Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon 10 weeks, 2/16/16

Glass City Marathon training is WELL underway now.  Half marathoners should be getting their miles in too.  This is my recap of what’s going on in my training.  Click this link to see any Training Tuesdays you may have missed. Time for a health check up – all hip/foot/knee issues are non-issues.  That’s the great … [Read more…]

Paczki run and going the distance

I know, with a picture like this on my blog I bet you are starting to associate me with running and eating all things pastry. Just let me tell you, it’s not true!  Ok, I did indulge with the group on Fat Tuesday this week.  I have learned that Paczki’s are a Polish thing, and … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon 11 weeks, 2-9-2016

11 more weeks to go until the Glass City Marathon!!!  Here’s what’s up in my training… I had a good week last week, totaling around 40 miles.  That’s all kind of vague because I haven’t had time to log my runs yet!  (ps, I use  It’s great!!)  It was a good week because I had … [Read more…]

What’s up with my heart rate? Literally.

Ever since I’ve gotten my new Garmin Forerunner 235, I’ve been a bit obsessed with heart rate training.  I’ve been watching my resting HR, and watching to see how high it gets when I run.  Based on my resting HR (which is calculated for me) of 51, and the max I’ve seen my HR go … [Read more…]