Did you all have a good holiday?  I sure did.  It was a relaxing day and we just went with the flow.  We went to see the fireworks in town on the 3rd.  It was a good show.  Perfect night for it – not too hot, not rainy, and not windy!


We also may have participated in our own mini fireworks celebration.  I mean, if that kind of stuff was legal here in Ohio, we definitely would have.  We would have had sparklers…


And things that make loud sparky noises and shoot flames.  Definitely would have.


The 4th was an exciting day because Sydney’s Monarch butterfly decided to emerge and we got to watch it happen!  I posted this video on Instagram in case you didn’t see it…

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The transformation from egg, to caterpillar to butterfly is pretty much the most amazing process in the world to me.  Mind blowing!!  Sydney has 4 more caterplillars to raise, so I look forward to seeing them make the journey.  We set him free in the backyard.  Don’t worry, our Dish isn’t really going to zap him, as it looks in this picture!  hahaha!


The kids have a Summer To Do list, and we’ve been checking things off in the past few weeks.  One of the items was to go mountain biking on the new trails at our park.  I was a bit nervous on the first hill, but soon realized that I wasn’t a total klutz on the bike.  Surprising!  It was a lot of fun.  I’m sure we’ll be back to do it again.


We ended up riding a little over 7 miles on the trails, which also included cool wooden features likes these…


A great holiday indeed!


How about you?  ….

Q:  Did you host a cookout for July 4th, or go to one?

Q:  Have you ever been mountain biking?

Luckily I kept my old bike when I bought my new Trek.  My bike is a POS but it’s perfect for riding the trails, if you don’t mind the creaking noise of the rusty gears and chain!!!

Q:  Did you do watch any fireworks?  


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