This week flew by!  My schedule was really mixed up with the holiday and track night.  Lots of running. Lots of artsy stuff. Lots of everything! Is anyone shocked more than I am that I’ve run this many miles, and I thought nothing of running an 18 mile long run? Crazy stuff!

  • Miles run = 47

Monday – 6.2 miles.  A 10K to start the day!  My day off work due to Presidents Day.  The weather was a little warmer than this past weekend, but it took me forever to warm up post run.  Could it be the iced coffee I drink? Nah!

Spent a great afternoon with my kids at Imagination Station (a hands-on science museum), which is a science museum.  The exhibit on Illusions cracked me up! I had so much fun spending the day with my kids.

This me on the body weight yoyo (the Boyo).

Tuesday – 5 miles, treadmill intervals.  I opted to do my intervals with a little easier pace this morning.  Not only were they successful, I wasn’t totally wiped out – which was good because I also ran at track night!

Track night – 5 miles.  I took a sub coaching gig for a group I wouldn’t normally run with due to their pace.  The group needed a sub so I was more than happy to help out – but I was a bit nervous about hitting the paces correctly because I don’t normally run at that pace!  For reference, the group I would normally sub for would be “fast” 8:45 pace, and this was 10:45 pace for their fast intervals. But guess what? It was a most enjoyable run!  I was pleasantly surprised – I was right on pace for ALL of the laps! 1:27 was the time we were shooting for. I have determined that the foot pod does not help tracking the pace at all going around the track – at least not at this pace.

Wednesday – Rest day due to the double yesterday!

Thursday – 8 miles, speedwork, treadmill.  This was 5 miles of fartleks mixed in to a 8 mile run (4 mins “on”, 1 min “off”).  It went decent enough, but halfway through I noticed a tightness in my right shin. Sure enough, after the run it was super tight and a bit painful (limping!).  I iced it at work. It’s always something, right? (yes, that is the track night shirt I found laying on my floor for picture on Thursday. haha!)

Friday – 5 miles, easy.  No pain in my shin anymore, but this easy run sure didn’t feel easy.  It wasn’t sore, but it was just one of those that felt like a hard cardio workout when the pace wasn’t being pushed!  But hey, don’t you love it when your clothes match?? Mine don’t always…

At night my family went to the Toledo Art Museum and got to see this cool exhibit, “Fireflies on the Water”. You get to be in this room for only 60 seconds… but it’s amazing! There is water surrounding the small standing area, thus the reflection at every angle. SO COOL!!

Saturday – long run, 18 miles!  You know when your run is an odd number, and you don’t like odd numbers, so you just decide to run 18 miles instead?  Haha It was one of those days. The sun was out, and I figured I might as well just go for it.

It certainly wasn’t easy in the end, but for the majority of the run I was seeing consistent paces.  The added bonus was that I ran on some of the same paths that the Dave’s training group was running so I saw *everyone*. They were out in full force! I was feeling very accomplished after my run!

Later in the day I convinced my family to go pick up a seasonal treat – Shamrock Shakes from McDonalds!  Yummmmmm!

Sunday – Elliptical workout, 35 mins.  I decided to keep my body in motion a bit and hit the gym for a workout.  I also went to a fun crafty place to make a wooden sign with my mom and my daughter.  Girl time! The projects turned out really good! I was impressed how all of them turned out.

In the end, I’d say this was a really great week. This week my body is agreeing with the high mileage and training is going decent. Do I still have sore hammies? Yep, every day. Not a run goes by when I don’t have some level of discomfort 🙁 I don’t remember what it feels like to run without the pain! But I’m living with it. Do I run as fast as I’d like to? Nope, not there either. And yet, running is making me happy so I will continue it! 🙂

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Have you ever done a wooden sign craft like these, or one of those “paint nights”?

The paintings that I did with my Mom pales in comparison to our talent with stencils and wood for sure!! 😉

Q: Have you been to a museum lately (art or science)?

23 thoughts on “GCM training recap – week 7, in deep”
  1. Oh, all those museums!! When we lived in the East Lansing area, there was a science museum in downtown Lansing we’d go to with the kids. It was so much fun! The college in town has frequent exhibits at their gallery, but I don’t get over there as often as I’d like because their hours clash with my work hours ;-( Great mileage!! I don’t think I’ve ever ran that many miles in a week (but, I don’t think my low-mileage-loving body would allow it LOL). Awesome week for you!

  2. Oh my that Imagination Station looks like fun! I want to know how you look so small on that chair. So neat. The firefly exhibit looks super cool too!

    I have not ever done a paint night or painted boards. However I did take a water color painting class last Spring when we went to Woodloch Lodge and Spa.

    Great mileage!

    1. A water color painting class sounds fun! Our art museum does get some really good exhibits. They also have a glass building which has classes for blowing glass. I’d love to try that some day.

  3. That “Fireflies on the Water” exhibit reminds me of the holiday light show we went to at the botanic gardens–there was a light display we walked through like that. It was my favorite show!

    I totally get you about always hurting, every day. But as long as I can run, then I consider myself lucky!

  4. Congrats on another week of great workouts! Also, I love the photos from the museum – how cool!

    I haven’t had a Shamrock Shake in years but after seeing your photo, I really want one now!

  5. My kids used to love those interactive science places too. So fun! We have done a few paint nights but not on the wood. That looks fun. Glad to hear your shin is feeling better. Thanks for linking up w us and have a great week

    1. I saw some groups of people I didn’t know and thought, “who are these people?? There are running people I don’t know in this town? Where have they been hiding?” 🙂

  6. I’m still LOL at you being nervous about pacing the slow group. You can come pace me anytime, I do much better chasing a rabbit . . .

    There are lots of easy runs that feel hard — we all have them!

    But change an odd number of miles to even? Yup, no, ain’t happening!

    1. I know it sounds funny, but what if someone told you to run around the track in 1:13. What does that even look like?? I don’t want to be known as that coach who burned the group out on the first loop LOL!! I was so happy to get it right every time. Woot!!
      Odd numbers are not my favorite. That’s not a normal thing? 😉

    1. In my head I was cheering every time I crossed that lap line at the track. YESSS!! It was challenging to imagine what the pace was going to feel like, since I don’t run that pace. Good thing – because I had a guy running next to me who was calling off the times for each lap. Failure would have been embarrassing!!

  7. First, I drink iced coffee, even on cold days. I can’t quit it. Second, I have to go get my shamrock shake! I drink just one every season. I love it. And yes, I’ve done those paint nights. We have some awesome sign painting studios here and it’s a lot of fun.

    You did awesome with your runs and workouts! I’m so glad it was a great week!

    1. Truth be told, one of my signs was getting very messed up (the paint was creeping under the stencil) and I almost in tears… but I was able to get it all fixed it and I love it! Now I just need to find places in my house for all of our new signs!

  8. That light installation is gorgeous! My MIL always wanted my SIL to have her wedding at the Toledo Art Museum. Did not happen. Haha! Glad the miles are agreeing with you!

  9. Amazing week I would say! Wow! And the science museum and exhibit at the art museum also look so cool!! especially that exhibit! why only 60 seconds though?

    Isn’t it crazy sometimes to go out on an easy run and there’s nothing easy about it??

    Ron and I recently went to the Louvre to see the special Davinci exhibition. The most works ever of his in one place. And then of course we went up to one of the wings in the museum to see French, Spanish and Italian works.

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