I have to start out with this awesome drawing my daughter made for me.  It even has a “Fairy water person”.  The best part though – I’m getting a 11 minute PR!!  Rock on!

2015-04-14 20.23.10

I ran my “dress rehearsal” today.  I picked out this Athleta skirt and a Reebok tank top that I recently bought.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how my KT tape matched my selections!

2015-04-14 07.06.50

I am debating though, because this is one of my shorter skirts and I think I have only run a half marathon in it – nothing over 13 miles.  See the white spot on my back?  It’s a ghost sticker my kids stuck on my mirror.  It makes me smile every day when I see it 🙂

2015-04-14 07.07.59 HDR

Here’s another reason I might want a longer skirt… I got his huge bruise on my leg this past weekend and it will probably be in full black and blue mode by Monday!  Ewwww.  I was helping Alan take the very heavy snowblower down into our basement for the season.  I was at the top, “steering it” and he was below it.  The weight of it was too much for me to control and I slipped on the steps and nearly crushed Alan with it!!  Quite scary.

2015-04-14 07.09.02

I saw this on Facebook tonight and thought it was fate!!  Indeed, that’s me!  If you haven’t ever checked out Another Mother Runner, you should!  They are a great resource of running information and support.  I own 2 of their books, which I found very inspirational.  I’m even a part of their mother “AMR tribe”!  Find me on this page, I’m Lisa, in a picture with my daughter Sydney after we raced together. (hint, I’m wearing pink and a skirt of course!)  They are also my go-to place for podcasts to listen to on my long runs.  Love them!

2015-04-14 21.29.05


Q: What do you most look forward to about Spring?

A: For me it certainly isn’t putting the snowblower in the basement!!  It’s the flowers.

Q: Do you have any favorite podcasts?



5 thoughts on “The race outfit… I think”
    1. A podcast can best be compared to a radio interview. Just people talking to each other about a topic usually. Another Mother Runner has a lot of guests talking about all sorts of running stuff. To me it feels just like having a friend running with me – but I don’t have to spend the energy to talk back 🙂
      No kidding – I have chills just thinking about that snowblower slip out of my hands and going down the stairs! I’m trying to convince him to keep it in the garage next summer!

  1. Awww… How great is that drawing that your daughter drew?!?! Just awesome!!! Love it!!! And, you never know, a 11 min PR just might happen!! 🙂

    Love the outfit!!! I wouldn’t worry about the bruise showing! Kinda makes you look like a “bad ass” 🙂 And, that is 100% a compliment!!! I mean, come on, you are about to conquer 26.2 miles!! And not to mention at BOSTON!! WOOT! WOOT!! 🙂

    I love the ghost sticker!!! Funny how things like that make us smile and our hearts full!!! My son has drawn one huge graffiti image on the wall of our bedroom and I simply can not bring myself to paint over it!!! Most parents would be mad, but for some reason, I actually love it!!!

    1. We also have a random Easter Bunny sticker in our main bathroom on the light switch. Also something I just can’t get rid of!
      That would be the best day ever to get a 11 min PR!!

      1. It is the small reminders of our little ones that can make our day!!! Never knew I could love someone so much until I had my son!

        I know you will soon be getting ready to head to Boston! Good Luck!!! 🙂

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