I anxiously spent the whole morning refreshing the BAA webpage waiting to see some news on what the cut off time was for the 2016 Boston Marathon.  And then it updated.


Oh man.  Ouch.  That was more than I expected.  I was thinking it would be closer to 1:45 or 1:55…

1:32   that’s MY time under qualifying.

So NO, I didn’t make the cut.  Heartbreaking to say the least.  But still, I guess that’s better than being just a few seconds away from the cut off time.   I guess.


Well, I’m going to go be sad about it for a little bit – and wallow in some self pity.  Then, I’ll be back to my old self again 🙂  But not today.

Bummer for everyone who didn’t make it.



16 thoughts on “And the decision was made”
  1. Nooooo!!! So sorry to hear this! My local friend missed cut by 29 seconds, when I saw her post on fb, I immediately check your page hoping me to see better news. Anyway to get in through fund raising for a charity? If I was there, I would take you for a cupcake and glass of wine!! You freakin rock in my eyes with running last year!!!

    1. Thanks Polly 🙂 I think I cried for a month every time I thought about missing my BQ time back a few years ago – now I’m a little more prepared for the disappointment! Bummer your friend didn’t make it either. I’m really surprised the cut off was so high. Time to move on to Plan B!

      1. I know it must be heart breaking. My friend here is having a bit of a tough time with the cut off….. and she found out on her birthday. UGH! 🙁 She is a bit torn about what her plan B is…. she said that she is not sure that she wants to try again… I really hope she doesn’t give up and tries again! She was so close! As you were! Ya’ll are my inspiration! Heck, I just wanted to say I finished a marathon…LOL…. and you guys are BQing all over the place 🙂 You ROCK!!!!!!!

        1. Oh man, I feel for your friend. That really stinks!! Been there, done that – hopefully she will realize she’s got what it takes to try it again, and pick up a minute or two along the way. It does turn into an obsession, so disappointing when that deserved reward gets taken away.
          I hope to be reading about your marathon adventures soon 🙂

    1. Thanks, and sorry for your Tina too 🙁 I hate to replay the race in my mind – I could have picked up a few seconds here and there over 26 miles, right? Eh, it’s done. Beers, yes please!!

  2. I am so sorry Lisa. BQ’ing is an amazing accomplishment in itself and it is a shame the field size is so big that they can’t take everyone. BQing is the hard part, running the Boston Marathon is the glory and I wish you were able to do it! Once your are done wallowing- which you are TOTALLY in the right to do, remember how bad ass you are for BQ’ing in the first place!! 🙂
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  3. Awe, sucksssss. Sorry to hear it. You’ve got a great attitude about it though. Now it’s just time to do some grudge runs (those workouts where you run your guts out with scowl on your face, and there’s sweat and snot everywhere).
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  4. I am so sorry you did not get a place for 2016 at the Boston Marathon. When I had my last chat with my coach about my race when I was trying to qualify March 2014, her words stuck out in my head that I needed to meet my AG BQ time by at least 2 minutes 30 seconds. I ended up going over 6 minutes under (no clue how that happened, but sometimes you have a perfect race day), so I did get a spot for 2015. However, how ironic that the time she mentioned to me was just 2 seconds off the time required for 2016. The Boston Marathon seems to just harder to gain a spot. I plan to try to qualify again for the 2018 race when I will be 65!
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    1. Wow, that is crazy that she mentioned 2:30 as the cut off! I NEVER thought it would be that high. Such an awesome BQ you got – congrats!! I still just want a redo from that rainy race day we had for 2015. I’ll be back at it again soon I’m sure 🙂

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