I didn’t take any pictures on my phone today other than this one.  It’s the urns my mother and father in law are in.  Today we had a memorial for them at our house.  It was quite a party. One they both would have loved.  Not only did we have our local family members visiting, we also had relatives from Canada.  They had made the journey from Montreal.  Some of them have not been here since our wedding, 22 years ago!  In total, we had 31 people at our house.  Full house!


The weather was hardly agreeing with us today.  It was an icy mess.  The party was supposed to start at noon (or so we thought) but no one arrived until 1 pm.  And wouldn’t you know it – today was the day I was ready an hour early for the party (11 am).  The house was all cleaned up from Christmas, with any leftover items shoved into a laundry basket and hidden in a closet.  You all do that trick, right?  Then it’s a challenge to figure out where your stuff is!

The kids all had a great time running around together.  I think our last guest left around 6pm.  Quite a long day… but in a good way.  I was nervous about having everyone over, but it actually turned out to be quite nice.  We had it catered from Barry Bagels and a tray from the Cookie Lady.  Delish!!  There were tons of leftovers too, so we’ll be enjoying that food for a few days more.

In terms of training, it was a rest day today.  My knee was feeling improved from yesterday.  Maybe a 4 or 5 yesterday, but today back down to a 2.  But why isn’t it gone yet??  The tape is kind of driving me crazy this week.

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  1. […] A big part of my day was spent planning for my annual hosting of bunco night with my neighbor pals.  Unfortunately a few of them apparently never read their email, so I had to make some phone calls.  I had to track them down, and be a pest  Also, I needed to track down some other neighbors to fill in as subs for the players that can’t attend!  (more of being pest).  Then I had to go shopping to get some stress free foods to serve them.  I used to stress over hosting this event, but now I just take a casual approach to it and make it easy on myself.  I’d like it to be a fun night for myself too, since I am totally awkward being a host.  That’s just not my thing (as previously stated here !) […]

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