another holiday tradition of ours is going to the theater to see the Nutcracker. This year they were able to perform and give us a streaming option. It was a good option because we had snacks and wine (well, not the kids!) and watched from home. Fun facts: 1) I used to take classes at Toledo Ballet 2) Toledo Ballet’s performance is the oldest and most consecutive performance in the US and celebrated their 80th year in 2020! 3) one of the dancers is my good friend who I coach with and cycle with. So fun to see a friend in the show!

Sun – 5 miles.  I decided to give my Brooks shoes another go.  It turned out well!  No ankle pain [yet].  I am giving myself kudos for completing week 1 of “everyday PT”.  Woot!

Free Starbucks drinks this week… Peppermint Mocha and Chestnut Praline Frappuccino.  It was another weekend of 2 free drinks for Starbucks Visa members… so I’m holding on at 39 more free drinks on my account!

Overall, a decent week. 23.5 miles of running. Trying to get force those hammies into playing nice again.

Q: Have you been to any large light displays yet this holiday season?

Q: Do you frost Christmas cookies with canned frosting or make the “fancy” type?

32 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – holiday fun”
  1. well coming home to a clean house is a nice treat. Hope you take care of that hamstring. I also love to work on my arms. Those biceps are sure impressive friend! Keep up the good work

    1. They did change a few parts of the zoo lights this year, but really not much. It’s nice to still have that tradition. I’m not sure what is going on with my ankle. I will definitely be cutting back the mileage in the new test shoes though.

  2. I guess we can file this under things that only runners say, but YES absolutely positively it is easy to go for a 2 hour run and so hard to do 5 minutes of PT. So I’m giving you all of the props for getting it done. I’m a huge fan of the “sticker” system. It worked when I was 5 and it works now that I’m 45.

    My food decorating attempts are always laughable, but I love the process.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weeky Sweats: HeatwaveMy Profile

    1. I know – how bad is it that I don’t have the patience for 5 minutes of PT work?? ugh. I also added a timer and do each exercise for 1 min, so it’s really 7 minutes of my time. I tend to find other things to do while doing PT… like oh, what, did someone just say something on Facebook? Maybe scroll through Instagram? The timer will keep me focused.

  3. My husband and I have tickets for a drive-through light show on 12/21. Last year we went to an amazing show at the botanical gardens, where you walked around, but neither of us are comfortable enough to do that.

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I’ve been slacking on my stretching and I paid for it this week, lol!
    Wendy recently posted…The Countdown is On!My Profile

    1. There is a large drive thru light display about an hour away from here, but we just found a listing of locations closer to us at houses. We’ve visited two so far and were really impressed!

  4. I feel so much pressure to keep the house clean when I’m home all day. It’s not always realistic while Im working and taking care of a toddler but I do my best! Glad the ankle seems to be doing better! What app do you use to track your progress?

    1. You get a pass with having to take care of small kids… but with a husband home and two teenagers, that’s another story 😉 The app is HabitHub. It’s been perfect for my needs. I like that it has a widget – I needed something to be in my face all the time!

  5. There have been a lot of issues with Peloton app for live classes. I’m hoping they can workout all the glitches soon.

    I love all of the gingerbread houses – so cute and creative! I don’t really have any artistic talent but I tried to do a gingerbread house last year and it didn’t end well, lol.

    The Peppermint Mocha and Chestnut Praline Frappuccino drinks from Starbucks look good! I haven’t tried too many of the holiday drinks yet (just an eggnog latte once) so I need to change that!

    1. Was it you that liked the Eggnog drink? I was very tempted to try it, but I still haven’t pulled the trigger on it. That’s my goal for this week ha! The glitch in the live class was so odd. I really didn’t think the clock changed, but yet she was repeating herself. It’s amazing how many people are in those classes!

  6. I have not done a live workout yet. Their times never seem to jive with when I workout. Tech is hard when it comes to live online workouts! You know my feelings about some of the chatty Peloton instructors. 🙂

    It’s so hard to stay consistent with PT exercises. Whatever works for you is the right thing!

    Sounds like you did a lot of fun things this week!

    1. I think the only reason I notice the Peloton instructors being chatty is because I’m working out with my son. My son and I usually talk to each other during a workout, but it’s hard to have a discussion! I do appreciate the energy of the instructors though.

  7. Hope the PT helps and maybe it’s just the bad shoes.
    Interesting re: your Nutcracker. Ours dates to 1954, but I’ve only seen it once in the annual fourth grade trip.
    I want to do the Glow at the Botanical Garden but not yet ready for trains

    1. Early on my family was questioning their need to get dressed up and watch the ballet for 2 hours, but now we all really love the tradition! It’s fun to be “artsy” once in awhile.

  8. Upper-body (especially my arms) are my favorite strength workout(s) as well. We have not been to a drive-through light display since the kids were younger. There’s always a nice one in Des Moines for the Make a Wish Foundation, and we’d hit that up after the Air Guard’s holiday party (which featured Santa arriving on an F16). The kids got older and then the hubby retired from the Guard, so end of story. I cheat on the Christmas cookies and just make drop cookies (that I flatten into circles LOL), but I do frost/decorate them. Cut-outs have long since sailed away from my kitchen…

    1. Christmas cookies are the only cookies I have success making! I blame it on the inconsistency in my oven because I can’t figure out why all the others are such fails.

    1. I really, really want the test shoes to work for me. I have over 500 miles on first version of those shoes and I still want to wear them (other than the fact they are ugly). These new ones are really nice looking! I’m still holding hoping…

  9. When I was in NC we stopped by a local holiday light display that coordinated with a Christmas music station- it was pretty cool! The lights played in conjunction with the music and they had hot cocoa and snacks for purchase with the proceeds going to a local animal shelter. It was really nice.

    Sorry about your hamstring issues…I’m well aware of how annoying it is to have nagging injuries. I hope the PT keeps going well and you can be back to 100% soon!
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Recovery Weeks 7+8: Back to Running and a Ragnar Challenge!My Profile

    1. The super annoying part of my “injury” (or should I just call it my physical limitation or something at this point!…) is that I am reviewing PT exercises that were assigned to me back in 2016! It’s become just an annual tradition at this point. Grrrrr.

  10. What a week!

    I love when the house is clean, too. Of course, I’m usually the one doing it, but what can you do?

    I don’t always make cut-out cookies, but when I do, I make my own royal icing and do the fancy designs. I used to decorate cakes and cookies so I know how – it’s just I don’t always want to.

    Tom sounds like an incredible man. How nice that you could honor him like that.

    1. It was a fun week. I’m finally getting into the Christmas spirit. I do love decorating cakes! Maybe next year we’ll decorate more than 10 cutouts with some fancy frosting! ha They did taste good!

  11. How lovely to see the Nutcracker even if streaming. I have lovely memories of Christmas treats to see it as a child. And a good week. I need to get headphones sorted out so I can start using Peleton with my elliptical (I also have a recumbent bike but tend to use that for long slow ones with a book in hand!).

    1. We have two ballet companies in town and they both do a production of the Nutcracker. This one is the “other” one which we usually do not attend. It was interesting to see the differences in the two performances.

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